InstaForex Review – Key Findings for Spring 2024.

InstaForex is an impressive Forex broker that offers even a $1000 free no-deposit bonus. You will see what I mean when you access their website. It is clean and modern-looking and is available in 20 different languages. This is a sign that you should deal with this type of broker. For example, except for major world languages such as English, Spanish, or French, each language has unique subdomains, such as InstaForex Indonesia or Instaforex Malaysia.

InstaForex provides an inclusive range of services in the international Forex market. This company is a member of the InstaForex Companies Group. InstaForex is the leading trading broker in Asia but is also popular and well-regarded by international users. Although their site targets Asian customers, foreign users are welcome. Why should I select I should when millions of other brokers are available? You will find the answer to this question on the site itself.


Is InstaForex regulated?

InstaForex is a legit and regulated broker because Instant Trading Ltd. is an authorized and licensed forex broker by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA), the British Virgin Islands (BVI) (License Number: SIBA/L/14/1082 ).

InstaForex broker is a safe broker, regulated by FSC and BVI, and SIBA. Instaforex is a safe broker because any payments funded to Instaforex accounts by traders are held in a segregated bank account.


InstaForex Features

For beginners, InstaForex supports nearly 107 currency tools. As far as deposits are concerned, traders can begin trading with as little as $10. The company also offers a 24/7 support facility with a live chat service included.
One of the best promotions at InstaForex is a 30% bonus for all new deposit traders. You can create a deposit in a second and transactions, so here you answer this question—what does “insta forex” – “insta” indicate instant or quickly produced? You can get all forex services fast at InstaForex.

instaforex features

InstaForex also conducts an educational training section for beginners who want to learn to trade. All the steps needed for trading with InstaForex are explained in a video, which is a helpful addition and a nice touch to the website. They also allow traders to practice their abilities with a demo account. Forex industry experts recommend the demo account provided by InstaForex. Moreover, InstaForex also provides important news and updates on their site, making trading more accessible for traders.

The trading bonus can be used only by non-European Union residents. Therefore, potential EU clients can not use forex or any CFD bonus. However, other broker promotions are usually available for all clients.

InstaForex accounts in 2023:

  • Standard Account – minimum deposit of US Dollar 1, spreads from 3 pips, zero commissions, and leverage of up to 1:1000
  • Eurica Account – minimum deposit of US Dollar 1, spreads from 0.0 pips, commissions from 0.03% to 0.07%, and leverage of up to 1:1000.
  • Standard Account – minimum deposit of US Dollar 1, spreads from 3 pips (and higher), zero commissions, and leverage of up to 1:1000.
  • Eurica Account – minimum deposit of US Dollar 1, spreads from 0.0 pips, commissions from 0.03% – 0.07%, and leverage of up to 1:1000

Instaforex accounts screenshot

Instaforex spreads list:

Below is the InstaForex spread list (usually for major forex pairs, it is from 3 to eight pips spread):


How do I trade on Instaforex?

InstaForex’s trading platform relies on the company’s popular Meta Trader 4 product. You can download the mt4 InstaForex platform here – download InstaForex. The company provides two accounts: the Insta Standard account and the Insta Euricca trading account. These are designed for beginners. InstaForex has also executed a new account known as Pamm. This permits the traders to communicate with everyone and transfer funds, all with InstaForex’s security.
The team of specialists at InstaForex comprises professionals in legal support, financial consulting, and operations. The company appoints trained and experienced professionals from different fields, like online trading service suppliers. With everything mentioned above, InstaForex remains in the top position on the most recent Web 2.0 with various Twitter and corporate blogs, making the team more reachable to the standard trader.
The company claims to offer services to over 140,000 people and corporate consumers playing their clients’ roles. From our review of InstaForex, we can say that the company is trying its best to become the most popular Forex Broker available online.
InstaForex was awarded as the best and the most popular Broker in Asia.


What can InstaForex offer you?

  • InstaForex offers deposit and withdrawal options such as Credit card, bank draft, Bank transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve system, EuroGoldCash (USD), Crypto, etc.
  • You will get the best Forex trading tools: Forex News, Analytical Reviews, Forex Calendar, and Forex TV. You will get an expert Forex analysis for free.
  • You can apply for free for the best Forex contests. Get free demo Forex contests. Read about InstaForex contests such as The Fast Ride from The Best Broker Contest, InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, InstaForex Great Race 2011, Real Scalping InstaForex, Beauty contest InstaForex-2012, Chancy Deposit 2012, “One Million Option” by InstaForex, Rally FX-1 contest for traders arranged by InstaForex.

