Top 7 Instant Funding Prop Firms – Best Funded Forex Accounts Without Evaluation!

Instant Funding Proprietary (Prop) Firms are becoming a go-to option for many traders. They instantly offer live accounts to traders, skipping the often tedious assessment process. They provide an opportunity to immediately access substantial trading capital, a benefit particularly relevant for individuals lacking financial resources but possessing sound trading knowledge and strategies.
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The catch, however, is higher trading fees. While a standard proprietary firm might charge a smaller percentage of your profits, Instant Funding Prop Firms typically charge a higher fee—usually around 5%.

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For instance, if you want access to a $10,000 live account, you must pay a $500 fee. This high fee acts as a protective measure for the firm, covering potential losses resulting from a trader’s unsuccessful trading.

In other words, the upfront fee mitigates the risk for the prop firm, enabling them to offer instant access to larger trading accounts without initial evaluations.

This business model represents a shift from the conventional prop firm arrangement, where traders typically undergo a rigorous screening process before gaining access to the firm’s capital. Instant Funding Prop Firms have democratized access to more considerable capital, making forex trading more accessible to a broader audience. Despite the higher upfront fee, trading with significant capital without going through evaluations can be attractive for specific traders.

What are Best Funded Forex Programs Without Evaluation?

The best Funded Forex program without evaluation is  Standard FundYourFx Instant Funding, which offers a $15K live account for 297 pounds ($380). 

These programs require traders to meet specific profit targets while adhering to predetermined maximum loss and daily pause limits. The profit targets remain consistent throughout each funded stage, and traders must continuously achieve these targets to progress to the next level. Moreover, traders can expect to receive bonuses to their HUB upon completing each level.

The daily pause function is designed to temporarily turn off trading on the account for that day – it does not terminate the account. Traders can continue to trade as usual from the next trading day onwards. Furthermore, traders can hold open positions over the weekend, except indices, which may incur a comparably high swap.

Regarding the assets available for trading, instant forex funding programs often provide traders access to various currency pairs, metals, and indices. The trading platform is generally MT5 Hedge in Desk, a user-friendly platform accessed via the web and mobile. Leverage is set at 1:30, and news trading is permitted, though bracket strategies during news events are prohibited.

One significant advantage of instant forex funding programs is that no minimum trading requirements or days are needed to complete level 1. Once traders have achieved the profit target for level 1, they can progress immediately.

As for the funding limits, the maximum capital per trader for the evaluation account is $40,000. This means traders can have multiple accounts, such as 4 X $10K or 2 X $20K accounts, contributing to the total starting capital of $40K.

Finally, payouts occur every two weeks, with the first payout issued 14 days after receiving a fully funded account. Traders can take as long as they need to pass the challenge, but inactive accounts for more than 14 calendar days will expire.

Top Instant Funding Programs

Standard Yourfx Instant Funding Program

  Standard FundYourFx Instant Funding offers a $15K live account for 297 pounds ($380) or a $30 000 account for a fee of 577 pounds.

instant funding program best

Here’s a breakdown of the three tiers:

  1. Starter:
    • Initial Fee: £147 (Refundable)
    • Starting Balance: $6,000
    • Profit Share: Up to 70%
    • Support: Personal Support
    • Account Growth Potential: Up to $500,000
  2. Standard (Most Popular):
    • Initial Fee: £297 (Refundable)
    • Starting Balance: $15,000
    • Profit Share: Up to 70%
    • Support: Personal Support
    • Account Growth Potential: Up to $1,000,000
  3. Professional:
    • Initial Fee: £577 (Refundable)
    • Starting Balance: $30,000
    • Profit Share: Up to 70%
    • Support: Personal Support
    • Account Growth Potential: Up to $1,750,000

Finotive Instant Funding Program

The Instant Funding Program by Finotive appears to be a service where you pay a one-time, non-recurring upfront fee to receive a certain amount of trading capital with a specific leverage. You can then trade with that capital, and any profits you make are split between you and the funding program.

instanf funding finotive

The program has different tiers based on the trading capital and the upfront fee you pay:

  1. $2,500 trading capital, $95 upfront fee
  2. $5,000 trading capital, $190 upfront fee
  3. $10,000 trading capital, $335 upfront fee
  4. $25,000 trading capital, $525 upfront fee
  5. $50,000 trading capital, $1,055 upfront fee
  6. $100,000 trading capital, $2,100 upfront fee

All tiers provide a maximum leverage of 100:1.

The program also has specific rules, including:

  • Less than 8% equity drawdown: The account’s value must not decrease by more than 8% from its peak value.
  • Less than 5% daily drawdown: The account’s value must not decrease by more than 5% daily.
  • A profit split starting at 55% indicates that the trader starts with a 55% share of any profits made, although it’s unclear whether this percentage could change over time.
  • Ninety-day account duration: This likely means the funded account is valid for 90 days.
  • Responsible Trading Policy Applies: This suggests that traders must adhere to rules or guidelines for responsible trading.

