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Why traders lose money on Zulutrade? If you start to monitor Zulutrade followers, you will see that more than 95% of all Zulutrade signal followers lose money. Like in the stock market and the forex market, 95% of all traders are losers. The reason is greed and bad money management. So Is the forex Zulutrade signal provider scam? No ZuluTrade is excellent, but traders must know to watch and pick. First, please see our Zulutrade review.

How does ZuluTrade work?
Zulutrade is a mirror platform that works based on two sides. On one side are traders that trade using their own live or demo account using the broker’s platform, and they earn a small commission per each copied trade. On the second side, copy, traders can copy trades from providers.

Now I will give you an example of how people lose money in the Zulutrade platform, and signal providers have perfect statistics :
I will not show the signal provider username because I don’t hate this guy, he is doing this to earn money, and he is trying to keep perfect statistics.

This signal provider trades :
– max 2-4 trader per time
– he has a 1:1 risk/reward ratio
– max negative balance per trade (trade position drawdown) is 100 pips
– he follows the trend
He is excellent!

But here what he does (like other signal providers) :
zulutrade scam example
See, in July, he has terrible results. He opened several trades and lost positions in a row. See trades :
Zulutrade signal provider results

No trader wants to recover all losses, and he will do this: He will open several trades in a row without stop loss and try to earn profit and several pips and to recover excellent monthly results. So if Zulutrade signal provider lost 450 pips in two days (like profit from last 2 months), he would try to earn more than 450 pips in one day. Now he will open many positions (some traders open 15 or 30 positions), and he will try to recover losses (for example, 15 positions with 30 pips profit).

zulutrade signal provider open positions

He will succeed in 80% of situations. If he loses the money, he will close the account and open a new one, or if he makes success, he will have every month profit, worst trade below 100 pips, and perfect statistics.

So what do you need to do if you want to earn money on Zulutrade :
1) Invest 5% of your balance if you have $1000, then you can risk $50 per trade. So if the worst trade for some trader is 100 pips, you can trade with micro lots, and max open positions can be 5 (so you can risk 5 positions and $10 per each position). You can trade with mini lots, but you will need $2000 for 1 mini lot open position. This rule 95% of all traders don’t follow.
2. Choose traders who have a good risk-reward ratio. Signal providers need to trade at least 6 months before you start to follow them.
3. Pick a max of 2 open positions per trader when you pick signal providers and a max of 2 positions per trade, then go to settings and pick: BACK TEST option. Make a backtest for 6 months and see the chart for each trader. The trader who uses this kind of scam (multiple open trades to recover losing positions) will have bad results because you choose only 2 open trades per position.

The perfect signal provider is:
– max two open trading position in the moment
– the average risk is smaller than the average profit (if the average risk is 50 pips than the average profit must be more than 50 pips)
– for USD currency pairs, stop loss should be 25 pips for 25 pips profit or 50 pips risk for 50 pips profit, etc. Risk should be 25% to 50% of daily average true range ATR (if EURUSD volatility is 100 pips per day from lowest low to highest high, then 25% is 25 pips and 50% is 50 pips).
– watch price action and Fib. and important levels
– when a signal trader has several losing positions in a row, he needs to be a steady trader. He does not open several positions in a row.

This is it.

About Zulutrade accounts
The Demo Account (DA)
If you’re not confident that Zulutrade offers a good trader around the globe, you may open the demo account 1st. You may observe the performance, as well as pursue them by virtual money openly. If it looks profited from your account, in that case, you may register with obtainable brokers to deal with the real money as well as begin to produce your portfolio.

Zulutrade Live Account Brokers
The ZuluTrade is believed by several forex popular brokers like Saxo, Alpari, Interactive Brokers, FXCM, etc. This showed that such a platform provides a big deal for several forex traders. Nevertheless, I suggested you register with AAAFX broker, as there’s no monthly membership and no commission as well. AAAFX provides a totally gratis to use the forex signal by ZuluTrade, which you must pay only the standard price for the brokerage. This occurs because the Zulutrade innovative broker is the AAAFX. However, you wish to open this with another obtainable broker, that is fine. You may do this, but keep in mind that there are extra charges for that. Only make sure that you open this with the broker, which you can believe. Whereas using the AAAFX, I’d a good time with the client service and most highly I by no means a handsome problem in withdrawal and deposit wire to a bank account.
Therefore, that is a Zulutrade review. Do you willing to carelessly trading whereas learning from great traders around the globe? You should visit the website: www.zulutrade.com today.

Zulutrade advantages: Zulutrade platform offers fast execution, you can make a speedy sign, and you can connect your trading account in a second. You do not need to buy VPS, install scripts and expert advisors – everything is prepared for you.

Zulutrade disadvantages: I wouldn’t say I like Zulutrade servers in the last few months. Some traders create excellent trades, but a lot of signals do not appear. I, as a trader, see very often in my Zulutrade account message, “This trade has not been sent to any ZuluTrade followers because the signal provider account was disconnected when it was opened.”.This is not a problem with my Metatrader platform or my private VPS – it is a problem because Zulutrade servers overload. I know – it is not easy to accept too many Zulutrade users. I hope that this will be better in the future.

As every coin has two sides, let’s mention here that there are thousands of signal providers, it is thus harder to pick the right one. The good thing about that is that you can pick either good ones or lousy ones to oppose what they do, but still, you need to comb a lot to narrow down your candidates. To find the one that will best suit – not only your successful trades – your profitable trades is harder than it might appear at first sight. You can narrow down successful ones, but you need to find the one that is adjustable to your money and settings. That might also take some time for you to see what strategy of yours fits with someone’s good moves.

A risky thing for you is when you follow a risky trader that makes good hits and suffers greater losses. Now, the good thing is that you can set alerts to inform you, even on your phone or tablet, but if you did not set up a stop loss, you must react manually and promptly. Caution is required for another thing, and that is the fact that anyone can be a signal provider, even you and even though you might be a beginner. That also means that there might be another “you” who isn’t sure what to do.

The main problem might be the fact that you can send signals without trading with your money. That means that someone can do crazy things without risking real money, so don’t fall for that. Pick those with good history (and long history)
You can benefit a lot from Zulu’s way, but you need to educate yourself, roll up your sleeves, and find a perfect match.
How much money should you invest?
Here are some quick tips. If you wish to follow several traders simultaneously, you should try to have about $600 for every mini lot open. See how that works with a demo account, which is a free trial.
It’s not actually that only the demo account is free, but everything else is as well. Of course, you need money to invest in, but Zulu won’t charge you any fees. You can see everything that goes on at your account, and at “settings,” you can set open lots, you can add new traders, or dismiss the existing ones.

Customer support
One of the best proofs that Zulutrade is not a scam is excellent 24 hours per day online chat support. You can call or send an email. There are several languages that you can contact the support team on. If you want to ask something simple, you can call, many reports show that someone always picks up the phone, and for email, it is regular – within 24 hours, you get your reply. If your more complex questions, maybe you can give more details in an email. Both have proven to be the best way to get things sorted out, not just with Zulu, but with every company; you can send an email and call.
If you are a signal provider, sometimes you can wait a couple of months for payment, but payment will come.

Open Zulutrade account and receive free forex and binary options signals



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