DFSA Regulated Forex Brokers in 2024.

Dubai is one of the most populated cities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). It is also among the richest and has become a global hub for business in the Middle East. Most revenue comes from real estate, tourism, aviation, and financial services. This is one of the main reasons it has become the home for the world’s most prosperous traders. Since the main religion followed over there is Islam, there are several religious rules and regulations that business people need to follow. Forex brokers have to adhere to the Sharia system of regulations that satisfies various beliefs in Islam.

In this article, we will talk about DFSA.

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is an organization that deals with regulations for the forex companies present in Dubai. It oversees the activities related to finance in that zone and strives to provide services by international standards. The DFSA regulates all financial services in the DIFC zone, such as:

  • Insurance
  • Securities
  • Trading in futures commodities
  • Banking and Credit services
  • Islamic Finances
  • International equity exchange
  • Custody and trust services
  •  Management of asset
  • Companies for collective investment
  • Exchange for global commodities and derivatives

All the trades related to Forex, stock, equities, and other financial instruments are regulated by an independent body called the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). The center comprises 110 acres of the compound in the city, free from the Dubai government’s financial rules. It has its court system and laws, which are entirely different from the rest of the town. It has jurisdiction over commercial, civil, trust, corporate, security laws, and employment matters. A body called the DFSA(Dubai Financial Services Authority) is at the apex of this organization.

When looking for DFSA-regulated forex brokers, it is advisable to seek the services in the DIFC. The DFSA regulations ensure that you place your trust in a legitimate booking service, and there will be various ways to address your concerns if any need arises. When the DIFC was first introduced, only brokers dealing with professional clients could operate. $1 million liquid assets were a requirement, and brokers were also subjected to retail endorsement in retail clients. The increasing demand in Forex trading allowed the DFSA to revamp its regulations, making it easier for different brokers to operate.

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is the financial regulatory agency of the special economic zone, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), in Dubai, UAE. Here are the key characteristics of the DFSA:

  • Jurisdiction and Scope:
    • Operates within the DIFC, a financial-free zone in Dubai.
    • Its jurisdiction is limited to entities and activities within the DIFC.
  • Objectives and Functions:
    • It aims to foster an environment conducive to the growth of the financial services industry in the DIFC.
    • Works to protect direct and indirect users of financial services within the DIFC.
    • Focuses on mitigating systemic risk and ensuring the integrity of financial services.
  • Regulatory Framework:
    • Adopts international best practices and standards in its regulatory framework.
    • Implements regulations aligned with the principles of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Basel Committee.
  • Supervision and Enforcement:
    • Conducts supervision of regulated entities to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Employs a risk-based approach to supervision.
    • Has the authority to impose sanctions and penalties for non-compliance.
  • Licensing and Authorization:
    • Responsible for the licensing of financial institutions and professionals within the DIFC.
    • Offers different types of licenses based on the nature of financial activities.
  • Consumer Protection:
    • Emphasizes the protection of consumers within the DIFC.
    • Implements policies to ensure fair treatment of clients by financial institutions.
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF):
    • Enforces AML/CTF regulations.
    • Requires regulated entities to implement effective AML/CTF measures.
  • International Cooperation:
    • Engages in international cooperation with other financial regulators.
    • Participates in global regulatory forums and initiatives.
  • Innovation and Fintech:
    • Encourages innovation in financial services.
    • Supports the growth of fintech and digital finance through a regulatory sandbox and other initiatives.
  • Transparency and Reporting:
    • Requires regulated entities to maintain high standards of transparency.
    • Enforces robust reporting and disclosure requirements.

These characteristics highlight DFSA’s role in ensuring a robust, transparent, and efficient financial services industry within the DIFC, aligned with international standards and practices.

The above information provides an insight into the financial regulations of Dubai forex traders following DFSA. Choosing a DFSA-certified one would help to safeguard one’s investment. Picking an unregulated broker will put you in a position of losing all your capital. Forex trading is a risky business. Hence, seeking a reputed DFSA forex broker’s services is advisable to ensure financial stability.

