All Ranked Forex Prop Companies in 2024!

I have evaluated forex prop companies that pay profitable traders for several months. These companies usually offer challenges in demo accounts.

List of Forex Prop Firms

Prop CompanyVisit. Get coupon code2-stage 100K FeeMax DD.Profit TargetsPlatformRating
The 5ersTHE 5ERS PROP$500 10%/5%8%/5%Metatrader 598
FTMOFTMO$540 10%/5%10%/5%MT4, MT5, cTrader, DXtrade96
Alpha Capital GroupALPHA CAPITAL$49710%/5%8%+5%MT5, CTrader90
Blue GuardianBlue Guardian$51910%/4%10%/4%DXTrade, cTrader, MatchTrader89
Funded Engineer$40910%/5%8%/5%MT592
Skilled Funding $57912%/4% trail8%MT4, MT589
FXIFY$475 10%/5%10%/5%MT4, MT587
Fund Your FXInstant Funding$500 (for 30K instant)6%/4%10%cTrader87
AquaFundedAQUA FUNDED$4958%/4%8%+5%DXtrade, cTrader86
City ImperiumCITY IMPERIUM$49510%/5%8%/5%Proprietary83
MavenMAVEN FUNDED$299 8%/4%8%/5%Match Trader83
Funded PeaksFUNDED PEAKS$570 12%/5%8%/5%MT4, MT5, DxTrade83
Bright FundedBRIGHT FUNDED$49510%/5%8%/5%Proprietary81
E8VISIT E8$5888%/4%8%/4%MT5, Match Trader80
Lark FundingLARK FUNDING$540 8%/5%10%/5%DXtrade, cTrader80
Funding Pips$39910%/5%8%/5%Match Trader, cTrader, TradeLocker79
Glove Node$50010%/5%8%/4%Match Trader79
Goat Funded TraderGOAT FUNDED TRADER$5418%/4%6%/6%Match Trader, ThinkTrade79
My Funded FXMY FUNDED FX$5008%/5%8%/5%DXTrade, cTrader, Match-Trader79
Crypto fund trader CRYPTO FUND$57010%/5%8%/5%MT5, CFT78
Ascendx CapitalASCENDX PROP$49010%/4%7%+5%MT577
For Traders$399 8%/5%5%/3%MT5, DXTrade77
Funded Next$54910%/5%10%/5%MT4, MT5, cTrader77
Instant Funding fnyue (discount code)$4798%/5%10%/4%DXTrade77
UWMUWM$549 8%/4%8%/5%DXTrade, MatchTrader, cTrader76
My Flash FundingFLASH FUNDING$3508%/4$6%/6%Match Trader75
Funded Trading PlusFUNDING TRADING PLUS$5478%/4%8%/5%DXTrade, Match-Trader, cTrader74
Funding TradersFUNDING TRADERS$55010%/5%10%/5%TradeLocker, MT572
The Trading Pit$999 7%/4%10%MT5, MT4 , ATAS / Quantower, R/Trader72
Topstep$99 monthly3000/20001:$6000NinjaTrader, Quantower70
Audacity CapitalAUDACITY FUNDED$779 (120K)15%/10%10%/10%MT5,MT466
Earn2tradeEARN TO TRADE$315 monthly$3300/$45001:$6000NinjaTrader, Finamark,66
Elite Trading Funding Elite Funding$430 monthly$2200/$35001:$6000NinjaTrader, TradingView65
Smart Prop Trader$497 8%/4%7%/5%DXtrade, Match Trader65
Swift Funding $499 8%/5%8%/5%cTrader. Match Trader65
Traddoo$529 10%/5%10%/8%TradeLocker65
Ment FundingMENT FUNDING$6506%/5%10%DXTrade, Match Trader63
Breakout Prop$7258%/5%5%/10%Proprietary56


This Table ranking from 0 to 100 is updated regularly. I am still collecting information. However, my evaluation is complex because I must analyze several impacts, such as the maximum drawdown allowance, fees, spreads, payouts, reputation, etc.

Prop companies Ranking model

To create my ranking model for proprietary trading companies, I began by selecting all prop companies that offer a 100K account with a two-phase evaluation, which is the industry standard.

Critical criteria for comparison included the maximum drawdown, the evaluation cost, profit targets, spreads, and the company’s online reputation. I gathered this data for each company and systematically compared and ranked them based on their performance and reliability. I update the Table each week when I get new information. I opened several accounts on several of the biggest prop firms.

Please watch my video:


I will explain why I chose the first 5 of them this way.

The 5ers – the best prop company

The 5ers is an Israeli prop company I started using in 2018. I stopped working with them in 2019 because of a trailing drawdown, which caused me to destroy the account several times.

The 5ers are the best prop company because of the best scaling plan (clear after a 10% target each time up to 2 million dollars), excellent support, and offering up to 100% commissions. Additionally, for best traders, you can get a fixed salary and commissions from trading. 


