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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is widely recognized as the premier forex trading platform, offering advanced technical analysis, a flexible trading system, and algorithmic trading tools. The best MetaTrader brokers provide seamless access to the global financial markets, combining MT4’s powerful features with robust financial services and customer support. These brokers are distinguished by their reliable execution speeds, tight spreads, and various currency pairs and other financial instruments. They also offer educational resources and trading tools to help traders of all levels enhance their trading skills and strategies.

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Best MT4 Brokers are:

Forex broker ReviewVisit

Min. lot size

Max. leverageMin. depositGrade

VISIT HFM0.011:1000$199

VISIT AVATRADE0.011:400$197

VISIT FXPRO0.011:500$10096

Visit ActivTrades0.011:400$10096

IC Markets
VISIT IC MARKETS0.011:500$20095

Exness Reivew

VISIT EXNESS0.011:2000$1094

VISIT DUKASCOPY0.011:100$50093
VISIT XM0.011:888$593

VISIT INSTAFOREX0.00011:1000$1092
VISIT ALPARI0.011:500$1091
Octafx reviewVISIT OCTAFX0.011:400$5086
Easy MarketsVISIT EASYMARKETS0.011:500$2581

VISIT ROBOFOREX0.011:500$1073


HFM MT4 Broker

HF Markets, also known as HotForex, is widely regarded as one of the best MetaTrader 4 (MT4) brokers, and its reputation is built on several key advantages that cater to traders’ needs effectively. First and foremost, HF Markets offers rapid deposit and withdrawal processes, which are crucial for traders who need quick access to their funds, whether to take advantage of trading opportunities or for any other reason. This efficiency in managing financial transactions significantly enhances the trading experience, ensuring traders can operate without unnecessary delays.

HF Markets broker facts

Additionally, HF Markets is renowned for its exceptional customer support. The broker provides traders comprehensive technical support, advice, and account management services. This level of customer service is available 24/5, ensuring that traders can get help whenever needed. The support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to resolving queries and issues swiftly, which helps in building trust and reliability.

HF Markets (HotForex) offers traders comprehensive features and benefits. Here’s a summary of the main features in bullet points:

  • Regulation and Security: HF Markets is regulated by several top-tier authorities, including the FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), FSCA (South Africa), DFSA (Dubai), and others, ensuring a high level of trust and security for traders.
  • Wide Range of Trading Instruments: Traders can access over 1200+ financial instruments across forex, stocks, commodities, ETFs, indices, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading Platforms: Offers both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, along with mobile trading options for Android and iOS, providing traders with flexible and powerful trading tools.
  • Account Types: A variety of account types, including Cent, Micro, Zero, and VIP accounts, catering to the needs of different traders with various minimum deposit requirements, leverage, and spread options.
  • Fast Withdrawal and Deposit: HF Markets is known for its rapid processing of deposits and withdrawals, facilitating quick access to funds.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Offers 24/5 multilingual customer support, providing traders with timely and helpful assistance for any issues or questions.
  • Educational Resources: Provides a wealth of educational materials, including webinars, e-books, and training courses, to support traders of all levels.
  • Bonus and Promotions: Offers various bonuses and promotions for non-EU clients, including loyalty programs, trading contests, and a 100% credit bonus.
  • Copy Trading Program: The HFCopy platform allows traders to copy the trades of successful strategy providers, offering an opportunity for both followers and expert traders to benefit.
  • Safety Measures: Implement strong safety measures such as segregated accounts, SSL encryption, and a comprehensive insurance policy to protect client funds and data.
  • Global Accessibility: Despite restrictions in certain countries, HF Markets serves traders globally, offering a diverse and inclusive trading environment.

These features collectively make HF Markets a top choice among traders looking for a reliable, regulated, and feature-rich broker, especially those utilizing the MetaTrader platforms.

hfm withdrawal dashboard

The combination of fast financial transactions and outstanding customer support complements the robust features of the MT4 platform, such as advanced charting tools, a wide range of technical indicators, and automated trading capabilities. HF Markets also offers competitive spreads, various account types to suit different trading styles and strategies, and access to a wide range of markets, including forex, commodities, indices, and shares.

These advantages make HF Markets an attractive choice for novice and experienced traders. The broker’s commitment to providing a high-quality trading environment, coupled with the powerful features of MT4, creates a conducive setting for effective and efficient trading. This synergy of features and services is why HF Markets is considered one of the best MT4 brokers in the forex trading community.


