TrendSpider Review – Best Trading Strategy Tester in 2024!

The charting, warnings, and backtesting capabilities of TrendSpider’s technical analysis software are unparalleled. Popular analytical techniques like Fibonacci retracements are provided, while cutting-edge additions like raindrop charts are available.

What is TrendSpider?

TrendSpider represents an online platform for backtesting, chart analysis, strategy development, and fundamental and technical analysis that uses machine learning algorithms to detect trends. This platform demonstrates excellent visual chart presentations that traders can use to increase trading efficiency.

This review of TrendSpider will go through the software from start to finish, including its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the free trial and 10% off coupon for TrendSpider, you’ll get admittance to other exclusive TrenSpider deals. Let’s see whether TS ranks among the top stock screening tools.


TrendSpider may be used for investing, swing trading, and day trading as an automated technical analysis tool and a unique stock analysis software. In addition to tracking price changes and indications, it should assist you in recognizing and capitalizing on trends more quickly than the typical trader.

  • Established in 2016, Trendspider is known for its cutting-edge, adaptable merchandise. Emotions are removed from trading by using sophisticated algorithms.
  • The tens of thousands of users who have joined TrendSpider because agents created it for brokers attest to its quality.
  • You may visit any of their five locations (Chicago, Ukraine, Russia, Denver, or India) to contact them.
  • The foundation is fully automated and user-defined comprises technical analysis tools, including auto-generated trendlines, charts, indicators, and time-sensitive price alerts. Videos and detailed blog postings are used to teach traders.

trendspider testing strategy

Creating new features that benefit traders is how TrendSpider makes such impressive strides. The exclusive, more cutting-edge feature they’ve added recently is the Raindrop Chart. Meanwhile, U.S. stock, FX, and cryptocurrency exchanges are all supported by TrendSpider. Wow, that’s incredible, and then there are one-of-a-kind additions like

  • The ability to do instantaneous backtests
  • Recognition of Chart Patterns
  • Analysis of Trend Lines
  • Analysis over many periods
  • Alphatrends In all cases, the VWAP may be used to analyze graphs.

TrendSpider Features

There are things that TrendSpider has that no other program has. Their primary purpose is to supplement your regular manual labor in Technical Analysis. You may finish your sketches with the help of the algorithm, and it can inspire ideas you haven’t had yet.

Extraordinary Charts and Visual representations

Despite my familiarity with several basic research and technical analysis platforms, I keep coming back to TrendSpider because of the ease with which it allows me to view practical exploration-interconnected factors. Why? Because the charts you create using TrendSpider are stunning, you can perform much with them.

You may find and use candlestick charts, bar charts, line charts, Raindrop charts, Heikin Ashi charts, several tradeoff signs, form identification, ABCD patterns, a heat map, Fibonacci tools, earnings estimates, performance graphs, and some unique options visualization.

how to use trendspider indicators

Candlestick arrays are automatically shown on the screen, and all relevant technical indicators may be accessed with a single click. Automatic Fibonacci retracements and support/resistance lines may be drawn. U.S. shares and Exchange-traded funds, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency values are updated continuously. The subscription includes both delayed data indexes and end-of-day statistics for prospects.

how to use moving average

It takes a lot of time and effort to manually find the correct commentators for trend lines, but this process may be automated with the help of tools like automated trendline detection. If you enable the feature, TrendSpider will produce trendlines for you. Time-saving and accurate, automatic trendline drafting eliminates the need to draw them by hand.

Traders and investors often use the Fibonacci sequence developed by Leonardo Fibonacci, which includes automatic Fibonacci retracements. Sometimes, a correction lasts until it reaches 50 percent retracement before the inclination resumes. Another time-saving the TrendSpider procedures provides is the automated plotting of retracement lines.


The Trend Spider algorithm trades stocks based on statistics and specifics, allowing for automatic dynamic price alerts. Thus, you may utilize objective price levels instead of guessing and having your bias displayed on the chart. This is factual for the active charge notices as well. Notifications may be sent through email and text after a predetermined event, such as a specific value for a technical indicator or a certain price, has occurred.

