HF Markets Review (HotForex) – Key Findings for Spring 2024.

HFM Review Overall

HFM (former HotForex) or HF Markets represents a world-renowned CFD broker regulated by high trust FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority), CySEC, FSC, and DFSA. With over 2 million accounts, a minimum deposit of $5, and excellent support, HFM offers trading assets such as forex, stocks, commodities, and ETFs.

In May 2024. the HFM improved the dashboard, increased leverage to 1:2000, and added new stocks.

HFM broker is the highest-rated broker on our list of best forex brokers. See our review:

Additionally, HFM has an excellent Forex affiliate program.

HF Markets broker facts


This HFM Review represents a high score (99. It isfrom 100), one well-organized brokerage company with exceptional communication, payment options, and speed. This broker is well-regulated and has made considerable improvements in all service areas in the last ten years—Forex.in.rs evaluation rates this broker as the best broker in the market.

HF Group forex (HF Markets Group) consists of the following branches:

  • HF Markets Fintech Services Ltd (headquarters) is registered in Cyprus.
  • HF Markets (SV) Ltd is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd is registered in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • HF Markets (Seychelles) Ltd is registered in the Republic of Seychelles.

The trading bonus is available only to non-European Union residents. Therefore, potential EU clients can not use forex or any CFD bonus. However, other broker promotions are usually available for all clients.

Who owns HFM?

The HFM brand was founded in 2010 by the HF Markets group. St Vincent.
Where is HFM based? The head office is in Cyprus, while the others are in Grenadines, St Vincent, and Kingston.

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How does HFM work?

HFM (former Hotforex) works on the ENC/STP model, implying that the trades are passed through third-party liquidity providers to ensure no conflict of interest with the clients and lower spreads. So, is HFM an ECN broker? HFM is an ECN broker and STP. HFM is a company that has won many awards for providing excellent brokerage services to people investing in CFD and forex trading. This brokerage firm claims to serve more than one million people from various countries trading in bonds, cryptos, indices, currency pairs, and commodities.


Is HFM a regulated broker?

Though regulatory laws and best safety practices protect forex traders’ investors, some brokers still provide their clients with additional protection through their regulations.

HFM is a regulated broker, as we can see in the following facts:

  • In South Africa, HF Markets SA PTY is regulated under authorization number 46632 by FSCA or the Authority of Financial Sector Conduct (visit our HFM review, South Africa)
  • In Cyprus, European HF Markets Ltd., with license no 183/12, is regulated by CySEC or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • HK Markets Ltd is regulated under reference 80170101 in the UK by the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority. You can use this reference number to get details about their compliance with regulations.
  • HK Markets Ltd is controlled under license no. F004885 by DFSA or Dubai Financial Services Authority in Dubai.
  • You can get information on this from this office. In the Mauritius Republic, HF Markets Ltd is regulated under license number 094286/GBL by FSC or the Financial Service Commission.
  • In Seychelles, HK Markets Ltd, license number SD015, is regulated by FSA or the Financial Services Authority. HFM belongs to one of the high-leverage brokers in Seychelles.
  • In the Grenadines and St. Vincent, HF Markets Ltd was incorporated in 2015 under registration number 22747 IBC.

Segregation of Client’s Funds: HFM uses segregated accounts of Major Bank to maintain and ensure its clients’ funds; in the upcoming years, it will become bankrupt.KYC: To check financial crimes like money laundering, etc., it has been made mandatory for every client to submit proof of address and their legal existence. Protection of website: They have used SSL or Secured Socket Layer to protect their trading platforms and HFM website from securing data encryption during online transactions. Insurance: To protect HFM from fraud, negligence, and errors, they have an insurance policy for 5,000,000 euros. Compensation Scheme for Investors: HFM has offered its clients a compensation scheme via FCA for 50,000 GBP and CySEC for EUR 20,000.

Is HFM allowed in all countries?