Here, you can win a lot of prizes in the Forex contest.

Instaforex deposit and withdrawal options

  • Money transfer to bank card
  •  Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • PayCo
  • Skrill
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Southeast Asia Bank transfers
  • AstroPay transfer
  • Africa Online Transfers
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Ethereum
  • Payment Asia Thailand
  • Local transfer in Malaysia
  • Local transfer in Thailand
  • Local transfer in Africa
  • Local transfer in China
  • Local transfer in Bangladesh
  • Local transfer in India
  • Local transfer in Korea
  • Local transfer in Singapore
  • Local transfer in Pakistan
  • Local bank transfer in Indonesia
  • Local transfer in UAE
  • Local transfer in Bahrain
  • Local transfer in Qatar
  • Local transfer in Saudi Arabia
  • Local transfer in Oman
  • Local transfer in Ukraine
  • Local transfer in Iran



InstaForex Contests

InstaForex offers various cash and prize contests.

Up to 2025, InstaForex broker has been organizing captivating competitions offering participants the chance to win extraordinary prizes, each aimed at significantly enhancing the winner’s financial status and providing unique opportunities. One of the grand prizes is the Lamborghini Urus, renowned as the fastest SUV in the world, boasting a top speed of 304 km/h, symbolizing both speed and luxury. Another prize is the Porsche Cayenne GTS, a high-speed sports SUV known for its exceptional off-road capabilities and dynamic driving experience, representing a blend of power and elegance.

win car competitions

The Mercedes-Benz G-Klass, an updated version of the iconic Gelandewagen, is also among the prizes; it’s more powerful, comfortable, and luxurious, epitomizing success and affluence. The Maserati Levante, the first SUV from the famed Italian automaker, is also offered. It is known for its exquisite design and superb technical features, attracting car enthusiasts globally. The Tesla Model S Plaid, the most popular electric car currently, is appreciated for its cutting-edge features, futuristic design, and advanced autopilot system, representing innovation in automotive technology. Additionally, InstaForex offers a substantial cash prize of $200,000, providing a significant boost for professional growth, especially for those aiming to become major players in the Forex market. These prizes reflect InstaForex’s commitment to offering exceptional opportunities to its clients, combining luxury, innovation, and financial empowerment in their competition rewards.
See below the InstaForex competition rewards:

Instaforex competition rewards


Demo Contests:

  1. Great Race
    • It’s a monthly contest that spans one month.
    • The participants compete for a grand prize pool of $55,000.
  2. Sniper
    • This is a weekly contest that lasts for a week.
    • Traders battle it out for a prize pool of $1,500.
  3. FX-1 Rally
    • This contest happens every week but lasts for only a day.
    • Contestants are competing for a $1,500 prize pool.
  4. Lucky Trader
    • This contest runs fortnightly, with a duration of two weeks.
    • The prize pool for this contest is $3,000.
  5. Real Scalping
    • This contest happens monthly and lasts for a whole month.
    • The traders compete for a prize pool of $6,000.

Real Account Competitions:

  1. Grand Choice Contest by InstaForex
    • The contest requires an initial deposit of $1,000, but if you have a Club card, the deposit is reduced to $500.
    • The contest runs for almost three years, from 25.12.22 to 02.12.25.
    • The main prize is subject to the winner’s choice, but you can win the expensive car.
  2. Miss InstaForex
    • This is a unique contest where the deposit is optional.
    • The contest lasts for a whole year.
    • Participants vie for a prize pool of $45,000.
  3. Chancy Deposit
    • The contest requires a deposit of $3,000, but if the trader has a Bonus of 30%, the deposit increases to $3,900.
    • It’s a monthly contest.
    • The traders compete for a big prize pool of $50,000.
  4. Trade Wise, Win Device
    • Participants need to deposit $500, and if they have a Bonus of 55%, the deposit increases to $775.
    • The contest is conducted every fortnight.
    • The main prize includes popular devices like an iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, or Samsung phone.