With the Instant Funding program, traders can withdraw or save their profits toward an account scaling target. Withdrawals can be made weekly directly from the program’s dashboard.


Traders With Hedge Instant Funding Program

Traders with the Hedge Instant funding program offer $ 10,000 live trading account capital for a $500 trading fee. If you make a 5% loss, your trading account will be closed.

traders with hedge instant funding


The TradersWithEdge Instant Funding Program appears to be a service that offers experienced traders access to a funded Forex trading account. This program comes with several conditions and stages, known as levels, through which traders can progress. Here are the details:

The program begins with a starting balance of $10,000. As traders make profits, they can scale up their account balance through six levels, with the final balance potentially reaching $1,280,000. Each level requires a profit target of 10% before progressing to the next level.

At every level, traders must abide by the following rules:

  1. Max Loss Static: The maximum loss allowed is 5% of the total account balance. If losses exceed this threshold, the trader will likely be removed from the program or have to start over.
  2. Min Time Days: Traders must spend at least five days at each level before progressing to the next one.
  3. Max Days On Level: Only at level 1 do traders have a limit of 180 days to reach the profit target and progress to the next level. There doesn’t appear to be a maximum limit for all other levels.
  4. Profit Share: Traders receive 50% of their profits at each level.
  5. Leverage: The maximum leverage offered at all levels is 1:20.

The program also charges a one-time desk fee of $500. From level 2 onwards, there are no additional fees.

It’s important to note that this program is aimed at traders with a solid understanding of Forex trading. Beginners or those unfamiliar with trading concepts and techniques may not be suitable for this program. Traders are expected to manage risk effectively and adhere to the program rules.

The process to start trading under this program appears to be straightforward. Choose your desired account size and trading platform, pay for the account (including the one-time desk fee), and your trading account is activated and ready to use. Traders can withdraw their profits directly from their trading dashboard.

City Traders Imperium (CTI) Instant Funding Program

The Instant Funding Program by City Traders Imperium (CTI) offers $ 10,000 for a $599 funding fee.  This program has multiple levels, each with increasing account sizes, stop-out levels, and profit targets. The profit share also gradually increases as you ascend the levels.

CTI instant funding

Here are the key details:

  • Instant Funding: For an initial account size of $2,000, the stop-out level is $1,900, and the profit target is $180. You share 50% of the profit, earning you $90.

Then, the program proceeds in levels as follows:

  • PM LV1: For an account size of $10,000, the stop-out level is $9,500, and the profit target is $1,000. You share 60% of the profit, earning you $600. Payouts are monthly.
  • PM LV2: For an account size of $20,000, the stop-out level is $19,000, and the profit target is $2,000. You share 70% of the profit, earning you $1,400. Payouts are bi-weekly.
  • PM LV3 to PM LV8: As you progress through these levels, the account size, stop-out level, and profit target double each time. Your profit share increases to 90% (80% at LV3). Payouts are weekly.
  • PM LV9: For a whopping account size of $2,000,000, the stop-out level is $1,900,000, and the profit target is $200,000. You retain 100% of the profit at this level, earning you $200,000. Payouts continue to be weekly.

To receive payouts, traders need to meet certain conditions. For instance, at PM LV1, traders must wait for ten active trading days before requesting the first payout. From PM LV3 onwards, payouts can be requested every Friday. Your account balance must be in net profit at all levels, with all trades closed at the payout time. Additionally, you must have at least 1% of the initial account balance available for payout requests.

The profit share is calculated net of all trading costs, including spreads, commissions, and overnight swaps. Any profits earned without using a stop-loss will be deducted from the final net profit, and CTI will extend the profit target by the same amount. Once your net profit exceeds the original payment amount, payouts can be made via Transferwise, Revolut, PayPal, or bank transfer.

My Forex Funds Instant Funding Program

The Instant Funding Program offered by My Forex Funds is designed to offer traders more flexibility and freedom. However, for $ 10,000 live account capital, traders pay a fee of $485.

my forex funds instant funding program

Unlike many other programs, this one does not have an evaluation phase, which can speed up the process significantly. Here’s how the different account levels break down:

  • $2,000 to $50,000 accounts: For these account levels, the targets are based on achieving a 10% return to get to the next milestone. There are no daily drawdown limits, but the overall drawdown limit is 5% of the starting account balance. The leverage provided for these accounts is 1:50.
  • $324,000 to $1,350,000 Assured Funding accounts offer higher leverage and more significant profits. Again, there are no daily drawdown limits; the overall drawdown is 5% of the starting account balance. The leverage provided is 1:50.

To join the program, you need to pay a one-time registration fee that varies depending on the starting account size. The fees range from $99 for the $2,000 account to $2,450 for the $50,000 account.