Trading over several time frames requires specialized knowledge if each period is studied independently. By displaying indicator values from upper on lesser time-lapse and contrariwise, TrendSpider facilitates your work. The plotting stage TrendSpider systematizes Technical Breakdown for brokers using its features. Accelerating stock exploration and examination, it:

  • Trendlines are drawn.
  • Allows for Trend Line Analysis
  • The ability to identify candlestick patterns
  • Automatically computes and displays Fibonacci retracement levels and other technical indicators.
  • Above 40 candlestick forms are mathematically detected and highlighted.

What’s the plus side? With this automatic technical analysis program, you can trade without letting your emotions get in the way. There is no way to change the shape of a Doji. When something breaks, it breaks. But what exactly should we be focusing on? Speed.

Every successful trader understands that speed is essential for making money in the market. The variance between a successful chance and a squandered opportunity sometimes comes to fractions of a second.

Advanced Diagrams

In place of the traditional candlestick chart pattern, TrendSpider’s raindrop charts provide traders with a new point of view on market data.

Try this out for a different take on period examination than bar charts or candlestick charts by Bollinger Bands. Trend Spider now considers the price evolution and the VWAP in addition to the traditional Exposed, Extraordinary, Little, and Local prices.

You now have access to a volume profile and the standard information on the direction of price movement over a specified time frame (red candle, green candle, Doji). So what’s the plus side? Check out what happens between 11 and 11:30 in “F” above. A powerful green candle that dwindles around its height points out some promising information in the candlestick chart.

The volume outline of the era is also shown by the raindrops, which convey the same tale. As you can see, the climax of the period was marked by intense loudness. A bullish indicator that sends indicators in a manner distinct from candlesticks, this phenomenon is a welcome deviation from the norm.

Price Behavior Projection

The new tool, Price Behavior Projection, allows traders to forecast forex prices using AI technology.

trend behaivor - trendspider price prediction tool

Opportunities for a Price Breakout, Touch and Bounce, or Reversal

All sustained marketplaces may use TrendSpider’s automatic breakout identification and notifications. That way, you can recognize a breakthrough in a security’s price.

For novices, I recommend trying out a few different tradeoff indications and putting them through their paces using the built-in backtesting module, both of which take advantage of the research breakthroughs that are so simple to put into practice. Moreover, a smooth, attentive scheme that you may personalize is included in the watchlist features. Options for identifying the beginning of an absconding, bounce, or price touch are on the table.

TrendSpider Heatmap

In addition, the unique heatmap provides further insight. Specifically, the application has the edge over competing programs since it color-codes the support and opposition in the order book, both in the present and past.

With the Trendspider platform’s built-in Heatmaps, you can add exciting visuals to your charts. The interface is simple and easy, as you’ll see below!
First step: Click on “Heatmaps” from the top menu bar – this will activate them; next, click the configure type button (3 times) at the bottom right corner of the screen for specific options available when setting up map types, such as Red Color Codes or Blue High/ low.

See screenshot below:

trendspider heatmap

TrendSpider: An Automatic Method for Analyzing Trendlines

In cooperation, persistent and transient trends may be ranked using TrendSpider. The graphic now includes trendlines that are drawn automatically. In this respect, there are a lot of customizable options. There is a low learning curve for using this tool, and dynamic notifications are also an option.

Trendspider Multi Time-Frame Exploration

This is quite nice, honestly. With multi-timeframe inquiry, you may overlay:

  • Cross-time-frame candlestick patterns.
  • Indicator values
  • Trendlines

Do you have a preference for a particular formation made with candlesticks? Do you want a program to draw trend lines for you automatically? Are you interested in using elementary technical analysis in your price charting? The magic behind this is network-centered software. Let’s continue through the Trend Spider evaluation by examining the customization choices and strategy backtesting.

Futures and Options Trading using TrendSpider

TrendSpider introduced the new Options Flow function in 2022. TrendSpider has now included a real-time Options Flow scanner after much user demand. Since TrendSpider procedures, it has been able to monitor abnormal options flow.

Options sweeps and block trades are examples of substantial directional options trading that are monitored. These trades might indicate a significant directional wager after organized stockholders. The widget neatly displays the results, including the deal size, expiry date, and special price.