HFM-restricted countries list:

  • Afghanistan
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Burma
  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Cyprus
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
  • Eritrea
  • Guinea
  • Haiti
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kosovo
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Mauritius
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Northern Marianna Islands
  • Palestine Occupied Territory
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • USA
  • Vanuatu
  • Yemen

Is HFM a market maker? HFM is a regulated broker with a market maker license and sometimes acts as a market maker.

HFM is a regulated broker that verifies all live account clients, and in the HFM platform, each client can upload documents.

hf markets group

Thus, HFM regulation HK Markets Ltd, the parent company of HFM, has provided additional protection to its clients. Although various regulatory laws in different countries regulate HK Markets Ltd, it still offers extra security to its clients using the latest protection systems.

HFM regulations implemented by HF Markets Ltd to provide enough protection to its customers include:

  • Flexible trading conditions in the platform
  • Tight spot with as low as zero pips
  • It offers multilingual customer support.
  • There are multiple regulations in various parts of the world.

HFM Dashboard – rich and excellent user experience! Please see the new dashboard from 2023:

new HFM brokerage dashboard that users use

How to open an HFM live account?

Register on the HF Markets website to open an HF Markets live account. In the “My trading accounts” section, press the link “Open trading account.” You will get a list of accounts from which you can select desired accounts with different leverage, minimum deposits, and spreads.

See screenshot:

4 regular HF markets accounts screenshot

If you want to open an HFM live account, please register using the link below:

Open the HFM live account

HFM is a regulated broker outside the US that allows hedging on all accounts. However, it does not accept US clients under any circumstances. If you want to change your leverage on HFM, log in to the HFM members area, select the accounts section, and select Actions to change your leverage level.

HFM trading platforms

HFM platforms are MT4 desktop, Multiterminal, MT5, MT4 web terminal, iPad trader, iPhone trader, and Android.


HFM (former HFM ) provides the most reliable trading software, including the MT4 platform and Meta Trader 5, which offers the latest technology and tools to make trading more efficient. It also provides excellent trader tools, a traders board for analysis, VPS hosting, and Autochartist.

MT4 and MT5 are compatible with web terminals and desktop versions, making it easy to manage multiple accounts. In addition, it allows traders to copy and trade the PAMM technology, which can be very useful for beginners. Therefore, this all-inclusive trading platform allows all traders to benefit from the tools to help them advance their trading.

See the video about the HFM PAMM account :

Advantages of MetaTrader 4 with HF Markets:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: MT4 offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it accessible for beginners and seasoned traders.
  2. Customizability: Users can customize charts, analytics, and automated trading strategies to fit their unique trading style.
  3. Automated Trading: Traders can automate their trading strategies and execute trades automatically through expert advisors (EAs).
  4. Wide Range of Indicators: MT4 supports a variety of technical indicators, which can be used to analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions.
  5. Multi-Language Support: MT4 supports dozens of languages, catering to HF Markets’ global clientele.
  6. Security: The platform uses advanced encryption to ensure the security of the traders’ information and transactions.
  7. Compatibility: MT4 is available on various devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, enabling traders to manage their accounts wherever they are.

Advantages of MetaTrader 5 with HF Markets:

  1. Enhanced Trading Tools: MT5 offers more technical indicators, timeframes, and analytical objects than MT4.
  2. Market Depth Information: With MT5, traders access Level II Market Depth, providing detailed insights into market liquidity and depth.
  3. Advanced Back-testing Tools: Traders can test their strategies against historical data using the strategy tester in MT5, which supports multiple currencies and simultaneous testing of different strategies.
  4. Economic Calendar: The platform includes an in-built economic calendar with important economic events, news releases, and indicators.
  5. Hedging Allowed: MT5 allows traders to open multiple positions in the same financial instrument, including in opposite directions, which can be used for hedging strategies.
  6. Multi-Threaded Strategy Tester: Allows for faster back-testing and optimization of trading strategies.
  7. More Order Types: MT5 supports six pending orders, compared to 4 in MT4, providing traders more flexibility in executing their strategies.
  8. Advanced Reports: MT5 provides more detailed reports, including the ability to export them into different formats for better performance analysis.
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HFM offers MT4 and MT5 platforms; clients can download media from the website. See the video on How to install HFM Metatrader.