InstaForex PAMM

InstaForex PAMM system where Forex experts trade for you – you invest, and if their Forex profit portfolio increases, you increase your portfolio profit, too.
PAMM System for Managing Traders
The PAMM trading system is regarded as one of the best ways to attract investments in the trading business. If you want to attract the investors’ funds to the trading account, PAMM will help make your expedition of investors convenient and quick. After the registration, the account will arrive at the supervising board and allow the investors to contact you.

Below are the PAMM system facilities accessible for the Managing Trader:
• Working with all types of investments in one single account.
• There are no limitations on the amount of investments, i.e., an investor can deposit 1 to 10 thousand dollars, attaining the equivalent share in the account.
• Convenient and fast registration.
• Display the account data on the supervising board once the registration is completed.
• Attaining online requests from investors.
• SMS notifications and emails about investing requests.
• Calculate the profit share of the managing trader.
• Chance to make a payment of a refund to the investor at the instigation of the trader.
• Showing the supervising board the chances of the page advertising online.


How to become an InstaForex PAMM manager?

A client of the InstaForex Company having a Forex account can attain a supervising trader covered by the PAMM account system’s limitations in InstaForex. If you have a Forex account, you must approve the customer cabinet and select an item named “PAMM accounts” in the menu on the left side. Once this step is completed, you need to complete the registration procedure. This account system includes investment projects and contact information specially designed for the investors of the PAMM account.
Once the registration is completed, the account will become a significant part of your portfolio and be displayed on the supervising board for potential investors at the company’s official site. You will start receiving requests for funds once the registration process is completed. It depends on you to decline or accept them. The PAMM section under “My Investments” also contains the names of the investors. Please visit the Registration page for information on becoming a successful trader.

Taking a portion of the profit of the investors
The essential part of the PAMM account system is attaining a small part of the investors’ profit through managing traders. This part of the profit is regarded as compensation for the venture management services. After the refund procedure, the calculation is distributed according to the Managing Trader’s profit percentage.

An example of PAMM accounts work of the Managing Trader:

After registering and replenishing the PAMM account, you can start trading and show suitable results trading. The account becomes the subject of interest of the investor who makes a plan to invest money. Once you obtain his request on money investing, agree to it and wait till your account gets replenished with the investment funds. The replenishment occurs once an hour, so the waiting time should not exceed 30 minutes.


InstaForex affiliate program

InstaForex affiliate program offers promoters lucrative earnings. Affiliates can withdraw money when they want, using the same withdrawal options for trading.


InstaForex affiliate program offers to web admins and promoters:
• Banners.
• Booklets.
• Certificates.
• Training materials.
• Certificates.
• Forex news for free.

 InstaForex affiliate commissions for EURUSD and significant currency pairs are $1.5 per trading lot. For major stocks, the affiliate commission is $1.2 per trading lot.



InstaForex Advantages

  • InstaForex offers 300 trading tools, including options for future connections through CBOT, NYMEX, and ICE;
  • Forex service upgrade – Options trading, PAMM-System, and ForexCopy System;
  • Exclusive TV channel named InstaForex TV (compared to other competitors, we show our news without gathering info
  • from other sources);
  • as an international portal of trading (official company partner);
  •  Instaforex bonus – from 30% bonus on every deposit up to 100%
  • Available bonus amount till $50000;
  • The leverage range extends from 1:1 extending till 1:1000;
  • advantageous swaps for BUYING and SELLING requests;
  • Withdrawal opportunity of funds directly with the help of “InstaForex MasterCard”;
  •  Exclusive club (exclusive bonuses for every deposit based on account for trading);
  •  Open segregated accounts, protect client’s capital, reducing risks of central force-operated states;
  • Data centers numbered as many as 50, and eight trading servers were present across the world;
  • Beginners’ special Forex learning courses
  • InstaForex offers competition to win Lamborgini Urus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Levante, and Tesla Model.

This Forex broker has a lot of customers and excellent organization. Deposit and Withdrawal are speedy. Sometimes, I get money in a couple of hours. You can use the InstaForex Credit Card as a deposit and withdrawal option. Competitions, support, website, information, and news widgets are excellent. I like that customer support speaks more than 17 languages.


Please write some comments about this forex broker. You can write bad and nice things, and I will try to help you if you need any answers.

Please visit Instaforex broker:




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