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Zulutrade is one of the biggest mirror trading forex platforms in the world where investors can follow signal providers, and signal providers can earn commissions from signals.


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Zulu Trade Overview
ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!
Zulutrade is considered a sophisticated, forex single provider. The company handles an account network that helps the very best dealers trade signals to get automatically traded in the broker’s account, free of charge. Founded in 2006, the company fills the gap between essential data in money markets. It completes the deal using the advice from some of the most skilled expert traders worldwide, increasing the speed it’s executed. This way of dealing with forex could be considered as the Holy Grail that everyone searches for. Obviously, ZuluTrade isn’t a traditional forex broker. Directly is linked only with Aaafx forex broker, but most major world forex brokers offer Zulutrade as an auto trading platform for traders.

Zulutrade is a signal provider autotrading platform with excellently presented trading statistics. The basic system overview is simple: good traders trade, system sort, and rank top traders and investors follow top traders’ trades. See image:
zulutrade system

In this video, we can see basic information about Zulutrade:

ZuluTrade’s trademarked technology is deemed the best choice for dealers intending to learn trading in a calm style. Expert traders, who show their dealing system and make a customer base help make this possible. There are virtually millions of providers to pick from, each of whom can provide an in-depth track record.

How does ZuluTrade work?

Setting up an account with ZuluTrade is pretty easy. This company provides a display account. An existing deal account is required with the help and assistance of brokers. The user has to fill out an application form and then fax it to ZuluTrade, which will take about 1 day to process. You can open an account at AAAFx Zulutrade forex broker, and your account will be automatically connected with Zulutrade account without any documents or delay. Regular lots and mini lots may also be traded. The withdrawal of the revenue is organized naturally with the help of a broker and not through ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade is just a system that backlinks the user to the normal trade signals. The website can be effortlessly navigated. The providers’ database can be brought up effortlessly to get a provider who has the best percentage of winning deals; average pips gain for every deal, the overall number of people subscribed, massive drawdown, and the number of weeks. There’s no other way that these providers can use it to correct their trade history as every deal is audited.

Below you can see Zulutrade Tutorial.

In this video below, we will see how to follow a trader using Zulutrade:

Now we can learn how to browse the investor’s page:

How to create a demo account we can see in the video below:

Then if you are ready for signals, you can see how to create a real account video:

Now we will see how to choose the right signal provider. If you want to choose a perfect signal provider, you need to learn how to use an Advanced search filter on Zulutrade:

Here you can see Zulutrade top signal providers:

Apart is known as “Mt Account,” which enables the user to handle the chosen service providers and get all deals taken into account. The company also has a trade designated as “Margin O Meter” that states how margin calls must be avoided by reducing the number of deals that a signal takes at a single try and the number of lots of every trade. The user can see the deals in their account and can close them personally whenever they want. ZuluTrade’s service is highly recommended to all those who would like to improve their forex income and would likewise like the help of somebody else to deal on their behalf.

Everything about this service is easy and quick to understand. You’ll find an explanation of every service on the site. Customer service is offered by e-mail, 24 hour instant messenger, and telephone. It’s pretty entertaining looking at millions of providers to pick the ideal one.
How to find an excellent signal provider?
My advice is to use the advanced search. Looking for top 100 providers with low drawdown.
zulutrade forex signal provider open account
So how can you make money using ZuluTrade?

First, you have to open a ZuluTrade account. Then you can choose forex brokers at ZuluTrade like Aaafx or avafx. Then you link your forex broker account with ZuluTrade. All professional signals will go to your ZuluTrade account and your real account.
See how I made tons of forex pips from Zulutrade signal provider:

Mirror trading trades - avafx and zulutrade

This image was made a few months ago. Now you can find much better signal providers. Anyway, you can open a ZuluTrade free account, try and test a few months and then connect with your real MetaTrader account. I suggest you see the Zulutrade brokers list and to make Zulutrade live signup. Most popular are Zulutrade Alpari and FXCM ZuluTrade forex brokers, but all brokers on the list are welcome. Try to pick a broker with low spread and signal providers which don’t scalp with a high stop loss reward ratio.