However, they added a high-stakes program with two phases, a maximum 10% drawdown, and a profit target of 8%/5%, which is industry standard. Trailing drawdown does not exist anymore, and they have excellent support.

the5ers dashboard

I have been in the Bootcamp program for a long time, but this year, I started the High Stakes program because of better conditions.

See scaled plans for the Bootcamp program is fantastic – up to 4 million dollars:

Bootcamp up to 4 million dollars

Here are the  details:

  • CEO: Saul Lokier
  • Established: January 2016
  • Country: Israel
  • Broker: Commercial Liquidity Providers
  • Platform: MT5 (MetaTrader 5)
  • Trust Pilot Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Instruments Offered:
    • Forex
    • Metals
    • Indices
    • Crypto
    • Commodities
  • Leverage Options:
    • High Stakes Leverage:
      • Forex: 1:100
      • Metals: 1:33
      • Indices: 1:25
      • Crypto: 1:2
      • Oil: 1:33
    • Hyper-Growth Leverage:
      • Forex: 1:30
      • Metals: 1:10
      • Indices: 1:7.5
      • Crypto: 1:0.60
      • Oil: 1:10
    • Bootcamp Leverage:
      • Forex: 1:10
      • Metals: 1:3.3
      • Indices: 1:2.5
      • Crypto: 1:0.20
      • Oil: 1:3.3

Why do I think they are the best?

Till now, this is the biggest prop company based on profit, and they are the oldest big prop company since 2016. I like the most that they offer not just commission to traders, they offer in some stages a fixed salary :

monthly salary

You can see the additional monthly salary in the screenshot above.

Of course, I will continue monitoring the 5ers and share my experience with them.

FTMO Prop Company

FTMO is the biggest prop company and offers fast payouts. After passing the challenges, you can withdraw money whenever you profit more than 1 %.

FTMO is one of the best prop companies because of its transparent and fair evaluation rules (10% max DD. 10%+5% profit targets) and high reputation, as all the big forex traders have accounts at FTMO.


See my dashboard at FTMO:

FTMO dashboard from my profile

Here are the main details about FTMO:

  • CEO: Otakar Suffner
  • Established: January 2015
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Broker: Institutional Liquidity Providers
  • Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, DXtrade
  • Trust Pilot Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Instruments Offered:
    • Forex
    • Indices
    • Commodities
    • Stocks
    • Crypto
  • Leverage Options:
    • Normal:
      • Forex: 1:100
      • Exotics: 1:100
      • Metals CFD: 1:50
      • Cash CFD: 1:50
      • Futures CFD: 1:50
      • Crypto CFD: 1:3.3
      • Equities CFD: 1:3.3
    • Swing:
      • Forex: 1:30
      • Exotics: 1:30
      • Metals CFD: 1:15
      • Cash CFD: 1:15
      • Futures CFD: 1:15
      • Crypto: 1:1
      • Equities CFD: 1:1
  • Commissions:
    • Forex: USD 3/Lot
    • Exotics: $3/Lot
    • Metals CFD: .0010%/Volume
    • Cash CFD: $0
    • Futures CFD: $0
    • Crypto: $0
    • Equities CFD: .0040%/Volume


The FTMO challenge is a three-step process to identify and onboard skilled traders to manage a funded account. Step 1, the “FTMO Challenge,” requires traders to meet a profit target of $10,000 while adhering to a maximum daily loss of $5,000 and a maximum overall loss of $10,000 over a minimum of four trading days; the fee for this stage is €540.

FTMO evaluation

Step 2, “Verification,” follows the successful completion of the first step. It repeats similar trading conditions but with a reduced profit target of $5,000. This phase is free.

Step 3, “FTMO Trader,” allows traders to trade with real money under the same conditions as the FTMO Challenge, including the $10,000 profit target and loss limits, but without a minimum trading day requirement. Upon reaching the profit target, the initial fee is refunded, marking the trader’s transition to a full FTMO trader with no time limit on trading activities.

You can visit below FTMO:


Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group is a UK prop company with high capital to support traders. The only things I do not like are the wider Spread of expert advisors and the fact that they are forbidden at this prop company, which is why they are in the number 3 position. However, Alpha Capital Group has excellent profit targets (8%,5%) and a 10% maximum drawdown.

I like the most dashboard with plenty of functions like account metrics and account analysis and a lot of tools:

alpha dashboard

See navigation:


Here are the details:

  • CEOs: Andrew Blaylock and George Kohler
  • Established: November 2021
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Broker: ACG Markets
  • Platforms: MT5, cTrader
  • Trust Pilot Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Instruments Offered:
    • FX (Forex)
    • Commodities
    • Indices
  • Leverage: 100:1 for every instrument
  • Commissions:
    • Standard Spread: No commission fees for trading across all asset classes.
    • Raw Spread: $5 commission fee per trade for all instruments.


I presented the major 3 prop companies, but I will analyze more prop companies and add more reviews. Please watch the video from the top of the page. In my opinion, the size of the drawdown and spreads are critical factors when you pick a prop company. Of course, reputation and previous payments to top traders are very important, too.

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