The platform also provides free options. Offering a mobile opportunity is one of the most efficient methods for catering to younger traders in the industry. See the video on how to download and install the HFM MT4 platform.

Of course, if you need to know the IP of HFM Servers, you can read the list on our website.

The HFM platform can be used on iPhones with the app store’s official mobile device. This is one of the best ways for traders to work on the go. Some of the basic features of the MT4 app include one-click trading. One-click trading enables traders to complete a deal from anywhere in the world, at any time, with one click.

This is one of the most efficient methods for keeping traders engaged and interested in the market with busy schedules. In addition to one-click trading, the HFM MT4 mobile app offers real-time quotes and market overview prices. These two features are paired hand in hand. Real-time quotes enable traders to access the most relevant and current information, while the market overview price can help headers make their final decisions.

HF Markets trading accounts

HFM can be used for demo trading on the MetaTrader platform, live trading on the MT4 platform, HF Copy, and PAMM trading. Clients must register,  choose one of the trading accounts, deposit money, and trade on various platforms.

4 regular HF markets accounts screenshot


Trading accounts types are :

HF Markets Cent account

HF Markets’ new Cent Account (from June 15. 2023) offers a unique trading environment to help traders transition smoothly from a demo account to live trade. In this account type, the balance is measured in cents instead of dollars, adding a level of familiarity and comfort for those new to live to trade.

Key benefits include the flexibility to trade with cent lots, leverage up to 1:2000 with zero commission, and the opportunity to enhance trading skills in a live, low-risk setting. Moreover, it provides an excellent platform to test trading strategies and Expert Advisors, making it a valuable tool for novice traders and those looking to experiment with minimal investment.

HFM Demo account

Any account you open with an HFM market allows for a demo account. The good thing with such a statement is that it is not limited to a trial period; hence, you can have up to 3 accounts. You will have access to actual trading conditions under the MT4 trading platform. Read how to open the HFM demo account and HFM live account.

HFM Micro account

This account is available to traders in FSCA, SV, and CYSEC areas. The leverage depends on your location. For instance, a limit of 1:1000 is for those under FSCA and SV, while those in the EU will have a limit of 1:30. Trading platforms may also differ depending on the area.MT5 is accessible to FSCA and SV.

HFM Zero account

Every trader with a zero account on the HFM market will benefit from the variable spread, which begins with 0 pips. It has no markups and is available under FCA, DFSA, CYSEC, and FSCA. EU holds leverage of 1:30, and those under DFSA are 1:50. For FSCA and SV, the zero accounts have the advantage of 1:500.

HFM VIP trading account

This is similar to zero accounts but has more benefits. It is available for those trading under DFSA. The good thing about this account is that you can contact your HFM manager directly. However, you will be required to deposit up to $20,000, though it has no markups, and the variable spread starts at 0 pips. The maximum leverage is 1:50.

Trading a VIP account usually implies trading with exceptional benefits. VIP traders typically get a low spread, better execution of trades, personal manager, and special trading conditions.


HFM Fixed Account

This account was available to SV traders with fixed traders and required a minimum $500 deposit. Its leverage is up to 1:400 (non-EU clients). However, this type of account is no longer available.

HFM Islamic account

If any position is held overnight, swap or rollover fees are not charged for this account. This option is available in Auto, Micro, Premium, and Zero accounts.


What is The Program HFCopy?

HF Copy or Copy HFM Signals is a mirror trading platform where traders can copy trades from other trading experts. Each trade is a visible MetaTrader platform, and traders can set risk and trading size and remove signals at any time.

The tool and account HFM HFCopy can be accessed easily through browsers, letting traders work and unite like allies and helping you eventually master the market. This platform is a solution for investors—the platform will copy HFM positions from expert traders. So, suppose you’re a highly professional and experienced trader. In that case, you can quickly become a strategy provider while showcasing your knowledge and expertise in trading while charging a performance fee of more than 35%.