Is Zulutrade a scam?
Zulutrade service is not a scam because the platform and service are excellent. Zulutrade is a free platform, only charges a commission per copied trade. However, the ranking system is based on profitability and rank higher traders that overtrade. Very often, overtrading leads to a huge drawdown.

Very often, traders pick signal providers that are on the top of the ranking list. They have an excellent result for a few months and then lose all money. So what I problem :
New traders need to watch to pick traders with low drawdown. It must be less than 2Ifn if the trader risk 200 or 300 pips to earn 15 pips or 20 pips; this signal provider can not be good. Maby current statistical data shows top-ranking, but future performance will be terrible. You can see very often signal providers that risk too much. Sometimes keep losing trade for several months, and traders lose money. So watch how traders trade. If traders risk 200 pips and earn 400 pips per trade, that is good, but if he earns 15 pips and risks too much – this is not good.
For example, you have a signal provider that is not ranked so good as Onlysafeprofit. In the future, this strategy can be excellent.

Making money isn’t easy
Like in every job, making money only might look easy, but it never is. It is easy to trade, that’s for sure. Easier than to push weights, but to make money, you need to do more. You won’t find anybody whom you can trust to tell you that you don’t need to do a thing to make money. You don’t want to gamble. It is important to know what you are doing.
For picking a trader to follow, make sure to know a few things about them, like, that they have a good and clear history, that they are serious about what they do, and that they are not doing crazy things.
This is just an introduction to Zulu and not a place to teach you how to trade, but we can give you a tip to take all the percussion measures before placing your money at risk. Make sure first to spend time with the demo account, and then make sure that you are aware of the risk, especially in the first (couple) of months. We are not saying that you will have a negative balance in the first month(s), but it might happen. If it does, use it to learn from (possible) mistakes. That you will do by writing down what an action is and what a direct result to that is.

Zulutrade Binary Options

“Binary options” has become a prevalent financial instrument, and it has constantly been recording constant growth. Its growth is the result of the fact that it seems easy to win big money in quite a short time. Actually, the way “binary options” has been set does indeed enable such an event, but it rarely happens in reality. The reason for lack of instant success is greed, and whenever a beginner wins instant money, they usually don’t realize that the next move might be disastrous, and it usually is.

Zulu helps in a way that it provides actual help, but not somebody recommended. Zulu allows you to pick your own signal provider. Signal providers are traders who do things for themselves to get as much as possible from the forex market or binary options. They are not somebody who give you “advice” and charge you a fee for their effort, regardless of what they really do to help.
Zulu helps you pick a trader whom you can follow. Zulu has an algorithm that ranks traders based on their performances. You can filter out what values you prefer, for example, a good streak someone has, a certain percentage of winnings, and so on. The tip aims for steady traders who do well over a year, rather than somebody who does excellent for a week. Having an extremely high percentage of success in a short period of time is a signal to slow down, so if there is somebody with such a success, it usually means that you don’t need them for the next moves.

How to become a Zulutrade signal provider?
When you establish yourself as a trader, you can sign up and begin with selling signals. If you are good at it, you will be noticed and will gain more and more followers. That’s the way to get trades and a fee from those trades.

You can open several accounts for the following traders. That way, you can more easily follow their performance and success. You will notice that some of the “traders” are just shooting blanks, so you will soon see that they are no real traders whose work is even worth following. When you start earning – which doesn’t have to happen immediately – don’t be disappointed if your returns are one or two percent per month. You should know that you have made it if you see your account grow each month.

Tracking your success
Besides visiting Zulu’s website, you can have daily and weekly reports directly to your email. There is also a warning email that alerts you if/when your followed trader changes his/her behavior. For example, if their typical day of trading gets suspiciously dangerous, like – they open way more trades, you are alerted. These sorts of alerts are just that, and you need to step in and change something you feel needs to be changed. That is different from settings that you can make to stop the following somebody if they do this.
You can also check your history and analyze how well you do by the following somebody, what are your mistakes. You can see what sort of traders got you money, what sort of traders you followed took it away from you, how your reactions to the changes the followed traders had made resulted. You can see in your history if you should be more detailed about this or that. It requires scrutiny to do these analytics, but that’s a characteristic of a successful person in any job.


Visit Zulutrade’s official website and learn more.




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