Does HF Markets Have NAS100?

HF Markets is an online broker offering access to more than 4,000 assets across the currency, commodities, indices, and stock markets. Of these assets, one of the most popular is the Nasdaq 100 Index – also known as NAS100. This index reflects the performance of some of the largest US-based companies listed on the tech-heavy Nasdaq exchange. The index was first introduced in 1985, and since then, it has become a widely followed benchmark for US stocks.

Does HF Markets Have NAS100?

Yes, the HF Markets broker has The Nasdaq 100 Index or NAS100. HFM’s Nasdaq minimum contract size is 0.1 lots up to a maximum contract size of 60 lots. The tick value per lot is $0.1.


If you use this brokerage MT4 platform, you will see in the Indices section NAS100. You can read the HF Markets review to get all the information about this excellent broker.

Public information is:

NAS100 index HF Markets

HF Markets enables traders to access this index with a minimum contract size of 0.1 lots and a maximum contract size of 60 lots – meaning investors can trade in any size they need, from small amounts up to significant positions. The tick value per lot is $0.1, which means each move in this asset will generate a return worth that amount multiplied by the number of contracts involved.

In addition to NAS100, HF Markets also offers its clients access to various other indices from around the world, such as S&P500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and FTSE 100 find, among others. All these indices are available through HF Markets’ award-winning MT4 platform – one of the most popular trading platforms in use today by millions of traders worldwide who benefit from its advanced features such as Expert Advisors (EAs), automated backtesting, market depth information, and many more tools designed for professional trading.

HF Markets also provides traders with multiple order types, such as stop loss and limit orders, which help them better manage their trades by limiting their losses or locking in profits when certain levels are reached. In addition, HF Markets offers its clients access to leverage up to 1:400, so they can control more prominent trading positions while putting at risk only a fraction of their capital – making it easier for anyone interested in speculating on financial markets without having to commit large amounts upfront.

Overall, HF Markets is an excellent choice for those looking for exposure to NAS100 or any other stock indices – offering competitive spreads, fast execution speeds, and reliable customer support services together with top-of-the-line technology that cater to both beginner traders as well as seasoned professionals alike.



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