What is Swap Fee in Forex?

Traders can see in statements overnight rollover fees. Sometimes, depending on the main difference in the interest rates between the currencies in a pair, this fee will be paid to you.

But what is the meaning of swap in forex trading?

What is a forex swap fee?

Forex swap fee or forex rollover represents the interest traders can earn or pay on positions held overnight on the Forex market. An extended swap fee will be applied when traders keep long positions open overnight, and swap short will be applied when traders keep short positions available overnight.

The swap fee can be applied if traders hold the positions at the daily rollover point, 00:00 server time, or “tomorrow next.”

You may be aware that there is money to be made in forex, but you may not know how to go about it as a beginner. You may have encountered terms like rollover fee or swap in forex trading. But it is quite possible that you may not be fully aware of the same because of a lack of information and knowledge. Further, if you are one of those who are into scaling, you may have never encountered such fees.

Nonetheless, it would not be a bad idea for you to have a reasonably good understanding that could answer the question of how to earn a swap in forex. We are sure the following few lines may help readers find the correct answer to the above question. It will help them to have a more contemporary and informed perspective on forex trading. It may help them succeed in forex trading in the medium and long term.

How Does It Work?

If traders are short EUR/USD overnight, traders will be charged interest for borrowing EUR, and traders will receive interest for lending USD.
If traders are long EUR/USD overnight, traders will be charged interest for borrowing USD, and traders will receive interest for lending EUR.


A swap fee, or rollover, is a concept that allows traders to earn or pay interest on Forex positions held overnight. The swap rate is determined by the overnight interbank interest rate differential between two currencies involved in the traded currency pair. An extended position swap fee will be applied when traders keep a long position open overnight, and a short position swap fee will be applied when traders keep a temporary position open overnight.

In other words, if you buy and hold currency pair before the session closes, you will receive an amount of money known as “swap long.” On the other hand, if you sell and hold currency pairs before the session closes, you will pay an amount of money known as a “swap short.”

forex swap example

Swap fees are based on the prevailing interbank interest rates between two currencies involved in a given currency pair transaction. Therefore, they are highly dependent on each country’s interest rate policies’ economic strength and conditions. Moreover, these fees can vary depending on factors such as liquidity in the market and the current political climate.

When trading Forex, it is essential to note that several forex brokers charge different amounts for their swap fees. Depending on certain conditions and preferences, some brokers may offer lower or higher than regular swap fees. Also, traders should always compare different brokerages’ swap fees to ensure they get the most competitive rate available to them at any given time. Additionally, some brokers offer commission-free trades, which allow them to offer more attractive swaps for their client’s convenience.

When trading with a leverage account such as those offered by Saxo Bank and IC Markets, traders must understand how swaps can affect their profits over time due to being charged each time they keep positions open overnight. For example, suppose a trader has an account with Saxo Bank that offers up to 1:500 leverage with no commissions on trades but also charges an annual swap extended fee of -0.05%. In that case, this could quickly eat into profits over time unless positions are closed out before the end of the day each day or through using hedging strategies like grid trading (a safer option). On the other hand, IC Markets offers leverage up to 1:500 without commissions, too but pays out a 0.07% annual swap extended fee which can help increase profits over time!

Overall, understanding what Forex swaps are along with how they work is essential for any trader wanting to succeed in this industry, as ignorance can easily lead to losses from unexpected costs associated with holding trades open longer than intended as well as taking advantage of opportunities provided by brokers offering positive swaps from holding trades available longer than planned!

Positive and negative swaps in forex

Positive Swaps in forex represent a positive difference between the interest charged and received, and traders receive the difference in the trading account.
Negative Swaps in forex represent a negative difference between the interest charged and received, and then the difference will be taken out from the trading account.

Since swap is the difference in interest, it can work both ways. You could be paid for the difference in interest rates for such overnight trading. On the other hand, you could be charged an interest differential amount. This would depend on the currency pair you are trading during such a swap. When you decide to trade on margin, you will make money on the interest. This will be for long positions after squaring off the interest payable on the various short trades. You will be termed a “carry” position when you decide to net a profit. On the other hand, if you have decided to take only trades that will lead to a favorable interest as far as your account is concerned, you are considered a carry trader.

