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Kenya is an old civilization. It has well-established legal, financial, and other systems in place. It has a financial services sector that also is quite old. It is around 70 years old and was started in the year 1950. It catered well to the entire East African market. Kenya is also a young country because more than 52 million people are under the age of 35. Therefore, there is quite a bit of expectation and hope as far as this country’s future is concerned.

An increasing number of Kenyans who belong to the middle class invest in FX trading at present. Consequently, the regional money market clean up from dodgy businesses was unavoidable.

If anybody opens up a fresh regional FX company, it will be imperative for them to get certification from the office of the CMA. Any business needs to have at least Sh50 million capital to procure a license from the CMA. You will not come across any Forex brokerage, perhaps because of this or because Kenya’s market is rather small. However, this is not the same when comparing it to any other nation in Africa, such as Nigeria or South Africa, where individuals have a wider scope.

In 2017, the CMA cracked down on many illegitimate FX Kenyan companies, which is definitely a positive indication. You are strongly suggested to make a trade with FX brokers who are regulated out there.

The most faithful regulatory agencies happen to be Cyprus CySEC, British FCA, plus Australian ASIC. FX companies are compelled by these government authorities to enforce stringent security standards like isolated accounts. Several of them are even compelled to provide Negative Balance Protection for safeguarding even those who reside outside the E.U.! Having said that, there is a greater chance for your cash to be secured in case you open an FX trading account with FX brokerage controlled by one of these agencies. Top forex brokers in Kenya are given in the Table below this article.

Stock Market In Kenya

The stock market in Kenya is also quite old, and it was found in 1954. It is known as Nairobi Securities Exchange or NSE. The stock market grew in bits and starts, and it was not until 2014 that the NSE was demutualized and became a self-listed entity. The NSE offers almost everything that is expected of any good stock exchange around the world. You can enjoy basic listing services both in stocks and also derivatives of stocks. It is also where you can find a listing of ETFs (Exchanged Traded Funds) or REITs, which expands Real Estate Investment Trusts. It also is the platform where the marketing of corporate debt securities of both government and corporate entities is permitted.

How To Trade Forex In Kenya

Identifying the best brokers in Kenya is not an easy job. This is because the forex broking market is still in its primary stages. There are only a few reputed online brokers who deal in forex buying and selling. Only a handful of them have offices in Kenya. However, those who live in Kenya are allowed to deposit money for online trading. They have to use the account of foreign brokers who are ready to accept customers as their clients. Almost all brokers have a website of their own. Customer servicing is done in English. Not many foreign brokers offer their services in the local languages, such as Bantu Swahili.

Monitoring & Regulation of Foreign Brokers

We also need to bear in mind that brokers situated outside Kenya have to go through strict monitoring and regulation as per the land’s local law. The client funds have to be kept separately from the accounts of the trading brokers. Brokers are also supposed to enjoy an excellent reputation as far as their clients are concerned. Further, they should also be equipped and ready with a bouquet of products and services to cater to the clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Demo Accounts

Most of the reputed forex brokers offer high-quality services, and they allow their clients to develop strategies and get into some practice. They offer a demo account, and the accounts are also funded with virtual money. In addition to it, all brokers also offer accounts that are funded. There is a minimum deposit stipulation, which should be funded into the account before live trading begins.

How to select an FX Brokerage being a trader from Kenya

Firstly, you must evaluate your present trading style and knowledge. If you happen to be a novice and don’t have any idea regarding currency trading, you are suggested to avoid Metatrader4 and start afresh with some traders on the web you need not download.

It is imperative for the best Forex brokers in Kenya 2019 to decide whether they select a Forex Company controlled by the CMA or opt for several of the most faithful currency brokerages on the planet. If you opt for CMA certified, it will be essential for you to make deposits via the broker’s ledger only, which will enable the government in Kenya to monitor the flow of the capital to and fro from the nation. The KRA would be capable of taxing the trader as per their income generated from the currency trading.

Trading Commissions and Fees

It does not matter whether you happen to be only a beginner or an intermediate merchant. It is vital for you to carefully inspect the fees’ structure since that will either break you or make you. It will be better if the fees happen to be lower.

Fees related to Trading:

Spreads – The discrimination between BUY and SELL cost in pips anything above three Pips for the most fluid USD/EUR is typically too much, and you ought to avoid whatsoever. It is feasible for the spreads to be fixed or variable, and it typically depends on the type of account.

Swaps – the charge paid by you to keep the agreement open overnight.

Commissions every LOT – this won’t be visible to you much, typically only with the upper class.

Additional fees:

Withdrawal Fees, Deposit fees, and fees for Inactivity.

Types of Account

You have the option of selecting between Mini, Micro, and Standard accounts, which will, of course, depend on your personal trading style and budget. You are encouraged to commence small with either Mini or Micro.

Online forex brokers in Kenya list :

Forex broker ReviewVisit

Min. trading lot size

Max. leverageMin. depositPip rebate RatingPromotions

Hotforex0.011:1000$10.498 HotForex 50% Bonus





Dukascopy0.011:100$5000.5583 Dukascopy Bank SA

Exness Reivew




Octafx reviewOctafx register0.011:400$50170

The Final Word

Many online brokers are not the same, and they offer different classes of assets. However, most of them offer major currencies that are traded extensively across the world. Hence, there is no doubt that you can expect to get benefits from trading in forex in Kenya. However, some challenges need to be overcome, and the authorities are aware of it and are taking steps.



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