Key Features of the Program:

  1. No Profit Targets: You get paid regardless of how much you earn. There’s no need to reach a specific profit target before getting paid.
  2. Scale-Up: You can grow your account size up to $2,000,000.
  3. No Time Limits: There are no set time limits for when you need to reach specific targets.
  4. No Lot Size Limits: You can trade as many lots as you want without limitations.
  5. No Consistency Rules: You can trade as frequently or infrequently as you like.
  6. There are no daily drawdown limits. The only drawdown limit is 5% for Conventional accounts or 10% for Empathy accounts.

In summary, My Forex Funds’ Instant Funding Program is designed for traders who want the freedom to trade on their terms and at their own pace. It’s particularly suited to traders who are confident in their skills and don’t want to be restricted by lot size limits, time limits, or profit targets. As always, trading responsibly and understanding the risks involved in forex trading is essential.

My Funded Trading Plus Instant Funding Program

My Funded Trading Plus Instant Funding Program offers traders $10,000 live account capital, for which they pay a fee of $450. For $100,000 capital, they pay a fee of $4500.

funded trading plus

Funded Trading Plus offers an Instant Funding Program that bypasses the evaluation phase and directly allows traders to manage substantial capital. Here’s how the program works:

  1. Evaluation Type: With Funded Trading Plus, there’s no evaluation phase. Traders can start trading immediately.
  2. Profit Split: The company shares profit with traders, starting from a 70/30 split to 90/10, as traders prove their consistency and profitability.
  3. Min. Trading Days: There is no minimum trading day requirement.
  4. Maximum Leverage: Traders can utilize up to 1:30 leverage.
  5. Relative Drawdown: A maximum relative drawdown of 5% of the starting balance is set. If a drawdown exceeds this limit, it results in immediate disqualification.
  6. Account Sizes: The available accounts are $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000, with drawdown limits set accordingly.
  7. One-Time Fee: A one-time fee is required to join the program, ranging from $225 for a $5,000 account to $4,500 for a $100,000 account.

The complex rules of this program require a drawdown of no more than 5% of your starting balance. This ensures traders take calculated risks and do not expose too much of the account to losses.

Some soft rules are encouraged but not strictly enforced. For instance, it is recommended that you do not hold trades over the weekend. All open trades will be automatically closed by 21:30 GMT on Fridays.

When you achieve a profit of 5%, the trailing drawdown stops, and your total account size becomes the lowest drawdown point. This allows you to preserve your profits while continuing to trade.

Even though there are restrictions, you can hold trades overnight, and using Expert Advisors (excluding those utilizing arbitraging methods) is permitted, giving you the flexibility to try various trading strategies.

Instant Funding Program

Instant Funding Program offers traders $10 000 live account capital, where traders pay a fee of $440, while for $80 000 capital, pay a fee of $3400.

instant funding io

InstantFunding offers a forex funding program that allows traders to trade with substantial capital right from the get-go. Here are the critical components of the InstantFunding Program:

  1. Account Sizes: Traders can choose from a range of account sizes, starting from $1,250 up to $80,000.
  2. Smart Drawdown: The program utilizes a Smart Drawdown system, which means you start with a 10% drawdown. This means the maximum allowable losses from the peak balance are 10%. If losses exceed this limit, the account is disqualified.
  3. Daily Drawdown: Unlike some other programs, there are no daily drawdown limits. This allows traders to trade without worrying about reaching a specific loss limit within a day.
  4. Min/Max Time: The program doesn’t set a minimum or maximum time limit, allowing traders to trade at their own pace and according to their strategy.
  5. Profit Split: The profit split starts at 70%, but traders can earn up to 90% of the profits in the account. This offers an enriching opportunity for successful and consistent traders.
  6. Leverage: Traders are offered a leverage of 1:100, which allows them to enter more prominent positions than their account balance would ordinarily permit.
  7. Price: A one-time fee to join the program varies based on the chosen account size. This ranges from $79 for a $1,250 account to $3,460 for an $80,000 account.
  8. Scale Target: Every time you achieve a 10% gain on your account, you qualify for an account scale. This means that your account size can double up to $1.25 million.
  9. Payouts: Traders can request their first payout after 14 days. After the first payout, subsequent payouts can be requested every seven days.

The InstantFunding program offers traders a lucrative opportunity to grow their trading capital and maximize profits while managing risks effectively with the Smart Drawdown system. Traders are given the freedom and flexibility to trade on their terms, making it an attractive choice for new and experienced forex traders.


Instant trading funded programs are innovative prop companies that allow forex traders to demonstrate their skills and earn substantial profits without risking their capital. These programs come in various shapes and sizes, with different account sizes, leverage options, profit splits, and rules.

A vital advantage of these programs is that they offer traders access to significant trading capital right from the outset. They provide opportunities for traders to scale their trading without needing to accumulate significant personal funds. By meeting specific criteria, traders can increase their funded accounts, enabling higher potential earnings.

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