Avatrade MT4 Broker

AvaTrade is a globally recognized online brokerage firm offering traders access to various financial markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Avatrade deposit section

As an MT4 broker, AvaTrade presents several vital facts that highlight its standing in the online trading community:

  • Regulation and Licensing: AvaTrade is highly regulated by several authorities worldwide, including the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC in Australia, FSCA in South Africa, FSA and FFAJ in Japan, ADGM in Abu Dhabi, and BVI Financial Services Commission. This extensive regulation ensures a secure and reliable trading environment for its clients.
  • MetaTrader 4 Platform: AvaTrade supports the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, renowned for its user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, automated trading capabilities through Expert Advisors (EAs), and robust security features. MT4’s popularity among traders of all levels is due to its comprehensive tools and the ability to execute complex trading strategies.
  • Variety of Trading Instruments: Clients can access diverse trading instruments, enabling them to trade in various markets from a single platform. This diversity allows traders to diversify their portfolios and explore different market opportunities.
  • Educational Resources and Support: AvaTrade is committed to empowering traders through education. The broker offers extensive educational materials, including webinars, video tutorials, eBooks, and articles, to help traders at all levels improve their trading skills and knowledge.
  • Customer Support: AvaTrade provides exceptional customer service, with support available in multiple languages 24/5. Traders can reach out via live chat, email, or phone for assistance with their queries or trading needs.
  • Account Types and Demo Account: Traders can choose from various account types tailored to meet their trading preferences and experience levels. AvaTrade offers a free demo account, allowing traders to practice trading strategies and get familiar with the MT4 platform without risking real money.
  • Global Reach with a Local Touch: While AvaTrade operates globally, it offers localized services in many countries, including local payment methods, making it easier for traders worldwide to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Safety of Funds: Client funds are held in segregated accounts, ensuring that traders’ capital is kept separate from the company’s operational funds. This is a critical aspect of AvaTrade’s commitment to trader security and trust.

AvaGo is an app that Avatrade offers:

avatrade go app forex trading

These key facts underscore AvaTrade’s position as a reputable MT4 broker, offering a secure, regulated, and feature-rich trading environment suitable for novice and experienced traders.



FxPro MT4 Broker

FxPro is a prominent MetaTrader broker that has established itself as a critical player in the online trading industry, offering diverse services and platforms to accommodate the needs of traders worldwide.

fxpro broker ranking

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown and discussion of FxPro’s main features, as highlighted in a detailed review:

Main Facts about FxPro:

  • Regulation and Trust: FxPro is regulated in two Tier-1 jurisdictions and one Tier-2 jurisdiction, showcasing a high level of trust and security for traders. It’s authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operates under the MiFID passporting system in the European Union, underscoring its commitment to adhering to strict regulatory standards.
  • Platform Diversity: FxPro stands out for its various trading platforms, including the industry-favorite MetaTrader 4 and cTrader platforms, which are available for desktop, web, and mobile. This variety caters to different trading preferences and strategies, particularly benefiting algorithmic traders.
  • Account Types and Pricing: The broker offers a variety of pricing options across different account types, featuring both fixed and variable spreads. However, its pricing is considered higher than the industry average, which might be a drawback for those seeking the lowest-cost trading environments.
  • Execution Methods: FxPro provides fully transparent execution methods, with less than 1% of client orders requoted in 2020. This statistic indicates a commitment to providing reliable and fair execution for traders’ orders.
  • Algorithmic Trading: The cTrader account offering by FxPro features lower spreads and is recognized for its excellence in algorithmic trading, having earned the broker best in class for Algorithmic Trading in 2024.
  • Investment Range: FxPro clients can access over 2,249 tradeable symbols, including forex pairs, indices, shares, metals, and cryptocurrencies through CFDs. However, it offers fewer symbols than leading multi-asset brokers, which might limit trading opportunities for some traders.
  • Mobile Trading: FxPro offers several mobile trading apps, including its proprietary FxPro Edge app, alongside MetaTrader and cTrader apps. This variety ensures that traders can manage their accounts and trade from anywhere, although the FxPro Edge app is considered to have room for improvement compared to other proprietary platforms.
  • Educational and Research Resources: FxPro provides daily market updates and analysis alongside educational materials. While the quality of these resources is good, expanding its educational offerings could further enhance its value to traders.
  • Customer Support and Services: The broker offers multilingual customer support and various account management tools through the FxPro Direct app. The support is geared towards ensuring a seamless trading experience for its clients.

FxPro is a well-regarded MT4 broker that caters to a wide range of traders by offering the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, renowned for its advanced charting tools, automated trading capabilities through Expert Advisors (EAs), and user-friendly interface. This broker stands out for its commitment to providing a reliable and versatile trading environment, with options for both fixed and variable spreads across different account types tailored to meet diverse trading strategies and preferences.


FxPro is regulated in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring high security and trustworthiness for traders using the MT4 platform. Additionally, FxPro offers competitive pricing, although it is considered higher than the industry average, which is a consideration for cost-conscious traders. The broker’s support for algorithmic trading on MT4, coupled with its transparent execution methods, makes FxPro a strong choice for traders looking to leverage the capabilities of the MT4 platform.

See the FxPRo user dashboard:

FxPro user dashboard


FxPro’s commitment to regulatory compliance and the security of client funds is a significant advantage, offering peace of mind to traders. The diversity of trading platforms and execution methods caters to a wide range of trading strategies, from manual trading to automated algorithmic strategies. However, the broker’s relatively high pricing structure may deter some traders, particularly those focusing on cost efficiency.

The broker’s efforts in algorithmic trading and the variety of account types demonstrate its aim to cater to advanced and professional traders. Yet, the limitation in the number of tradeable symbols and the scope of its educational resources suggests that there is room for expansion to satisfy the needs of a broader spectrum of traders fully.

