Symbol Changer Indicator for MT4

Multi-currency pairs trading allows traders to diversify their portfolios by simultaneously engaging in transactions across different currency pairs. This strategy offers the potential for higher returns and spreads risks across various markets. In such a dynamic trading environment, swiftly switching from one chart to another becomes crucial. Quick transitions between charts enable traders to make timely decisions, capitalize on market movements, and manage multiple trades efficiently.

What is Symbol Changer Indicator for MT4?

Symbol changer MT4 indicator is a reliable tool that helps you switch and reflect your most desired currency pair chart and their time frames. Forex traders can benefit from this as they see the entire chart directly with a click on any currently open graph. This MT4 indicator is an essential tool for traders most likely to take a top-down approach.


Download Symbol Changer Indicator for MT4 :
Download Symbol Changer Indicator

symbol changer on mt4

  • A tool to easily switch and display desired currency pair charts and time frames.
  • It is helpful for forex traders to view any chart directly with just a click.
  • This is essential for those adopting a top-down approach to trading.

But before we talk about this indicator, let us define important thing:

How to add a symbol in MT4?

To add a symbol in MT4, you need to go to View and choose Symbols. Here you can select wished symbols and press “Show.”


Usage of symbol changer indicator

This indicator displays all the crucial information related to the trading tools present in the watch window of the market. The pair of currencies is shown as a button on the price chart. In the MT4, your time frames will be displayed in the form of a button.

When you select a currency pair, the current window will display it as your choice. This is a time-saving tool for forex traders because they don’t need to open multiple windows to check charts. Hence enabling them to shift their focus on the trading strategy. 

Proficient forex traders often use top-down technical analysis techniques to find the direction of the trend. In essence, traders assess the trading strategy from a higher time frame chart and go down to the lower time frame chart. This is because the higher time frame charts are an essential trading component. They also reflect the sustaining direction of a more significant market trend.

When a trader is engaging in trend trading, they will start their day by taking a quick look at the chart to see the ongoing trend in the market. Once they establish the direction of the movement, an H4 chart will appear to validate the trend’s direction. After that, it will move down to the H1 chart. Here, the symbol changer lets the trader access charts without opening too many chart windows.

This indicator is free to download and can be applied to any time frame chart to keep an eye on their desired chart. Hence, it lets you trade without any hassle and gives more clarity.


The symbol indicator for MT4 is operable for all kinds of time frames. Moreover, it is accessible to download. It makes your trading process flawless by enabling you to shift effortlessly from one frame chart to another.

The Symbol Changer MT4 indicator is a pivotal tool, streamlining the transition process between different currency pair charts and time frames. Its intuitive design, which allows forex traders to view a complete chart with just a single click, enhances efficiency and decision-making speed. Especially for traders utilizing a top-down approach, this indicator proves indispensable in their daily trading routine.



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