However, being a follower is essential when your main focus is on the outcome and you won’t depend on a trading strategy. This way, you can easily copy the system from a strategy provider while paying more than 35% for the included services. Beginner traders who know the scenario’s ins and outs can become followers.

Investment with HFCopy is as simple as creating an account you can easily control. You can withdraw funds, deposit, and close trades according to your requirements.

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HF Markets’ HF Copy platform is an innovative tool offering significant advantages for followers (investors) and strategy providers (professional traders). The platform enables individuals with different levels of forex trading expertise to collaborate, learn, and profit together.

From May 2024. you, as a follower, can invest less. So, the minimum investment is reduced to only $25.

Advantages of Becoming a Follower (Investor):

  1. Simplicity: HF Copy lets followers surpass the complexities of developing trading strategies in the Forex market as more experienced traders do their work.
  2. Control Over Trades: Followers have complete control over their trades. They can decide the amount of risk they’re comfortable with and start or stop following a strategy at any time.
  3. Flexible Risk Management: Followers can set their rescue level and control the proportion of their balance they’re willing to risk. This helps protect their finances in case of adverse market conditions.
  4. Full Account Access: Followers can monitor closed positions and active trades, withdraw profits, and set the Rescue Level and Volume Allocation percentage, providing complete transparency and control over their investment.
  5. Withdraw Funds Anytime: Followers can withdraw their funds at any time, with no limitation, giving them flexibility and security.

Advantages of Becoming a Strategy Provider (Professional Trader):

  1. Monetize Trading Skills: Experienced traders can register as Strategy Providers and earn a performance fee of over 35% monthly for successful trades. This provides an additional income stream, rewarding their trading expertise.
  2. Showcase Trading Prowess: Becoming a Strategy Provider allows traders to show off their trading knowledge and strategies. This builds their reputation and can attract more followers, leading to increased earnings.
  3. Automated Calculations: HF Copy handles the detailed calculations, including followers’ Rescue Level, Volume Allocation, and other vital data, saving time and reducing the chance of manual calculation errors.
  4. Multiple Strategy Accounts: Strategy Providers can maintain up to three different strategy accounts, diversifying their trading approaches and appealing to a broader range of followers with varying risk tolerances.
  5. Performance Fee Payments: HF Markets promptly pays outperformance fees, rewarding successful strategy providers for their winning trades.


How To Receive a To receive the HF Markets bonus, you Bonus?

You must register using the bonus. HFM Bonus is available only for non-EU clients.

HFM offers several promotions and bonus offers, such as a loyalty program, a 100% supper charged bonus (minimum deposit to avail of this bonus must be $250), a 30% rescue bonus (minimum deposit to avail of this bonus must be $50), and a 100% credit bonus (minimum deposit to avail of this bonus must be $100). Additionally, the platform arranges various trading contests from time to time.

When you deposit, you will receive the best bonus: 100% of either a credit bonus or cash bonus, which doubles what you had in your trading account. HFM is among the few forex brokers that offer exceptional trading conditions and helpful gifts to traders.

HFM contests

HFM consistently organizes contests for traders to win certain items, including cash prizes.

Some of the contests to be organized soon include:

  • Gadget Giveaway contest by HFM: A trader is given a free Bluetooth speaker, tablet, or another gadget every month.
  • 2020 Traders Awards: The successful trader will be awarded monthly a reward of $1,000, an entry to the Hall of Fame of HFM, and an obelisk.
  • Demo Contest: Three monthly rewards of $2,000, $1,000, and $500 are given to 3 top gainers of demo HFM merchandise. The traders can access HFM: Certain merchandise branded with HFM, including bags, T-shirts, coffee mugs, caps, and umbrella traders.

HF markets promotions page screenshot

For Partners, HFM offers excellent contests with the primary goal of bringing many clients, new deposits, and significant cash flow. One of the most famous contests was the HFM VIP contest.

The HFM VIP contest was the contest (before COVID-19) where the main goal was to bring as many new clients, large deposits, and significant cash flow as possible so the winners could get substantial prizes (up to $ 10,000). The first prize was a plane trip to Cyprus and first-class hotel accommodation.


