Top 7 Forex Affiliate Programs

This article will briefly list the top 7 Forex affiliate programs. In addition, you can read independent reviews. Please visit our Best Forex Affiliate Programs webpage to read up-to-date news, reviews, and Forex brokers’ list.

Below is the Table where the best affiliate brokers from which promoters can earn lucrative commissions are presented.

Forex affiliate brokers list

Forex broker ReviewVisit partner siteAffiliate program description

VISIT HFM PARTNERSUp to 60% revenue share, $15 per lot. Sub-affiliate 25%.

AVATRADE PARTNERSUp to 50% revenue share ; sub-affiliates max 15%
CPA from $150 up to $350

VISIT FXPROCPA and Revenue Share models integrated in trading dashboard.

IC Markets
VISIT IC MARKETSRevenue share 2 USD per standard lot. CPA from $300 up to $650.
VISIT XM PARTNERSUp to $25 per lot.

INSTAFOREX PARTNERSUp to 67% revenue share

Let us define the basic terms when we talk about forex affiliate programs:

What is forex affiliate marketing?

Forex affiliate marketing represents a brokerage service promotion or forex-related product promotion. An individual gets rewarded for collecting referrals for the company using marketing resources like links, banners, and tools. A simple sign-up process is required to become an affiliate.

Forex Affiliate Broker’s IB or Forex Introducing Broker is a person or company that recommends that new traders sign up and become brokerage users.

What is the Forex referral link?

A forex referral link is a unique link provided by a forex broker or affiliate program that allows individuals to refer potential clients to the broker’s platform or services. When someone clicks on a referral link, signs up, and trades with the broker, the person who shared the link can earn a referral commission or other rewards.

For example, if a brokerage website is, the referral link can look like or

Forex brokers use referral programs to acquire new customers and expand their client base. By offering incentives to individuals who refer new traders, brokers can tap into their existing network and leverage word-of-mouth marketing.

If you are interested in participating in a forex referral program, you can search for reputable forex brokers or affiliate programs that offer such opportunities. Once you join a program, they will provide you with a unique referral link that you can share with others. When someone clicks on your referral link and meets the specified criteria (such as opening an account, making trades, or reaching a specific trading volume), you may receive a commission or other rewards per the program’s terms and conditions.

Specifics of referral programs can vary between brokers and affiliate programs, so it’s essential to review the terms and conditions and understand the details of each program before participating.

Forex Affiliates Programs Types

  1. Rebate (PIP or Lot Rebate) Affiliate Programs: These are the most common types of Forex affiliate programs. In this type, affiliates earn money based on the trading activity of the clients they refer. The more a referred client trades, the more the affiliate earns. Rebates are typically paid per lot or pip. A “lot” is a standard unit in Forex trading representing a certain amount of currency, and a “pip” is a unit of change in an exchange rate. The more lots or pips a referred client trades, the more the affiliate can earn. This can result in substantial profits if the referred clients are highly active traders.
  2. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Affiliate Programs: CPA stands for “Cost Per Acquisition.” In this program, the affiliate earns a fixed commission for every trader they refer to the forex broker, who then opens an account and makes a deposit (or fulfills another pre-defined action like reaching a specific trading volume). The exact amount of the CPA commission can vary depending on the broker and the specific terms of the agreement. This program can be profitable for affiliates who attract new clients to the broker.
  3. Revenue Share Affiliate Programs: These programs are based on the net revenue that the broker earns from the referred clients. Affiliates in a revenue share program will receive a percentage of the net revenue, which typically includes spreads and commissions from trades and less any bonuses or credits given to the trader. The advantage of this program is that affiliates can earn ongoing passive income from each client they refer as long as those clients continue to trade. However, it is essential to note that if the referred clients lose money, it may also impact the affiliate’s revenue.
  4. Hybrid Affiliate Programs: These programs combine elements of the above models. A broker might, for example, offer a hybrid program that pays affiliates a one-time CPA commission for each referred client who opens an account and makes a deposit, plus a smaller ongoing rebate for each trade the client makes. The benefit of this approach is that it offers the potential for both immediate and long-term income. However, the exact terms of a hybrid program can vary widely, so affiliates need to understand the specifics before signing up.

These are the main types of Forex affiliate programs. Each type has its advantages and potential drawbacks, and the best choice will depend on the affiliate’s specific circumstances, skills, and business model. Affiliates should carefully review the terms and conditions of any program before signing up to ensure they understand how commissions will be calculated and paid.




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