How to Check MetaTrader 5 Market Open Time? – MT4 Market Opening Times

Understanding market hours is crucial for capitalizing on periods of high liquidity and volatility at the opening and closing times, offering significant trading opportunities. It also aids in risk management by avoiding unexpected price movements during off-hours and aligns trading strategies with global market activities across different time zones.

Usually, the Metatrader platform works from Monday morning till Friday night. Each broker has a different time zone and different working hours.

MT4 Market Opening Times

MetaTrader Opening Hours (trading hours) start at midnight between Sunday night and Monday morning. For some brokers, trading hours begin on 22 Sunday nights (because of different time zones), and some at 00 AM. Most GMT zone brokers allow trading from Monday at 00.01 AM till Friday at 11.59 PM.

How do I see Metatrader server time?

To see the Metatrader server time, you need to open the MT4 or MT5 platform and make the widget Market Watch visible. Go to View Menu, then choose Market Watch to make the widget visible and to see the current server time.

Here, you can see Meta Trader’s current time and figure out the Time Zone:
Market watch Metatrader 4 server time

MetaTrader 5 Market Open Time

MetaTrader 5 Market Open Time usually starts around 11 PM GMT+2 on Sunday, while the market closes around 11 PM GMT+2 on Friday. However, the market opening time depends on brokerage server time and working hours. Some brokers enable trading from 9 PM on Sunday, while others allow MT5 trading a few hours after midnight in early Monday morning.

MetaTrader 5 market opening time matches MT4 market opening times for the same broker!!!

MT5 market watch server time



Of course, except for forex, traders can trade various instruments using the Metatrader platform. Each non-forex market has different opening hours—for example, indices, gold, or US stock markets open at other times.

MetaTrader Open Time and Close time by Brokers

In this article, we will do one research. I will visit top forex broker websites for information about trading servers. My goal in this research is to figure out when trading assets will be enabled for trading. While stocks can be traded only for several hours daily, the forex trading market is open for a whole working week from Monday to Friday. However, you will see that each broker has different working times.

This research is essential because if you want to close your trade before the weekend, you must know precisely when the closing time is. Additionally, if you have important news from the weekend that can impact trading price, you may need to open a trade just after the market opens when your broker allows you to do so.

Research results are presented in the Table below:

In the Table below are presented the opening and closing times for the MetaTrader platform for various brokers:

BrokerMetatrader open timeMetaTrader closing timeVisit
HFMMonday 00:00:51 GMT+2 winter (GMT+3 summer)Friday 23:59:59 GMT+2 (GMT+3 summer)VISIT HFM
FxProSunday 23 GMT+2 winter (GMT+3 summer)Friday 23 GMT+2 winter (GMT+3 summer)VISIT FXPRO
AvatradeSunday 22 GMT winter (GMT+1 summer)Friday 22 GMT winter (GMT+1 summer)VISIT AVATRADE
ExnessSunday 23:05 GMTFriday 20:59 GMTVISIT EXNESS
OctaFxMonday 12:01 am EET/ESTFriday 23:59 EET/ESTVISIT OCTAFX
IC MarketsMonday 00:01 winter GMT+2 (GMT+3 summer)Friday 23:57 GMT+2 winter (GMT+3 summer)VISIT IC MARKETS
DukascopySunday 22 GMT winter (21 GMT summer)Friday 22 GMT winter (21 GMT summer)VISIT DUKASCOPY
XMSunday 22:05 GMTFriday 21:50 GMTVISIT XM

As shown in the Table above, major forex brokers and foreign exchange market trading hours have similar opening times. For example, HM MT4’s opening time is just 1 minute after midnight on Monday (GMT+2 during winter and GMT+3 during summer), while closing time is on Friday at 23:59:59. FxPro MetaTrader opening time is Sunday 23 GMT+2, while MetaTrader’s closing time is on Friday 23 GMT+2.

Additionally, Avatrade MetaTrader’s opening time is Sunday, 22 GMT, while MetaTrader’s closing time is Friday, 22 GMT. Exness MetaTrader’s opening time is Sunday at 23:05 GMT, while MetaTrader’s closing time is Friday at 20:59 GMT. Additionally, the Dukascopy MetaTrader’s opening time is Sunday, 22 GMT, while MetaTrader’s closing time is Friday, 22 GMT.



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