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Traders With Edge is rapidly becoming a well-known name for prop trading. But how well does it compete with the products that now dominate the market? Reading our evaluation will give you all the information you want about Traders With Edge.

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What does “Traders with Edge” mean?

Traders With Edge, a company that engages in prop trading, is creating breakers in the market because its traders are free to trade a diverse array of fiscal assets.

After preparing you for success, it offers you an option between two examinations you must finish. After that, the firm will invest money in you as a dealer and provide financial assistance as you contribute to the company’s development.

In addition to its professional trading services, Traders With Edge is noted for its active investor community. You get to keep most of what you are paid and may continue doing what you’re doing, provided that you don’t make any critical errors.

How reliable are Traders With Edge?

Traders With Edge, with offices in New York and Hong Kong, is a genuine proprietary trading business. By 2025’s conclusion, it hopes to have on board 25,000 new dealers. Traders With Edge provides funding to experienced investors who retain 80% of their gains.

By recreating a virtual trading environment using fictitious money, Traders With Edge hopes to better educate its potential investors about the financial markets of the real world.

After registering in distinct courses, you’ll have access to a practice account with test questions. If you are victorious, you will be in a position to begin earning money as a funded broker.

The two courses offered by Traders with Edge are called “challenges” since they begin with practice trading accounts to see whether or not the participant is indeed capable of becoming a successful trader. Similar rules and structures apply, but the goals of these competitions vary. Completing a challenge will get you access to company funds so that you may begin trading.

The Turtle Account, as you might have guessed, is less rigorous and offers more time to complete tasks. The leverage is 1 to 10. You’ll have a year to scour the markets for the most promising prospects and make a ten percent revenue. Initial investment levels vary from 5,000 to 200,000 dollars.

Your original equity should not decline by above 2.5 percent every day or 5 percent as a whole. Your account will be deleted, and you will have to start afresh if any of these conditions are not met. In the event of your success, Traders With Edge will encourage you to the funded trader level, where you will retain 80% of your earnings.

Instant Trading

You can instantly get 20 times more capital without any test period or challenge at Traders With Edge. However, in that case, your participation fee will be $1000 go get $20 000 starting capital. Please see the conditions below on the image:

Instant trading fund program

Turtle and Hare Accounts (Challenge before funding)

You can start with a $55 deposit, do the challenge (up to 180 days), get $5000, and then double your funded capital after each round. Finally, you can get million-dollar funded capital.

urtle trading with edge scale up funded program

Of course, you can start from $100 000, but your participation fee will be $750:

sscale up funded program 100 000

The Turtle Account provides the widest variety of starting trading capital amounts, from $5,000 to $200,000. Phase 1 challenges with a starting capital requirement of $5,000 have a starting registration fee as low as $55. If you want to put in $200,000, the entry fee is $1,500.


Traders who are always on the go and need to make money as soon as feasible should get a Hare Account. The leverage is 1:30. In the practice mode, you may choose an opening trading capital amount between $5,000 and $50,000. There are three parts to this challenge, the first of which requires a 10 percent revenue in 30-days, the second a 5 percent revenue in 600days, and the third a 10% profit in 90-days.

Hare account example:

hare account funded program example

You can lose no more than 5% of your starting capital every day over both stages, and you can’t let your total equity drop by more than 10%. If you create it over both, you’ll be considered a funded trader and retain 80% of your gains.

Since the potential payoff is more significant with a Hare Account, the cost is somewhat higher. The Hare challenge comprises two parts; however, there is no charge to take part in the second. Trading capital requirements often start between $5,000 and $50,000. You are eligible for a full refund of your entry money if you complete both parts of the Hare challenge.

Can You Explain How Traders Edge Makes Money?

Passing for any of the contest plans will cost you money. After you reach phase 2, the platform starts making money from the investment returns it helps you generate.

Whether you use the Turtle or the Hare approach, you’ll still get to retain 80% of your investment earnings. Traders With Edge will deduct its fee concurrently with withdrawals from your account.

Traders With Edge is committed to maximizing your returns on your investment strategy. A variety of helpful resources are available from the team to assist you in doing this.

On the website withdrawal money rule is presented like this:

The profit target on the stage 1 account is reached when the account equity reaches a 10% gain above the initial starting equity. There is no profit target for stage 2 funded accounts.”

Financial Instruments That Can Be Traded

With Traders With Edge, your trading potential is limitless. You may trade in various financial markets whether you are still in the “test stage” or have access to a large trading account. All of the following investments are available for use in your Traders With Edge account:

  • Stocks from the United States or Australia
  • Financial Markets: Indices, Commodities, and Virtual Exchanges
  • Metals
  • Forex

The MT4 and MT5 exchange stages are available for selection during registration. MT5 makes available hundreds of additional possessions to trade; nonetheless, certain users have complained that it’s a touch more complicated than MT4.

