MBFX Timing Indicator – Free download MT4 Indicator

Our programmer recently found an MBFX timing indicator source file on the internet and edited one version.
In this new version, we added a trend dashboard in the left-up corner. This part of the indicator uses several moving averages to evaluate trends for intraday, two-day, and weekly trends.

Below you can see the indicator on the GBPUSd chart.

MBFX timing indicator on GBPUSD chart

Please download the indicator below:
MBFX timing indicator free download

MBFX Timing Indicator shows micro trends. The green color represents a bullish trend, the orange color represents a bearish trend, and the yellow color is a transitional period.

The MBFX Timing Indicator is a powerful and helpful tool in MetaTrader that allows traders to gain insight into the timing of their trades and make better-informed decisions. This indicator is based on the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), which tracks the difference between two moving averages. Combining this information with oscillator signals, the MBFX Timing Indicator helps traders determine when to enter or exit a trade.

The MBFX Timing Indicator works by displaying multiple time frames on one chart. This allows traders to see a currency pair’s short-term and long-term trends at once. By doing so, they can quickly identify their trades’ potential entry and exit points. In addition, this indicator also shows whether there are any divergence points between the two timeframes; this indicates when there may be an opportunity to enter or exit a trade before it reaches its target level.

For instance, momentum has shifted upwards if the MACD line is below zero but crosses above it during a specific period. It could be an excellent entry point for a particular trade. Similarly, if the MACD line is above zero but then crosses below it during a specific period, this may indicate that momentum has shifted downwards and could be an excellent exit point for a particular trade. The MBFX Timing Indicator can help traders analyze these signals more effectively and make faster trading decisions.

The MBFX Timing Indicator also provides traders with additional visual cues such as trend lines, arrows, price labels, and trendy bars that help traders recognize potential trading opportunities more quickly and accurately. Furthermore, the indicator includes several customizable parameters that allow users to customize it according to their preferences; this includes setting up alerts for significant price changes or specific period lengths for displaying different data types on the chart. This helps ensure that all relevant data is visible on one chart, giving traders maximum control over their trades while providing them with reliable information on which to base their decisions.

Overall, the MBFX Timing Indicator provides users with invaluable insights into market trends to make better-informed trading decisions while minimizing risk levels in MetaTrader 4 (MT4). With its combination of graphical elements such as arrows and trend lines along with customizable parameters like alerts and time frame length adjustments, it is a handy tool that can help all types of forex traders improve their trading performance in today’s markets.

This indicator can be combined with the Bollinger Bands indicator or any other band indicator.

MBFX Possible strategy :

  • BUY if the Intraday trend is bullish, AND B. Band indicator is in bullish mode (middle line rising), AND last hour close has green color on MBFX Timing Indicator.
  • Sell if the Intraday trend is bearish, AND B. Band indicator is in bearish mode (middle line falling), AND last hour close has orange color on MBFX Timing Indicator.

Close trade if the intraday trend change.



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