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This forex affiliate program list represents all brokers offering affiliate and sub-affiliate (forex affiliate second-tier) programs. If you want to see all brokers that offer affiliate programs, you visit all these brokers and see our ranking list of best forex brokers.

Forex affiliate programs  list

Forex broker ReviewVisit partner siteAffiliate program description

VISIT HFM PARTNERSUp to 60% revenue share, $15 per lot. Sub-affiliate 25%.

AVATRADE PARTNERSUp to 50% revenue share ; sub-affiliates max 15%
CPA from $150 up to $350

VISIT FXPROCPA and Revenue Share models integrated in trading dashboard.

IC Markets
VISIT IC MARKETSRevenue share 2 USD per standard lot. CPA from $300 up to $650.
VISIT XM PARTNERSUp to $25 per lot.

INSTAFOREX PARTNERSUp to 67% revenue share


Which forex broker pays the highest affiliate commission?

The best Forex affiliate program is the HF Markets Partnership program—the table above lists Forex affiliate programs. HFM offers up to 60% revenue share commission plus 25% from the sub-affiliate commission.


HFM Forex Affiliate Program

The HFM affiliate program offers excellent commissions.HF Markets offers net revenue of up to $15 per lot, sub-affiliated commission, multi-tier tracking, and exceptional support for HFM promoters.

HFM affiliate commissions list

This Broker offers an excellent dashboard and a lot of tools and prizes that you can use in promotion (see my affiliate dashboard):
hotforex tools for partners

Additionally, the HFM broker offers excellent charts and an analysis section (see the below screenshot from my HFM dashboard):
my affiliate tracking dashboard at HFM affiliate program

Finally, traders and affiliates have a lot of payment options that they can use:
payment methods in HFM client area

Please you can register for the HFM Partners program below:



About Forex Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of ways to charge for your services (and that means having banners or links on your website). Some Forex affiliate programs offer several types of commissions.
commission type rebate and revenue share in forex affiliate

In the forex industry, a rebate is a percentage of the broker’s profit per trade, and this is one of the best forex affiliates offers. The rebate system is based on Volume. For example, if a trader creates an order of 4 lots buying EURUSD, the spread is one pip. Profit is 4×1*$10 = $40. The affiliate will earn $10 and the Broker $30 if the rebate system is 25% for the affiliate.
Revenue share is the same as the rebate system, based only on the trader’s losses. This system is more for gambling sites or binary options. In Forex, industry volume is more important.
CPA and hybrid forex affiliate program
Cost per Acquisition works in that you get your money when the person you referred opens an account, deposits money, or executes a trade, depending on the Broker’s offer. You can probably negotiate with the Broker for your commission, but please comprehend when your commission will be paid and how much you will get.
Another way to get your commission is through the so-called Cost Per Lead (CPL). With CPL, your referred person enters details on the Broker’s landing page through signing, name, email, and phone number.) The Broker gets those valuable details, and you earn money.
One of the more exciting types of commission is revenue sharing. If you want to sign up for this, believe that the money you get is the money your referred person lost. Brokers usually profit from the spread, but they make profits when clients lose.
The hybrid commission is a combination of the CPA and rebate systems. The affiliate will get a revenue share commission and an additional commission per new deposit trader in this commission type.

How to become a forex affiliate?

To become a Forex affiliate, you must create a Forex-related website or provide a social network account (for example, a YouTube channel). Then, you must publish exciting articles and engaging content daily and get traffic from the Google search engine. In the next step, you must register for any Forex affiliate program, get clicks on affiliate links, and refer new clients using online traffic.

This guide will show you all you need to be familiar with to start working as a Forex affiliate.
Find out here why you should promote Forex and how affiliate marketing goes. Learn different ways to earn money, and most importantly, read some things to consider when choosing an affiliate program for Forex.

How much do forex affiliates make?

Forex affiliates make around $ 2,000 monthly if they have 100,000 page views. Of course, some affiliates can make several times more with the same number of visits if they bring high deposits and high-volume traders. Usually, websites with 20,000 monthly page views can get 12 registrations on average and one deposit client per month.

