Best Forex Forecast Websites in 2023!

Forex trading is a big business. It has a large market of websites, but how do you know which one will be best for you? I took some time and gathered plenty of research on the top websites that provide the best Forex information and predict future prices on the forex and stocks market.

Forex prediction websites are sites where traders or machine learning algorithms predict future currency pairs’ prices. Traders or algorithms use current market data, indicators, previous price history, market sentiment, and fundamental analysis to predict a future price.

The best forex forecast websites are:

  • TrendSpider
  • Eidosearch
  • Dailyfx
  • Recognia and Trading Central
  • Autochartlist
  • FinBrain.Tech

What is the best forex prediction app?

The forex, stocks, commodities prediction site, and online platform are Trendspider, based on features, visual representation, and price. Trendspider app and platform allow traders to analyze the market, detect possible trends, and develop strategies for only a $33 monthly price.



In our Trendpsider review, we saw that this online platform for backtesting, chart analysis, strategy development, and fundamental and technical analysis uses machine learning algorithms to detect trends.

However, Trendspider has excellent trend behavior detecting tools excellent for future possible trend prediction.

trend behaivor - trendspider price prediction tool

Price Behavior Projection is a new tool that gives AI power to forex price forecasts. Using this tool, traders can see high possible scenarios.


TrendSpider is a powerful new technical analysis tool with many features and capabilities. Powered by artificial intelligence, TrendSpider provides traders with automated alerts, personalized recommendations, and customized settings. While prediction software can be expensive (several thousand dollars per month), the trendspider Premium package costs only  $33.With its focus on customization and personalization, TrendSpider is sure to become a mainstay in the world of technical analysis.

trendspider platform price


DailyFX Analyst picks

Daily FX is the most popular place for free market research and news sources. DailyFX is gaining a lot of popularity among traders due to offering various Forex articles, informative and timely newsfeeds that have informed you of recent developments within the Forex market, and fundamental and technical analysis. I reviewed DailyFX, and below are all the things you want. If you are a less experienced trader, DailyFX can give you live trading rooms that allow you to watch the market is analyzed by experts, as well as having access to daily webinars that will cover a variety of subjects that range from strategy sessions, educational webinars to fundamental and technical forecasts and even Q & A sessions that will help to make your experience better.

DailyFx analyst picks are pages where traders create a weekly forecast. They have excellent accuracy. 

Another reason this website is so famous for all traders is that it can address various needs of fundamental and technical traders. The expert team at DailyFX is big into social media, and their presence on social media is because of their experience levels. Your experience level does not matter; DailyFX can give you information and education that will exceed your needs and help you own the Forex market. I like that they have 24/7 coverage for all the extensive trading sessions.

DailyFX has an extensive product that can be found on the site for experience-enhancing. All of this can help you focus all of your attention on all the areas you are interested in. For instance, if you are a technical trader, you can entirely bypass the section for fundamental trading, which allows you to pay attention to the area for technical analysis.
The last feature I found to be unique about DailyFX was that it could provide a way to see how other people are positioned within the markets. The Speculative Sentiment Index lets you look into how a trader may feel regarding specific pairs within the Forex market.

Eido Search

Eido Search is a great search engine that can help financial professionals analyze the market with time-series pattern samples. Examples are proprietary factors, housing starts, interest rates, and dynamic securities prices. The patterns are complex to describe, yet the patterns can quickly look for any related occurrences within an extensive database when used with content-based searches. Then it will test your investment hypotheses and strategic methods in these situations.

The Eido search will utilize a technology that recognizes patterns showing how investors may respond as their behavior is studied through previous trading and market environments. All of this is done without you having to code one line. For instance, if you take the last three months of the Dollar Yen price patterns, it is possible to identify instances of the pattern that is most similar throughout history and capture how the investors traded within a week and the project return results. All of this can be done using Eido Search, and it is done within seconds.
Eido Search will let you search and understand asset class links. When you go a step further with that example of the Dollar Yen, you can look at recent prices of crude oil or even U.S. Treasury rates and then compare them to similar patterns throughout history. You can then see how it was traded in similar past markets. However, the studies are common; thus, the ability to complete them with speed and statistical information provides a lot of value for a user.

Eido Search uses a method to scale down and analyze thousands of portfolio stocks and watch lists. It can even help you understand and predict behaviors of futures, currencies, and even macro and micro-economic time series. Meanwhile, the main benefit of using this search is allowing you to generate increased revenue through investments by considerably growing numerous tested investment hypotheses while improving research quality.
Trading Central
If you want the best research possible, then Trading Central is a great place. It is the most prominent place to get any investment research. The technical strategies include fixed income, commodities, forex, index, and equity markets. There are well over 200 financial institutions in 45 different countries and an unmeasurable number of traders that utilize Trading Central to help manage risks and locate original investment opportunities.

Recognia and Trading Central

Recognia is a big deal for those looking for automated quantitative analysis and solutions for engagement for online retail institutions and brokers. They have over 20 million traders and investors.

They offer a product suite that can increase user engagement by providing action-oriented and dynamic training ideas that come with daily updates on over 800,000 optional contracts and 72,000 instruments for investments. This site can analyze 85 exchanges worldwide in multiple languages and currencies, including fundamental and technical research on commodities, options, Forex, indices, ETFs, and equities.


Suppose you are looking for an analytical tool that can provide a way to automatically scan the market and can cover the whole spectrum of assets that are traded within the financial market, such as futures, indices, commodities, currency pairs, stocks, etc. In that case, Autochartist is what you need. This software will allow you to become successful and can cater to all the needs of someone in the financial market.

Finbrain. tech

Finbrain. Tech uses advanced Deep Learning algorithms that analyze historical pricing data, technical indicators, and market sentiment to predict future prices.S&P500; P500, NASDAQ, NYSE, Crypto Currencies, Foreign Currencies, DOW30, ETFs, Commodities, UK FTSE 100, Germany DAX, Canada TSX, HK Hang Seng, and Australia ASX are assets where traders can get predictions.




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