By visually representing the current options trading activity, the odd options scatterplot chart aids in detecting out-of-the-ordinary options transactions. This setup is perfect for keeping tabs on out-of-the-ordinary investments and following the money.

Using TrendSpider to Perform Historical Analysis of Your Strategies

The backtesting architecture in TrendSpider is a fascinating tool. One-minute, daily, and monthly charts are available for historical testing. It’s possible to do so in various financial marketplaces and with multiple types of financial assets.

Remember that it can only do the bare minimum of functions. NinjaTrader has more sophisticated backtesting options. However, NinjaTrader requires C# programming.

Below is presented Trendspider backtesting option:

trendspider backtesting screenshot

Trade Ideas also allows you to backtest dealing methods without knowing how to code rapidly. The backtesting engine on Trade Ideas is lightning-quick and works with tick data, unlike many other programs I’ve used.

Whatever the case, adding a backtesting implement increases the fun factor of TrendSpider. It’s standard on every plan. However, only ten monthly tests are available in the TrendsSpider Average program. In the subsequent weeks, I want to do more thorough testing of this function, after which I will revise my assessment of TrendSpider.


Features Unique to TrendSpider

  • Fast and reliable performance suitable for business use; advanced charting capabilities
  • Analysis rules may be modified to fit your trading strategy.
  • You may create an innovative and personalized watchlist to ensure you by no means oversight a trade opportunity.
  • Different graphic styles and layouts may be applied to the user interface.
  • Connect real-time alerts through email and text messages.
  • Extremely adaptable graphs and adjustments
  • Capabilities to view data across many time scales
  • Trend strokes, resistance, and support, as well as technical patterns, in technical analysis.
  • Quiet times when you don’t need to be troubled by stock price changes

Sensitivity may be adjusted for trend line and sign signals using separate filters and data collections in the charting platform. A cross of moving averages or other events detected using technical analysis might generate an alarm.

If you want to be notified when the price of an asset reaches a certain threshold relative to an indication you’ve chosen, you may do so in this section. It’s helpful since, in practice, trendlines seldom look like they do in theory. Graphic arrays are close to the pattern you’re looking for but don’t match it exactly.

The Benefits of Using TrendSpider

With its enhanced alerts, multi-timeframe analysis, and charts, TrendSpider is technical analysis charting software designed to assist traders in succeeding in the market. Its primary use is in technical studies of equities using various scan techniques.

Since TrendSpider is hosted on the internet, you can use it regardless of where you happen. A network-centered stage often has slower speeds than software solutions, which is a drawback.

One such helpful tool is Trade Notions, a stock screening tool. I can quickly and easily monitor the fair for any setup or pattern I choose using Trade Ideas. Trading software may be used either online or downloaded onto a local computer. Trade Ideas includes a virtual trading account for practice. There are zero hazards while making a trade.

This is because the software loads much more quickly, and those extra few milliseconds can add to scanner alerts for day traders. TrendSpider is great for strike brokers, but most day traders prefer Trade Ideas. What good is a review if it doesn’t factor in financial considerations? The TrendSpider subscription prices are reasonable in light of the features offered.

How Much is TrendSpider Premium and Elite Version?

TrendSpider, one of the few tremendous analytic tools, has rethought its price structure entirely. When it comes to marketplaces, you used to have to choose carefully. There is now a more streamlined, straightforward price system with fewer alternatives.

trendspider platform price

There are monthly and yearly plans available. Premium is $39/per month, Elite is $79, and Progressive is $129/. Subscribe monthly, and you’ll pay more than if you paid annually.

Trendspider cost for yearly membership is:

  • Premium Version, $297
  • Elite is $585/year and
  • The price of advanced membership is $873/year.

Let’s continue our TrendSpider review by checking out their discounts and special offers.

Cost-Free Demo | TrendSpider Discount Code

I politely requested a TrendSpider discount code for anybody who stumbles across this review. Thank goodness they granted my wish. For a specific time, you may get 10% off your purchase right now by clicking here and using the promo code 10TS in the “payment details” section of the checkout page.

Check out Trendspider with no cost.

If you’re interested, you can try TrendSpider free for a week. I have no idea how long this offer will last, but you can try TrendSpider risk-free for a week. Subscriptions may be canceled at any moment within the first week.

