Is HF Markets a Market Maker?

A market maker, dealer in securities, or other assets can be a person or brokerage house always prepared to buy and sell securities at specified prices to provide liquidity to the markets. Hotforex Broker is 100% STP Broker, following a Market Execution policy with no dealing desk. This means all clients have their orders executed instantly under normal market conditions and at the actual market price.

HF Markets broker has a license to deal as a market maker. “When acting as a Market Maker, the Execution Venue will, under normal market circumstances, quote the Client bid and ask prices.”

HF Markets broker review you can read on our website in detail.

Hotforex Broker is no dealing desk broker, but in the Terms section of this broker, we can read this:

The Company will, upon the Client’s written request, in general, disclose to the Client whether the Company may act as a Market Maker in certain CFD Contracts.

When acting as a Market Maker, the Company will under normal market circumstances quote the Client bid and ask prices.

The Client accepts that the execution venue in CFD contracts where it acts as Market Maker may hold positions that are contrary to positions of the Client, resulting in potential conflicts of interest between the execution venue and the Client.

In markets, where the Execution Venue acts as a Market Maker, the Client accepts that the Company has no obligation to quote prices to clients at all times in any given market, nor to quote such prices to clients with a specific maximum spread.

Any commission costs, interest charges, costs associated to and included in the spreads quoted by the Company as a Market Maker in certain markets and other fees and charges will consequently influence the Client’s trading result and will have a negative effect on the Client’s trading performance compared to a situation if such commission costs, interest charges, costs associated to and included in the spreads did not apply.

So only in some cases do brokers quote the Client’s bid and ask prices in certain CFD Contracts. In some jurisdictions, Hfmarkets Group deals as a market maker.

Major Facts:

  • HF Markets has a license that allows it to act as a market maker.
  • In their role as a Market Maker, HF Markets, under typical market conditions, provides clients with both bid and ask prices.
  • A detailed review of HF Markets is available on the website.
  • Hotforex Broker operates without a dealing desk.
  • The terms of the broker state that the company may act as a Market Maker for specific CFD Contracts upon the client’s written request.
  • In scenarios where HF Markets acts as a Market Maker, they might hold positions opposite the client’s, leading to potential conflicts of interest.
  • When operating as a Market Maker, HF Markets is not obligated always to provide price quotes or maintain a specific maximum spread in every market.
  • Commissions, interest charges, and other fees within the spreads quoted by HF Markets as a Market Maker can negatively impact a client’s trading outcome compared to scenarios without such costs.
  • HF Markets only provides bid and ask prices for specific CFD Contracts in certain situations.


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