Which Forex Broker Accept Paypal? – Paypal Forex Brokers List of 2024.

PayPal is widely regarded as the most popular online payment method worldwide. More Foreign exchange(Forex) brokers accept PayPal, which is becoming a popular payment method. Day traders prefer PayPal brokers because of the quick transfers and greater security of the technique. It is also easy to link PayPal with credit and debit cards so that it is easy and fast to deposit or withdraw money. PayPal has strict rules for payment and withdrawal. Hence, broker sites that accept PayPal can be trusted more than others.


Which forex brokers accept PayPal?

The best brokers that accept PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal option are FxPro and IC Markets. However, most brokers offer PayPal only for a limited number of countries. Usually, UK, Australian, EU, and Canadian traders can use PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal option without restrictions.


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For example, I live outside the UK or Australia. I do not have a PayPal payment option when using the FxPro or IC Markets broker.

However, if you live in the UK, for example, you can use PayPal as a FxPro deposit and withdrawal option (see image below):

FxPro PayPal deposit option
Additionally, the same story is with IC Markets. If you live in the EU, UK, or Australia, you can deposit without restriction using PayPal (see screenshot below):

IC Markets and PayPal deposit and withdrawal option

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Usually, forex brokers do not offer PayPal. In my experience, in the past, some brokers offered PayPal but later removed this option. I will provide you with my thoughts on this reason.

The reasons why most Forex brokers do not accept PayPal can be outlined in the following bullet points:

  • Transaction Fees: PayPal often charges higher transaction fees than other payment methods. These fees can be significant in the high-volume trading environment of Forex, making PayPal less cost-effective for both brokers and traders.
  • Chargeback Policy: PayPal’s chargeback policy allows customers to dispute and potentially reverse transactions. This presents a financial risk for Forex brokers, as trades and profits could be subject to withdrawal and dispute, complicating their financial management.
  • Regulatory Compliance: PayPal operates under strict regulatory guidelines. Forex brokers might find it challenging to comply with these regulations, mainly if they operate in multiple jurisdictions with varying financial laws.
  • Fraud Concerns: There is a higher risk of fraudulent activities with PayPal transactions. Forex brokers might prefer to avoid this risk by not accepting PayPal to ensure the security and integrity of their financial transactions.
  • Limited Global Reach: While PayPal is widely used, it is not available in every country. Forex brokers seeking global clientele might opt for payment methods with broader international accessibility.
  • Withdrawal Limits: PayPal limits the amount of money withdrawn over a certain period. This restriction can be impractical for Forex trading, where large sums might need to be withdrawn or transferred quickly.
  • Preference for Traditional Banking Methods: Many Forex brokers prefer traditional banking methods like wire transfers, which are perceived as more stable and reliable for handling large transactions typical in Forex trading.
  • Delay in Transactions: PayPal transactions can sometimes face delays in processing. In the fast-paced world of Forex trading, even minor delays can be detrimental, leading brokers to prefer instant transaction methods.

These factors contribute to the preference of Forex brokers for other payment methods over PayPal.

How do you deposit or withdraw money at a broker using PayPal?

To withdraw or deposit money using PayPal, traders must go to the broker’s member’s area, choose the PayPal payment option, and finish a withdrawal. However, the number of brokers that accept PayPal as a withdrawal option is small. Therefore, traders need to do a lot of research to find PayPal forex brokers. The best forex broker that offers PayPal as a deposit or withdrawal option in several countries is Fxpro.

PayPal Forex Brokers list

PayPal Forex BrokersPayment options
FXTMCredit Cards, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin
EagleFXPayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Wire
easyMarketsPayPal, Giropay, Ideal, Maestro, JCB, China Union Pay, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney
eToroCredit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin
FOREX.comWire Transfer, Check, PayPal
FP MarketsPayPal, Bank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller, BPAY, China UnionPay, Klarna, South American Payment Method (Directa24)
FxGloryPayPal, Credit Cards, Skrill, OKPAY,Payza, Neteller, WebMoney, LiqPay,WIQI, SOFORT, GiroPay,Przelewy24 , Wire transfer, Cryptocurrencies
FxProCredit Cards, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and local methods depending on country of residence
GCICredit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer
IFC MarketsPayPal, Card Payment, Bank Transfer, WebMoney, OKPAY, Western Union, Internal Transfer, EcoBank, GTBank
OandaCredit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check
PepperstoneVisa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Poli and Bank Transfer
Saxo BankPayPal, Wire Transfer
Swissquote BankPayPal, Wire Transfer

Around 14  regulated forex brokers accept Paypal, including Fxpro, IC Markets, Oanda, Vantage, XTB, Plus500, and eToro.  These brokers accept deposits and withdrawal transactions with PayPal. However, some traders in some countries have special restrictions on using Payies.

PayPal is the most prominent digital wallet globally since it has more than one-quarter billion active accounts. The company was initially named Cofinity in 1998 when it was launched. Then, it was merged with Elon Musk’s company X.com. In 2001, the renamed company was called Paypal. It was publicly listed in 2002. Paypal has incorporated the latest web and mobile technology so that users can transfer money even more efficiently.