You get access to the complete product and may evaluate its viability in the market as it exists. And accomplish it all with little direct financial investment. TrendSpider is a sophisticated trading tool with many valuable features at a price that won’t break the bank.

Remember that you will be charged for the remainder of your selected subscription after the first seven days.

An Overview of the TrendSpider Checklist

  • TrendSpider was established in 2016
  • Five thousand-plus people are part of this group.
  • The company is located at 2028 E. Ben White Blvd. #240-2010 in Austin, TX 78741.
  • The company offers a free seven-day trial of its three subscription options.
  • TrendSpider’s Trading Blog, YouTube Channel, and Twitter Feed are free resources.
  • Discount vouchers: save 10% on your first year of a TrendSpider membership when paying in full. You may save an extra 15% now with my TrendSpider discount code TS10 (see the end of the post).

Who Benefits Most From Using TrendSpider?

TrendSpider is a trading tool that provides real-time statistics and signals. Programmed plotting and technical signs like exponential means help access data—a simple price action alert system.

The program’s algorithms handle everything in fully automated mode. While the app improves your skills in the context, you have complete control. TrendSpider works normally.

Even entirely programmed stock trading prerequisites a broker at the computer when an observant emanates, which is why charting tools where you can insert your trendlines and indicators are so valuable. Black box trading is discouraged. Automatic Trendline, Fibonacci, and candlestick credentials save time. This matches user thoughts on TrendSpider.

Extensive Analysis of TrendSpider Results

TrendSpider is an excellent analysis program and charting platform with cutting-edge tools and precise data. You may have market-savvy features like automatic trendlines applied for a modest charge.

That’s fantastic news for the trading community and the market for trading tools. When there is greater competition, traders and investors benefit. Unlike Trade Ideas, the industry leader in day trading stock screening, their combination of fair intellect-centered procedures and machine learning is not as robust.

Furthermore, they do not utilize the raw data from Nasdaq and NYSE. But that’s fine for those who want an efficient platform for researching and investing in the share market. Traders looking to automate their day-to-day operations may want to look at Trade Ideas.

TrendSpider Advantages

  • Features approximately 40 different candlestick patterns on price charts
  • Notifications of fluctuating market prices,
  • Automatic price-gap identification,
  • In addition to spotting complex Fibonacci retracements,
  • Preventive measures,
  • Moving averages and other technical indicators.

TrendSpider Disadvantages

TrendSpider does not offer enough fundamental analysis information. Besides news and seasonality, traders can not develop strategies using fundamental data. For example, you can not see the interest rate, GDP, etc. More economic data can help to make this platform extraordinary.

Additionally, there is no help for horizontal trendlines (TrendSpider finally makes the right move). Draw a trendline by either using the drop-down menu or the shortcut Alt+H.

Computerized Graphing

In a nutshell, TrendSpider is a cutting-edge, automated charting application. If you often trade throughout the day, you may want to upgrade to a more robust and costlier platform. While this in no way implies that TrendSpider is sluggish, it does highlight the fact that there may be times when having access to data some milliseconds sooner might be advantageous.

7-Day Test

Practice the trial to try TrendSpider. Trial periods inspire sincerity and trust. Data sources, trading systems, and every feature during the trial period are tested.

Compound exploration, machine learning, multiple trendlines, and candlestick array identification simplify TrendSpider. You require a dealing stage to conduct transactions without a brokerage link.

Once you start, you’ll learn quickly. Once you’ve cast off the plotting program a few times, trendlines, automatic charting, and scanning are straightforward.

Alternatives and Community

This app lets you quickly examine your favorite shares and Exchange-traded funds. Users adore their revolutionary analyzing tool. You’ll love the active community, assistance, and advice as a consumer.

TrendSpider surpasses other graphing applications. Traders and investors may anticipate a quick backtesting device, innovative plotting capabilities, multi-timeframe exploration, candlestick arrays, and automatic alerts.

What is TrendSpider’s price?

TrendSpider has three prices. Premium is $39/month, Elite is $79/month, and Advanced is $129 per month. Compared to monthly pricing, yearly memberships save 16%.

TrendSpider discount coupon code

To get a Trendspider discount, please use this button below and then type the discount coupon: 10TS.



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