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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, commonly called Porto Rico, is an island situated in the northeast Caribbean Sea. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan, which is also the most populous city. Its official languages are English and Spanish. As the unincorporated territory of the United States, the currency used here is US dollars. Puerto Rico’s economy is mainly based on manufacturing commodities like electronics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. Apart from manufacturing, Puerto Rico has to depend on importing raw materials due to the scarcity of natural resources on the island. World Bank declared Puerto Rico a high-income economy, but the economy faces many backlashes due to natural calamities and the government’s excessive debt crisis. Moreover, poverty in Puerto Rico is measured to be more than the US’s poorest state, having 45% of the population under the poverty line.

Puerto Rico


Tourism has also been a contributor to its GDP. Although Hurricane Maria halted tourism on the island, the government came up with many campaigns to rebuild the infrastructure and return to the-before-the-Hurricane tourism strength. 

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The best forex brokers in Puerto Rico are Hotforex, Instaforex, Fxpro, XM, IC Markets, and Avatrade. They already have many Puerto Rico clients, chat native language support, and special promotions for this geographical area.

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Top forex brokers in Puerto Rico are Hotforex and XM.

Trading and Investing In Puerto Rico Markets

We highly influence Puerto Rico’s trade and finances by integrating Puerto Rico’s financial system into the US financial system. There are no international border restrictions on the trade or travel from Puerto Rico to the US or vice versa. Additionally, like any other union state, it has to take permission from the US government to enter any other international trade or organization. Several US-based companies have invested and are operating their businesses in Puerto Rico, bringing in the much-needed investment and work opportunities for the Puerto Ricans. The US Federal Agencies’ presence on the island provides it with an institutional framework and modern infrastructure. 

Puerto Rico does not have its own Stock Exchange market; it has a Stock Index. There is no proper platform to trade in Puerto Rico, but stocks can be compared using the Stock Index. A broker in Puerto Rico is not hard to find. Look for a broker who can help you understand different securities available for investment. 

Types of Trading and Accounts in Puerto Rico

With proximity to the USA’s financial market, traders have several opportunities to trade in the financial needs of Puerto Rico. The best way is to look for the best broker in Puerto Rico and start trading in your interest securities, giving you favorable returns. The following are some available securities and accounts that Puerto Rico’s market has to offer to the traders.

  • Forex Trading – The base currency of Puerto Rico is US Dollars, making it even more demanding fin the Forex market due to its high liquidity feature in the international market. Forex is legal and very active in Puerto Rico as it is an essential aspect of import and export, a significant part of Puerto Rico’s economy. The government also gives tax benefits to those who earn capital gains by trading in its market, given that they inhabit the island for a certain period while trading.
  • Commodity Trading- Commodities generally refer to the raw material used daily. When these commodities are electronically traded between economies, it is known as commodity trading. The trends in the market determine the prices of the commodities. Although the major trading partners of Puerto Rico are the US States, the island has significant trading partnerships with some European countries, Japan, Ireland, and Brazil. The commodities that form a substantial part of the exports are petrochemicals, foodstuffs, and computer electronics.
  • Cryptocurrency- Cryptocurrency in Puerto Rico paved its way after Hurricane Maria. The sole reason for its high demand on the island is the tax benefit. Trader found out about the tax exemption on capital gains in Puerto Rico available to those who reside here. So, they started settling on the island after selling out their properties in the States. Blockchains and cryptocurrency are what these investors plan to define the future of this island. They aim to develop a ‘Crypto Haven’ in Puerto Rico. 
  • Islamic Accounts- Brokers in Puerto Rico offer traders special accounts like swap-free or Islamic accounts. These accounts are associated with the Islamic law of not collecting profits, also known as the Sharia Law. Traders can ask the broker about such accounts and trade according to their preferences. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Trading in the Puerto Rican Market

Puerto Rico has attracted many investors and traders to its market due to the US government’s influence and the USD being the primary currency. Many traders are investing and living on the island, enjoying the surplus gains due to the tax benefits and enjoying the island’s beauty. A significant part of these traders is US citizens because they can only get such tax exemption in Puerto Rico as the US citizens have to pay tax on their global income. The infrastructural development on the island also proves to be the plus point that supports the economy and is only working towards growth.

Even after proving to be an attraction to traders, the Puerto Rican economy is still behind the rest of America. It is stated as poorer than the poorest US state. The primary cause of such poverty is the debt-ridden economy. The Puerto Rican Government debt has only increased in the previous years. Though the government is working towards clearing the debt hole by introducing new liberal policies to attract more investment, it still has a long way.

Finding The Broker in Puerto Rico

Once you have assessed your trading plan and built a strategy on how you want your funds to be invested, the next step is to compare the available brokers. Since you will enter a market where you will learn many skills, it is better to learn from someone knowledgeable. But it becomes quite tricky in case of a small market size as that of Puerto Rico. It is crucial to compare your available options and get the best broker amongst them. One can use the following aspects while comparing the brokers in a particular market.

  • Trading Platform

Trading platforms are electronic trading software through which a trader can access the market from anywhere. Several trading platforms are available when a trader is trading in an international financial market. Different trading platforms may also support specific markets like forex, stocks, commodity, etc. So, the trader must compare the Brokers in Puerto Rico based on their access to the trading platforms that the trader wishes to use or suitable for the type of security the trader wants to trade in.

  • Trading fees and other commissions- Different brokers charge different commissions and fees. Also, there are certain charges associated with trading as well. These trading fees may include brokerage charges, annual maintenance charges, account opening charges, etc. The trader must ask the broker to be transparent about such costs. This becomes important for the trader before devising the trading plan.
  • Regulatory Body- Every financial market has one or more regulatory bodies that govern the brokers’ functioning. When comparing Brokers in Puerto Rico, look for the regulatory body overseeing the broker you plan to select. This is a long shot toward trading in the international market. The presence of a regulatory body confirms the protection and security of your trading funds. 
  • Performance on the Trading Platforms- How the broker performs at different trading platforms reflects your trading plans’ future. A broker must have relevant experience and clear and lawful trading history. His performance may also be reflected in customer feedback. A trader must also gather as much information as possible while selecting the broker because his hard-earned money is entrusting the broker. 
  • International Resources- Brokers in Puerto Rico may or may not have resources in the international markets. As a significant part of Puerto Rico’s trading is done with the US states, brokers sometimes may not have resources in other countries. A trader must tap as much information as he can about the resources the broker can provide to him for a smooth and hassle-free trading experience.
  • Time Taken For Transactions- Trading involves the movement of funds now and then, here and there. You have brokerages, trading charges, commissions, investments and disinvestments (buying and selling securities), and many more. A trader can get these transactions done quickly if the broker is efficient enough to get such transactions to be done as soon as possible. Any delay in these transactions can result in potential losses to the trader.


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