HFM deposit and withdrawal

hfm withdrawal dashboard

HFM Withdrawal methods (and deposit) are:

  • Bank wire transfer takes two to ten days, depending on the banks involved; the minimum amount is $100, and there is no maximum.
  • Master, Maestro, and Visa cards: The minimum deposit amount is $5, while the maximum deposit is $7500 for MasterCard and $10,000 for Visa/Maestro cards. Deposits are typically processed immediately;  sometimes taking up to ten minutes. Withdrawal processing will take two to ten business days.
  • China UnionPay: The minimum deposit is $50, while the maximum is $8000. Deposits will be processed within 24 hours, while withdrawals may take two to five business days.
  • BitPay: The minimum Bitcoin deposit accepted is $5, while the maximum deposit is $10,000. Processing may take up to ten minutes, while the withdrawal time is one to three working days.
  • Neteller: The minimum and maximum deposits are $5 and $50,000, respectively; all transactions are processed immediately
  • Skrill. The minimum and maximum deposits are $5 and $50,000, respectively; all transactions are processed immediately.
  • WebMoney: The minimum and maximum deposits are $5 and $50,000, respectively; all transactions are processed immediately
  • Fasapay: It processes transactions immediately, with the smallest deposit of $5 and a maximum deposit of $5000

Please see the screenshot from my HF Markets dashboard and all payment methods:

payment methods in hfm client area

HFM has confirmed that all the funds and payment gateways are safe. No funds with forex are reported lost or stolen. Multiple options like e-wallet payment, credit or debit card, and bank transfers are accepted for withdrawals and deposits.

HFM withdrawal fees

There are no withdrawal fees for any withdrawal methods at HFM brokers except Bitpay, which charges 1%. However, HFM does not charge for bank wire transactions. Correspondent and receiving banks may charge according to their fee structure.

No fee is charged for deposits and withdrawals, and most transactions will be processed within ten minutes. Processing withdrawals takes 24 hours, and the payment processor may charge a fee. The withdrawal method should be the same as the deposit method. Transactions by third parties are prohibited. All withdrawals should be submitted before 10 a.m. if processed on the same day. The payment and deposit methods are listed below.

Deposits can be made through e-wallets, online payment processors, Bank transfers, and credit cards. Traders also have access to instant withdrawals and deposits. The platform accepts withdrawal and deposit methods like Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Union Pay, Fastpay, Neteller, Webmoney, and Skrill.

(Are the payment providers Astrobank Limited and BG? BNP Paribas SA, CSC24 Seven.com, Eurobank Ergasias A.E., Eurobank Cyprus Ltd, Ecommpay (Ecommpay Mauritius regulated by FCA), Neteller, Safecharge, Skrill., TrustPay.)

HFM Card

How to get an HFM card?
The HFM Spark debit card allows owners to use their funds to shop or make ATM withdrawals. All you have to do is become an HFM client and transfer money from the MyHFM balance to the HFM debit Spark card balance, and you can instantly use it everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

HF Markets Instruments

HF Markets, we have access to an extensive portfoli1,200+over 1200+ financial instruments, offering a wide array of opportunities for diversified trading.

These instruments span across numerous categories such as Forex for international trading currencies, Commodities for trading goods like oil and gold, Indices for trading baskets of stocks, Metals for trading precious and base metals, Bonds for trading debt securities, ETFs for trading baskets of assets, CFD Stocks for trading company shares, and Cryptocurrencies for digital trading currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This diverse selection allows traders to explore and leverage different markets based on their trading strategies and risk tolerance.


Does HFM have NASit? Does HFM offer Nasdaq? HFM offers NASDAQ and excellent trading conditions for the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, DAX, S&P 500, and indices. So, doesNAS100ave nas100? HFM has a NAS100 index.

HFM spread

If you are eager to start trading with HF, you must know their spritely. According to this form, their spread starts with one pip for all types of accounts (except zero). For non-ECN accounts like EUR/USD, the spread reference, a spreadsheet is pro for your quick reference video below.