In conclusion, FxPro’s robust regulatory framework, diverse platform offerings, and commitment to execution quality make it a notable choice for traders looking for a reliable MetaTrader broker. However, potential clients should weigh these benefits against the broker’s pricing and the limited range of trading instruments and educational resources.


IC Markets MT4 Broker

IC Markets is a leading MT4 broker known for its competitive edge in algorithmic trading and a wide array of platform plugins and social copy-trading platforms.

ic markets ranking

Here’s a concise review highlighting its main features:

IC Markets MT4 Broker Review – Key Points:

  • Regulatory Status: IC Markets is regulated in two Tier-1 jurisdictions, ensuring high trust and safety for its traders. This regulatory framework makes it a reliable choice for traders looking for security in their trading operations.
  • Competitive Pricing: Known for its low average spreads across all account types, IC Markets offers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. This makes it an attractive option for traders looking to minimize trading costs.
  • Extensive Range of Tradable Symbols: With over 3,500 tradable symbols, IC Markets provides traders with a vast selection of markets to trade in, significantly more than many competitors. This range allows for a high degree of portfolio diversification.
  • Enhanced MetaTrader Offering: The broker has enhanced its MetaTrader offering with third-party research and trading tool plugins, standing out as the #1 MetaTrader broker in the 2024 Annual Award. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for traders leveraging advanced tools and research within the MetaTrader environment.
  • Research and Education: IC Markets has recently improved its research and educational content, adding new video series and blog articles. These additions make it more competitive with its peers, providing valuable resources for traders looking to deepen their market knowledge and trading skills.
  • Social and Copy Trading: The introduction of the IC Social mobile app, powered by Pelican Exchange, complements IC Markets’ variety of social copy trading apps, offering more options for traders interested in mirroring the trades of experienced traders.

Pros & Cons:


  • Vital regulatory status in Tier-1 jurisdictions.
  • Competitive pricing with low average spreads.
  • Wide range of tradable symbols and markets.
  • Enhanced MetaTrader offering with valuable plugins.
  • Improved research and educational resources.


  • Lags behind in proprietary trading app offerings.
  • Market research and educational content quality may trail industry leaders.

ic markets demo account

IC Markets is a premier MT4 broker, especially suited for algorithmic traders due to its competitive pricing, scalable execution, and enhanced MetaTrader platform. The broad selection of social copy-trading platforms and improved research and educational offerings further solidify its position as a top choice for traders at all levels. However, traders looking for proprietary trading apps and the highest quality in educational content might find IC Markets slightly lacking compared to some industry leaders.


Exness MT4 Broker

Exness, established in 2008 and headquartered in Cyprus, is a leading MetaTrader broker with a solid reputation for its ultra-low trading fees and advanced trading statistics. This review will discuss what makes Exness stand out in the crowded forex brokerage market.

exness payment methods

Regulatory and Security Framework

Exness’s commitment to regulation and security is evident through its compliance with multiple regulatory bodies, including the CBSC, CMA, CySEC, FCA, FSA, FSC Belize, FSC Mauritius, and FSCA. This extensive regulatory oversight ensures a secure trading environment, limiting potential fraud and malpractice risks. The broker’s investor compensation fund, managed by the Financial Commission, provides an additional safety net, covering claims up to €20,000, highlighting its dedication to protecting client interests.

Competitive Trading Costs and Conditions

One of Exness’s most attractive features is its competitive pricing structure. With average trading costs for significant pairs like EUR/USD at just 0.6 pips and the option for swap-free trading on select assets, Exness offers a cost-efficient trading environment that can enhance profitability, especially for short-term traders and scalpers. The provision of leverage ranging from 1:2 to unlimited, depending on jurisdiction and asset, adds a flexible dimension to trading strategies, though it comes with increased risk.


Trading Platforms and Asset Selection

Exness provides traders with a choice between the widely popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, along with its proprietary platform, catering to various trading preferences. With over 3,500 tradeable symbols, including 97 currency pairs and 34 cryptocurrency pairs, traders can access a vast market range, allowing for diversified trading strategies. The platform’s support for algorithmic and social/copy trading further enhances its appeal to a broad spectrum of traders.

Educational Resources and Customer Support

Although Exness has recently improved its research and educational offerings, there’s room for further enhancement to match the quality found with industry leaders. However, the broker compensates with excellent customer support, available in multiple languages, ensuring traders can receive assistance whenever needed. The addition of Trading Central services and FXStreet for trading signals and market coverage ensures that traders can access high-quality, third-party analytical tools.

Account Types and Funding Options

Exness offers a variety of account types, including the commission-free Standard and Standard Cent accounts, ideal for new or casual traders, and commission-based accounts like the Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread for more demanding traders. With a minimum deposit requirement of just $10 for some accounts, Exness is accessible to traders of all levels. The broker supports various funding methods, providing flexibility in managing financial transactions.

In conclusion, Exness stands out for its competitive trading fees, comprehensive regulatory oversight, and wide range of trading platforms and markets. While there’s room for improvement in its educational resources, the broker’s commitment to security, cost efficiency, and trader support makes it a compelling choice for novice and experienced traders.




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