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DFSA Regulated Forex Brokers are:

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Here is a list of all DFSA Regulated Trading companies:

DFSA regulated brokers
Ad Diriyah Asset Management Limited
Adenium Energy Capital Advisors Limited (Suspended)
Aditum Investment Management Limited
Aditya Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited
Adsum Capital Limited
Affirma Capital MENA Ltd
Africap Middle East Limited
AGC Equity Partners Middle East Limited
Ajeej Capital (DIFC) Limited
Al Masah Capital Management Limited (currently in voluntary liquidation)
Alcazar Capital Limited
Alcazar Energy Limited
Alkhair Capital (Dubai) Ltd
Alpen Asset Advisors Limited
Alpen Capital (ME) Limited
AlphaLeo Capital Advisors Limited
Amalabh Capital Limited
Amana Financial Services (Dubai) Limited
American Landmark Capital (DIFC) Limited
Amwal Capital Partners Limited
Aon Retirement Solutions Limited
APM Advisory Limited
Aramis Partners Limited
Arch Corporation (DIFC) Limited
Archr Brokers (DIFC) Limited
Ark Capital Management (Dubai) Limited
Arqaam Capital Limited
Arrow Capital (DIFC) Limited
Arzan Wealth (DIFC) Limited
ASAS Capital Ltd
Atlas Wealth Management (DIFC) Limited
Attijariwafa Bank (Middle East) Limited
Audacia Capital Limited
Awad Capital Ltd.
AXIS Strategic Partners Limited
Azimut (DIFC) Limited
B&F Partners Limited
Badwa Capital Limited
Bank J. Safra Sarasin Asset Management (Middle East) Ltd
BanyanTree Asset Management Limited
BCS Capital (DIFC) Limited
BearBull Global Investments Group Limited
Bemo Investment Firm LTD
Berauk Ltd
BIBD (Middle East) Limited
BlueGold Capital Asset Management Limited
BNP Paribas Wealth Management (DIFC) Limited
Branford Capital Limited
Brookfield Private Capital (DIFC) Limited
BTA Wealth Management Limited
Burgan Bank Financial Services Limited
Canaccord Genuity (Dubai) Ltd.
Capital Investments (DIFC) Ltd
Carlyle MENA Investment Advisors Limited
Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd
CBRE Global Investors Middle East Limited
CdR Capital Limited
Century Private Wealth Limited
Charles Monat Associates Limited
Cheyne Capital (MENA) Limited
CIMD (Dubai) Limited
CMC Markets Middle East Limited
Colchester Global Investors Middle East Limited
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (ME) Limited
Corpia Asset Management Ltd.
Credit Europe Bank (Dubai) Ltd
Credit Financier Invest (DIFC) Limited
Creek Capital Limited
Dalma Capital Management Limited
Dar Al Mal Limited
Deloitte Corporate Finance Advisory Limited
DGF Investment Bank Limited
DoubleLine Middle East Limited
Eagle Capital Limited
Eagle Investments Limited
ED&F Man Capital Markets MENA Limited
Edenhurst Capital Limited
EFG (Middle East) Limited
EFG-Hermes UAE Limited
Egypt Gulf Connect Limited
Ellington Capital Limited
elseco limited
Elyseum Capital Partners Limited
Embassy Capital Limited
Emirates NBD Asset Management Limited
Emirates NBD Capital Limited
Enam Asset Management (Middle East) Pvt. Ltd.
ENTO Capital Management Limited
Entrust Capital Limited
Ernst & Young Corporate Finance Limited
ES Bankers (Dubai) Limited (In Liquidation)
Evercore Advisory (Middle East) Limited
Faber Capital (DIFC) Limited
Fajr Capital Advisors Limited
FalCap Limited
Falcon Private Wealth Limited
Farringdon Capital Ltd
FEB Capital Limited
FFA Private Bank (Dubai) Limited
Fiducia Capital Limited
FinMark Capital Limited
Fius Capital Limited
Five Capital Advisors (DIFC) Limited
Fortress (Dubai) Transportation & Infrastructure Advisors Ltd.
Fox-Davies Capital (DIFC) Limited
Franklin Templeton Investments (ME) Limited
Frontier Investment Management Partners Ltd.
FTI Capital Advisors (DIFC) Limited
Fulcrum Capital (Dubai) Limited
Gateway Investment Management Services (DIFC) Ltd
GFH Capital Limited
Global Gate Capital Partners (DIFC) Limited
Global Investment Bank Limited (Suspended)
GMG (Dubai) Limited
Guggenheim KBBO Partners Limited
Gulf Capital Limited
Gulf International Finance Limited
GWP Management Limited
Habib Capital Limited
Halkin Investments Middle East Limited