Calculating how much you will earn as a Forex affiliate depends on traffic quality because organic Google traffic brings the most clients. Additionally, you must obtain a lot of registration before getting a client. For example, for every 15 registrations, you should get one new deposit client (this is my statistics). Of course, different brokers and different types of clients imply different statistics. I have been a Forex affiliate for the last 15 years, and I can tell you one thing – it is tough to bring one client.


Besides metals, oil, gas, and stocks, Forex is an OK-recognized trading product despite being relatively new. Its popularity proliferates, so join in; you don’t have to push; go along with the flow.

Affiliate marketing for Forex is similar to affiliate marketing: you get paid when someone referred to a Forex broker begins trading with the Broker. In essence, there is no radical difference between affiliate marketing for Forex and “regular” affiliate marketing, as in both cases, you perform online with referrals being referred to Forex brokers through links or banners on your website.

However, the significant difference is that an affiliate is known as an Introducing Broker with sales staff or an office. In contrast, as a Forex affiliate, you can have substantial web traffic on your website. You don’t have to be a company to be a forex affiliate.
Some brokers have a system for becoming an affiliate for Forex that takes less than several minutes.

HFM broker offers a sub-affiliate program. That means your referred person can refer to another person, and you get money from their share, too. The Broker doesn’t split one share but pays twice; thus, “very few brokers offer….”
Remember that these are the good aspects of being a Forex affiliate, and like every job, there comes responsibility, focus, obstacles, and things to be careful about.

You’ll have to see what works and what doesn’t in online marketing. You must be present to adjust it.
As a forex affiliate, the first thing to consider is ensuring your broker equips you with software that enables you to monitor your performance. You may have a sure success, but your Broker doesn’t report it. You usually won’t have this problem with checked and known brokers because such companies wouldn’t risk their reputation that way. By the way, they won’t risk their reputation in any way.

When your Broker pays you for your referral’s success, you need to know the details to ensure you are getting paid a fair and exact amount.
As said, choose a broker that is known and that you can trust. Of course, you would do that alone, but here are tips on avoiding being scammed. Since you are reading this, it might be very likely that you are unfamiliar with who a trusted forex broker is and who claims to be such.
When you see an offer to become a forex affiliate of a broker, consider double-checking, doing some research, and asking around.

Again, these are the tips to get you well-shaped to know what to consider:
The first step is ensuring the Broker regularly operates in its own country. This should be easy to access and mostly found on the forex broker’s website. And see who regulates that country and does it match.

forex affiliate tips
Secondly, the forex broker can be regular regarding the law, but you should check its history; maybe it’s a spin-off of another unsuccessful broker, a broken-down broker, or a suspicious history.
forex affiliate tips - marketing strategies

Get into the position of your future clients by considering whether you would trade with that particular broker. If you consider the Broker appealing to traders and think you’ll have an easier job attracting clients to that Broker, well, there you go.
Consider whether your broker is available worldwide or just to certain areas and what client profile you want to refer to. If you see that the Broker has support in several languages and various platforms and accounts, your clients can be of different characters, which means more potential clients.
forex affiliate tips
Anyway, talk and negotiate with the broker’s affiliate manager. You’ll thus know who you are dealing with, how serious it is, and how high its expectations are, and you’ll get a general feeling about it.
When you feel it’s right, try to find out what internet marketing tools the Broker offers. Check if you know how to make the best out of it. Because, regardless of the Broker providing the world’s latest top-performing tool, but you don’t find your way with it, what use is it to you? Don’t fall for “this is the best tool,” but choose the best tool for you.

Something neat that your broker might offer is email templates that you might want to send to your potential clients.
Of course, you’ll want widgets from your Broker that can attract clients, such as a currency converter or live rate tables.

Forex, Brokers, and trading information must be the most important besides banners. You will want to ensure you can offer your potential client answers to all possible questions. Therefore, you can offer your clients e-books, blog articles, text links for provoking clicks, outlooks for the market daily or weekly, videos, and information.


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