What is swap long and short forex?
Swap long and swap short are swap fee types. Along swap fee will be applied when traders keep long positions open overnight, and a swap fast will be applied when traders hold short positions available overnight.


Swap rate calculation forex example

To calculate the swap rate for one lot and 1.3 price level in forex, you need to do the following steps:

Swap rate = (Contract x [Interest rate differential. + Broker’s mark-up] /100) x (Price/Number of. days per year)
Swap Short = (100,000 x [0.75 + 0.25] /100) x (1.3000/365)
Swap Short = USD 3.56.

HFM swap

Hotforex swap value is changing every day. However, Hotforex offers a unique HFM swap calculator where all traders can calculate swaps for their accounts.

HFM Swap short rate is, for example, 2 points
Number of weekend nights the trade is open = 2
One lot has 100,000 units
The minimum price increment for 5-digit brokers (value of 1 point) is 0.00001

Swap fee = 100,000 * 2 * 2 * 0.00001 = 4.00 USD debited on your account


Things To Bear In Mind

When you are into swap trading in forex trading, you need not worry too much about losses. However, this will be possible only when you keep your trade as short as possible. It would be advisable not to keep the trade longer than a week or, ideally, for around five days. It would also not be suitable to keep the trade open during the weekend because violent volatilities often happen when trading opens after the weekend. Successful traders who use the swap mode try and use this facility twice a week, and they believe that it could give more profits. Hazarding guesswork during the beginning of the following week is best avoided.

Islamic accounts usually do not offer rollover fees; they are swap-free. Usually, this is because of religious purposes because swap is interesting, and every kind of loan is prohibited (haram) in the Islamic world.

Forex brokers without swap

Forex brokers that offer swap-free accounts are:

HFM swap free account
Avatrade swap-free account
ICMarkets Islamic swap-free account

Bounce Back Strategy

Bounce back strategy could also be used when using swap as an alternative. Many successful traders have used it on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, the bounce-back procedure should not be kept open for long periods and should be closed by Friday mornings. It would be better to get out the swap option by Friday, even if there is a loss situation. Keeping it open till Monday next should be avoided as much as possible. You must remember that if the carry forward is positive, you can gain money into your account. If it is negative, you have to square off the difference, which will be taken from your account. This is auto-calculated as far as brokers are concerned.

Are The Fees High?

The swap fee for significant currencies is not very high, and the cost for gold in such situations could be much higher. However, it could vary a lot, and as somebody just getting started, you should not bother too much about the possible variations. However, if you are serious about it and want to get into long swing trades and are keen on holding onto the trades for a few weeks at one go, you must research. You must visit a few sites and use calculators to be updated about the possible outcomes using the swap option.

Is It Possible To Avoid Swap Fees In Forex?

Many new traders ask if avoiding swap fees in a forex transaction is possible. To get an answer to this, you need to look at it from another angle. You could look for trading in beneficial trends, even if it means carrying your account forward to the next round. You could choose to trade intraday if you close your trades latest by 5 PM EST. This is the time when the New York Session comes to an end. This is considered the easiest way to do things and avoid paying the swap fee. It works fine, but it might require practice and handholding before you can do it perfectly.

The Final Word

It is evident from the above that there are some pros and cons of using the swap mode of forex transactions by paying the requisite fees. Though there are ways to avoid them, you should not bother about it until you are comfortable with the demo versions. However, it would help if you did not wholly allow swap trading to take over swing trading. It all depends on your style of trading. If you can do it properly, it is evident that your wins will be much more than the fees you may end up paying.

You can also have the luxury of looking at many brokers if you believe your spread and other expenses are smaller than other brokers. You should know how to spread the risk across. Ideally, trading longer than a day would be better, with around 10 to 20% of the entire trading volume. However, at the same time, some trade does take a lot of time. It may not be able to come out with a single strategy, and you may have to do quite a bit of permutation and combinations before you can come out with something new and successful.



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