If you perform well, Mentoring Traders With Edge does well; thus, it is their preeminent concern to help you succeed. A few films discussing the restrictions, trading advice, and how to profit from these obstacles are available on the website.

There is also a forum where users may discuss trading strategies and ask questions about the potential dangers of specific investments. To improve your chances of success, you might enroll in classes and seek advice from established individuals in the field.

Phase one of the trial consists entirely of trading on a practice platform. Although it’s in your best interest to evade creating errors, the prop company is there to assist you in figuring things out, so you don’t come out on the losing end.

When you join a program, you’ll have the right to use a control panel that displays various stats about your account. The data is shown in the actual period, allowing immediate response to changing circumstances. You will be notified promptly through the associated email address if a violation occurs throughout a trial.

Traders With Edge provides two distinct scaling plans to cater to various trading styles.

People that wish to understand expenses in the immediate term are the target audience for Organic Scaling. The technique includes giving up more excellent benefits over the medium and long periods to maximize profits in the near term.

Before you withdraw from your account, the balance of the report is reset to how it was when the challenge began.

Those concerned about exchanging a big account as rapidly as possible will benefit most from using rapid scaling. If you go with this option, you will be required to retain your revenue part in the account, and Traders With Edge will endure adding to it every month as necessary.

The team will endeavor to ensure that you are taking maximum risk while yet having the opportunity to develop your account to over one million dollars as quickly as possible. When you achieve the target balance, you’ll be able to start withdrawing your winnings.

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When you are ready to withdraw funds from your account, you have the option of doing so through Bitcoin (BTC), Wise (WISE), US Dollar Tether (USDT), or a bank transmission. You will have completed phase 2, have money in your trading account, and have been actively trading for a minimum of 10 days before you can proceed.

Be mindful that you may only make a withdrawal once every 14-days should you decide to cash out any of your earnings. Since Traders With Edge will take its cut of the profits at a similar interval, the net result will impact how you handle your financial planning for imminent savings.

Several prop companies have even more stringent withdrawal criteria, so you can only collect your revenue divided formerly per month. Therefore, we will award Traders With Edge a high score in this category.

Refund Policy

According to Traders With Edge, any account may be returned for full or partial compensation in the first week after it has been purchased. This is valid information provided that you have not engaged in any transactions throughout the time mentioned above period.

You can submit a request for complete compensation of your trial fees and revenue divided after you have finished the second stage of the Hare challenge and completed the required minimum amount of time. According to the website, this happens within 10-days; subsequently, a deal is made on an account with funds.

Traders With Edge is distinguished from its competitors by several noteworthy characteristics. However, there are certain aspects of the service that may be enhanced.

We have compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of working with this proprietary company.

Traders With Edge Advantages

  • a community base with chat, online courses, and mentorship programs
  • The Turtle Account Challenge is one phase of the program
  • a profit split of 80/20 that is higher than the standard for the industry
  • the ability to trade on multiple financial markets is among the list of positive aspects of this platform.
  • a flexible withdrawal system

Traders With Edge Disadvantages

  • High one-time desk fee based on starting balance for instant traders.
  • If you pay $1000, you will have $20 000 for trading as an instant trader.
  • The largest financed accounts have not yet been rolled out

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Traders With Edge Customer Feedback

We searched many independent review websites, such as Trustpilot, but we could not find any reviews about Traders With Edge. The fact that this production company is relatively new shouldn’t be a shock, given the statement’s context.

On the other hand, we found several reviews on the official website of Traders With Edge. Let’s listen to what the alleged members of this business have to say about the prop trading company, shall we?

How ample does it cost to use Traders with Edge?

The cost of Traders With Edge is variable and is determined by the specific trading challenge you wish to take part in and the amount of initial cash you want to deposit.

Is It Worth It To Recruit For Traders With Edge?

Traders With Edge is an outstanding company that specializes in prop trading. The company has countless promises even though it is relatively young. In contrast to other legacy prop companies, several most advanced capabilities may be readily accessed, even if these advantages are often hidden behind cumbersome scaling policies.

For example, the minute your project has been financed, you will have access to an enticing 80 percent profit share. Traders With Edge does not need you to go through several levels before receiving a more significant percentage of the money you have earned through your efforts.

When you combine this with the fact that there is a diverse selection of financial products open for trading, you have a captivating mix. Being able to enjoy such a high level of autonomy is a welcome variation of stride in a field where foreign exchange trading and average profit splits are the norms.

If you are looking for a prop exchange company that respects both your period and your skills, you might consider including Traders With Edge on your list of candidates.

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