  1.  Fxpro broker accepts PayPal.

Fxpro broker accepts PayPal, but only if you are a registered trader on Fxpro-Cyprus.

2. IC Markets accepts PayPal as a payment option: IC Markets are forex brokers offering deposit payment options. Processing time is instant.

3. Pepperstone broker offers PayPal
This broker offers several payment methods, and PayPal is one of them. You need to check with support if traders from your country can deposit and withdraw money using PayPal.

4. Oanda broker offers PayPal

Oanda is the most prominent US forex broker; everyone can be Oanda’s client worldwide.



Paypal payment options advantage

Though PayPal was not developed for Forex trading, it has become trendy. Hence, more brokers are accepting PayPal since there are many advantages:

  • Fast, secure, and reliable fund transfer using Paypal
  • Easy to make payments using a computer or mobile app
  • Withdrawals and deposits with Paypal are quick and much faster compared to bank transfers
  • the PayPal account can be linked to a bank account, credit and debit cards for withdrawals and deposits
  • most companies worldwide are familiar with Paypal, a popular eWallet
  • PayPal has stringent restrictions to prevent money laundering, so PayPal improves brokers’ reputations and reassures traders.
  • The withdrawal and transfer limit is high at $50,000
  • Forex traders will find it convenient since it can be used in 56 currencies.
  • A PayPal account can be opened for free, and there are no charges for having an unused account.

Paypal payment option Disadvantages

Day trading using a PayPal account has some disadvantages listed below:

  • Fees are charged for every transaction
  • Foreign exchange conversion fees are relatively high at 4.5%
  •  The costs for transferring money are increased by 4-12% of the amount.
  • There are only a limited number of brokers accepting Paypal
  • Chargebacks can be done only for physical goods, so CFD forex traders cannot do a chargeback.

PayPal Speed and security

Traders with money in their account or linked bank account will find that funds they require for trading or money are withdrawn and transferred quickly from or to the bank account, usually within one day. Many traders feel that using PayPal is safer than a credit/debit card since the recipient does not get any card details when the payment is made. Paypal stores personal card data so that it remains private. However, unlike credit cards, chargebacks are only for physical goods, not for currencies or stocks.

PayPal Deposits, withdrawals, and fees

In most countries, traders can deposit money and withdraw the balance from their PayPal account. However, in some countries like Ukraine and Israel, the account can be used only to send money; the balance cannot be used to withdraw to their bank account or credit card. In these countries, traders should not opt for PayPal. A PayPal account is open for free, and most traders already have a PayPal account, which they use for online shopping. While other online wallets like Skrill and Neteller charge a fee for unused accounts, PayPal does not charge any fee. The PayPal fees are similar to those set for other digital wallets, and a fee is charged for all transactions. The cost may be 12% in some cases. The PayPal balance amount can be transferred to the bank account for free, though charges must be paid for a cheque.

Paypal for Forex trading

Though PayPal is not the most popular method for Forex traders, it can be a good option despite its high transfer fees. PayPal is becoming more popular worldwide, so traders expect it to become more popular. However, more significant Forex traders should be aware that there are limits on the transaction amount in Paypal, usually $10000 or GBP10000.

PayPal is a popular electronic payment method used to pay online for various goods and services. The platform allows users to create a digital wallet that needs to be used to perform transactions. Paypal was founded in 1999 by a team of experienced veterans like Elon Musk. Elon Musk is currently the CEO of SpaceX Technologies and Telsa Motors. The forex trading industry can use PayPal as the deposit and withdrawal method. The best part about this platform is that it allows instant deposits and same-day withdrawals. Hence, there is a minimum waiting/processing time. For deposits and withdrawals, you can use PayPal’s digital wallet linked to your credit or debit card and connected with your bank account. Alternatively, you can use the prepaid cards that third-party companies or forex brokers issue.

PayPal transaction methods for deposits and withdrawals have two added benefits. First, it’s seamless, hassle-free, instant, and requires less processing time. Secondly, the platform and its transaction methods are secure, so your privacy and confidentiality will be protected at every cost.

Why should you use PayPal as the payment method at your broker?

  •  PayPal offers a secure way to deposit and withdraw funds to your Forex account.
  •  The method is simple yet secure.
  •  It comes with several user authentication processes to ensure 100% security.
  •  PayPal’s digital wallet is fast, and most transactions will be instant.
  •  The platform is a multi-currency platform that supports more than twenty-five unique currencies. Hence, you will no longer require offline currency exchange.
  •  The platform charges a small amount of fee.

There are two factors that you should check.

First of all, please check if your country supports PayPal transaction services. A small list of territories is blocklisted from using PayPal. If you belong to such a country, it will be a problem. Secondly, please check whether your country has the “Send Only” status in PayPal. Some countries that accept PayPal payments come with Send Only status.

Send the Only status means you can deposit funds using this payment method but not withdraw funds using PayPal. The best option is to look for a Forex account to send and receive funds using PayPal.

PayPal offers a chargeback payment option for all disputed transactions. For example, if the trader does not ultimately authorize a deposit transaction, you can take advantage of this PayPal chargeback process, and the platform will initiate the refund.

Try the PayPal payment option and visit IC Markets:





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