See screenshot:

HFM zero spread commission Table


HFM tools

Specific tools can be used with this platform for successful and profitable trading. For the clients, HFM offers some of the following tools to be used — Trade Terminal, Connect, Session Map, Sentiment Trader, Mini Terminal, Excel RTD, Correlation Matrix, Market Manager, Correlation Trader, MT4 & MT5 Indicator Package, Tick Chart Trader, and much more too.

Other tool/feature options for HF or HFM include an economic calendar, traders board, auto trading, one-click trading, multi-target calculator, pivot points calculator, and Fibonacci calculator.

HFM card was an excellent offer that this broker provided to clients. HFM MasterCard prepaid card is no longer valid for sale.

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HFM Traders Education

HFM provides Forex educational content for traders of all levels of experience and investment. This educational material is available in the form of instructional videos and eBooks. Realizing that traders with less knowledge will require more assistance, HFM provides a comprehensive tutorial for those who have just started Forex trading. Some tutorials are also available for intermediate traders and experts in forex trading. A set containing ebooks and videos will be provided for the training course. The videos are produced professionally and have quality audio. The ebooks explain the various Forex terms, providing many illustrations for better understanding. Most users are delighted with the training provided by HFM.

hf markets courses screenshot

Trading experience

Many Forex traders interested in using HFM would like to determine the HFM Trading Experience of the platform’s existing users to decide accordingly. HFM claims it is suitable for all traders, from those who have just started trading to professional traders with many years of experience. HFM has selected a large number of assets for trading. Traders can choose from multiple trading platforms. The research information and reports provided are suitable for Forex traders.

For a better and more profitable Trading Experience for their clients, HFM offers many research tools, including news, analysis, market reviews, and technical reports. To help traders with an HFM account, HFM Research has a separate website, https://analysis.hotforex.com, with only research analysis-related information on the Forex market. This research section is managed by three forex experts who are HFM employees. The website has many trading tools and offers Market News, daily market reviews, market outlook, and the economic calendar. Technical analysis, video analysis, special reports, and the economic calendar are also provided for reference.

The HFM App is a mobile app that provides trading, market news, and analysis tools. In addition to HFM account management, it is possible to access live quotes using the app. The app can be used for all smartphones, like the iPhone and Android. The app features trading positions, calculators, traders’ boards, advanced charting, and watch lists. Live webinars and daily market analyses can also be accessed. Traders can conveniently deposit and withdraw funds from their HFM account using the app.

HFM support

HFM support offers phone support (+44-2030978571), live chat, and email support. Usually, there are several operators, and the service is speedy and professional.

A customer support facility is a crucial part of any business. For example, when you encounter specific problems and issues or have any queries, you must have the option of contacting support. The best part is that HFM has an outstanding customer support facility.

The customer support team is knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful. You can easily reach out to them via the live chat option. Therefore, you should contact the customer assistance team if you have any queries or resolve any problems.

HFM live chat operates in several foreign languages. When clients use the live chat support (link from the top of the page), they will get a pop-up allowing them to choose between an option with or without an HF account. The support service is professional and ready to open support tickets for advanced user problems.

Live chat can be done in different languages.
Phone customer support can be obtained at the client’s residence by dialing +44 2033185978 or eight other numbers in China, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and Nigeria.

The staff on the support desk is easy to contact and very helpful. The knowledgeable support assistants respond to your phone calls quickly. The social media channels are updated frequently to keep them active for many followers. The support assistants on Live Chat react in less than 20 seconds to initiate a chat.



HF Markets is a highly regulated brokerage company with extensive offerings and innovative platforms. It caters to a broad spectrum of traders by providing access to a diverse portfolio of over 1200+ trading instruments, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, Metals, Bonds, ETFs, CFD Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies. Flexible options like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and the HF Copy platform allow users to trade efficiently and learn from each other.

HF Markets is a more secure and well-equipped broker that is suitable for new and experienced traders. It supports over 2 million users and has received numerous awards from different institutions.
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