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Today, traders and investors have a wide option to choose from. Brokers are not limited to any region and can serve a wider diversity of clients. While this has made trading easier, there is also a risk factor involved. Everything happens online through trading platforms. Independent and retail traders don’t even meet their brokers in person. Then, how can you trust your broker with your money? Isn’t it better to trade with a broker who is in your state or whom you can see in person?

Well, the answers to these questions are subjective but one thing can be said with certainty, assurance in the trading market comes with regulations and not with whether the broker is working online and offline.

We cannot help you out with your local broker but we can introduce you to Directshares. It is an online broker that offers trading of a number of securities and instruments. Our Directshares review will help you to know if this broker can be trusted or not.

All You Need to Know About Directshares

Directshares is an online broker that works in alliance with the St. George bank of Australia which is a division of Westpac Banking Corporation. It was founded in 2007 and its head office is in Australia. It has a listed stock symbol that means you can legally and officially buy and sell stocks in the global exchange market via Directshares. It is under the direct regulations of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

With this broker, you can trade Forex, CFDs, and also do share dealing trading and spread betting. Directshares is considered to be a capable broker by many but we all know that one shoe doesn’t fit all. Is Directshares the broker that you are looking for? Let’s throw some light on everything that this broker offers:

1. It is a regulated broker

Regulated brokers are legit and your investments are safer with them. This is because they are instructed to keep their clients’ funds separately from the company funds. If for any reason, the broker becomes insolvent, your investment will remain safe. Another major benefit of working with a regulated broker is that they cannot fabricate market prices to trick their clients. Directshares is under the regulations of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). Hence, you can rest assured that your investment will remain safe.

2. It offers a wide choice of investments

Directshares is an extension of a regulated bank (St. George) it allows it to offer additional benefits like more choice of investments. With this broker, you can invest in Australian shares, exchange-traded funds, and international shares. This broker is listed in the global market exchange and can legally trade shares in the international markets.

3. It offers easy trading

Trading is seldom any trader or investor’s full-time job. They have to take out time from their schedule to trade. Directshares offers mobile and desktop apps to its clients to make trading on the go possible. It also has a number of tools and charting capabilities that can help you in forming a strategy without spending too much time.

4. It has an interactive trading platform

Most brokers offer MT4 and MT5 trading platforms but Directshares claims to offer an interactive trading platform that can make trading easy for its clients. You can find any stock or product by easily navigating through it. You can place both domestic and international trades through one platform. It has trading tools like sector analysis, morningstar research, alerts, and IPO center. Its pro version offers real-time streaming and customizable charts.

5. It has years of experience

Experience matters greatly when we are talking about online brokers. It allows them to understand every aspect of the market. Directshares has over 13 years of experience in the trading market. You can take advantage of its expertise.

6. Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is the amount that you keep with your broker as a guarantee. This is a compulsory sum and depends on the binary functions of the broker. Some brokers allow you to start trading with them with a minimum deposit of $1. At Directshares, you can open a trading account with a minimum deposit of $100.

7. Customer Support

One of the most important features that any online broker can have is round-the-clock customer support. When the broker is not available, customer care executives can take their place and guide you. Since most traders and brokers don’t live in the same time zone, it is crucial to have a good customer care system in place that can operate according to everyone’s time zone. Directshares offer 24/7 customer support to its client. This is one of its best qualities.

8. Commission and Charges

There are numerous charges involved in trading other than the general commission of the broker. Despite having years of experience, Directshares charges a standard commission. There is no fee on inactivity but you will have to pay a deposit and withdrawal fee.

How to Open an Account with Directshares

Opening an account with Directshares is very easy. If you want to open a standard account, you need a colored photocopy of your passport, a few passport-size photos, national identification like your diver’s license and the bank statement of your current or savings account for the past three months.

Once you have gathered all the documents, you have to submit these on Directshare’s e-portal along with your minimum deposit. You will be given the login details once your documents are verified.


Directshares has been providing trading services for over a decade. It has an international presence and a global clientele of over 10,000 traders. It is listed in the international stock exchange which gives it an edge over others. It is a regulated broker and offers customizable spreads to its clients. It has a good trading platform. They have almost everything that accounts for a perfect broker. However, we would like to reiterate that there is nothing like a perfect broker. Before you decide to go ahead with Directshares, do more research and talk to traders and investors who are associated with the company. This will help you greatly.



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