Harbour Wealth Management Limited
Havenvest Private Equity Middle East Limited
HC Middle East Limited
Henyep Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited
HF Markets (DIFC) Limited
Himmah Capital Limited
Houlihan Lokey (MEA Financial Advisory) Limited
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
Humania Capital (DIFC) Limited
IG Limited
IIFL Private Wealth Management (Dubai) Limited
Index & Cie Limited
Integra Asset Management Limited
Introspect Capital (DIFC) Limited
Invesense Asset Management Limited
Investbridge Capital Limited
iSCF Capital Limited
ITA (Middle East) Limited
Ithmar Capital Partners Limited
Jadwa Investment (DIFC) Limited
Jawa Investments (DIFC) Limited
JB Drax Honoré (DIFC) Limited
Julius Baer (Middle East) Limited
KAMCO Investment Company (DIFC) Limited
Key Capital Management Limited
KHK & Partners Limited
Kitara Capital Limited
KKR MENA Limited
Klay Capital Limited
Kroma Capital Partners Limited
La Tresorerie Limited
Lakemore Partners (DIFC) Limited
Latitude Capital Partners Limited
Lazard Gulf Limited
Leonteq (Middle East) Ltd
Levant Investment Management Limited
LGT (Middle East) Ltd.
LGT Capital Partners (Dubai) Limited
Lighthouse Canton Capital (DIFC) Pte Limited
Liquidity Finance (DIFC) Limited
Lombard Forte Securities Limited
Lootah Global Capital Limited
Lumina Capital Advisers Limited
Mabledon Capital Limited
Mariana UFP Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited
Market Securities (Dubai) Limited
Mashreq Capital (DIFC) Limited
Matador Investment Management Ltd
Mclevin & Neilson Wealth Management Limited
MENA Infrastructure Fund (GP) Limited
Mercer Financial Services Middle East Limited
MEVP Capital Limited
Millennium Capital (DIFC) Limited
Mirabaud (Middle East) Limited
Mizuho Gulf Capital Partners Ltd
MMK Capital Ltd
MSM Investment Advisors (DIFC) Limited
Mubasher Financial Services DIFC Limited
MYRA SHS Renewables Limited
NBE (DIFC) Limited
NBK Capital Partners Limited
NCB Capital (DIFC) Limited
Neo Capital (DIFC) Limited
Novus Capital Advisors Limited
Oaktree Capital Management (Dubai) Limited
Oxford Bridge Capital Limited
Partners Group Advisors (DIFC) Limited
Patronus Wealth Privé (DIFC) Limited
Pearl Advisory Asset Management Limited
Pepperstone Financial Services (DIFC) Limited
PhillipCapital (DIFC) Private Limited
Phoenix Fund Investments (DIFC) Limited
Picard Angst MEA Limited
Plurimi Wealth (Dubai) Limited
Plutus Associates Capital Limited
PriceEarnings Capital Limited
Private Client Services by Mercer (Dubai) Limited
Probus Middle East Limited
Prometheus Capital Finance Limited
Quilter International Middle East Limited
Quilvest Capital (Dubai) Limited
R.J. Fleming & Co. (DIFC) Limited
R.J. O'Brien (MENA) Capital Limited
Rasameel Investment House Limited
Rasmala Investment Bank Limited
Reef Capital Ltd
Rothschild & Co Middle East Limited
RSA Capital DIFC Limited
RUSD Capital Limited
S.P. Hinduja Advisory Limited
Safa Capital Limited
Safanad (Dubai) Limited
Samena Capital Investments Limited
Sancta Capital Advisors Limited
Saray Capital (DIFC) Limited
Sarwa Digital Wealth Limited
Sarwa Investment Management Limited
Sidra Capital Limited
Sigma Capital Partners MENA Limited
SinoGulf (DIFC) Limited
Soor Capital Management (DIFC) Limited
StashAway Management (DIFC) Limited
StratLink Advisory Group Limited
Swissquote MEA Ltd.
Synergy Management (DIFC) Limited
Tabarak Investment Capital Limited
Taurus Wealth Advisors Limited
Tejara Capital International Limited
Tell Limited
Tellimer International Limited
The Emirates Capital Limited
The Entrepreneur's Investment Office Ltd
Three Comma Capital Advisors Limited
Threestones Capital (MEA) Ltd
Tilad Investment Company Limited
TP ICAP (Dubai) Limited
Trading Point MENA Limited
Tradition Dubai Limited
Triago MEA Limited
Trussbridge Advisory (DIFC) Limited
TVM Capital Healthcare Partners Limited
Union Bancaire Privée (Middle East) Limited
Utmost Worldwide (DIFC) Limited
Vy Capital Management Company Limited
Wealth Plus Asset Management Limited
Wethaq (Capital Markets) Ltd







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