How to Fix Invalid Account MT4 problem?

Though forex traders can open several accounts to make forex trading convenient, sometimes you cannot log in to your MT4 account as it shows an MT4 INVALID ACCOUNT error.

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MT4 invalid account error occurs when a trader can not log in to the Metatrader platform because of wrong login credentials (incorrect username, password, or server name), non-activated account, or closure of CFD and Forex due to holiday time (the market is closed during weekends or holidays).

Metatrader 4 invalid account


Invalid account mt4 error can be easily fixed if the trader types proper login credentials during trading sessions (when the market is not closed) and checks if his account is enabled (sometimes the account is not activated). The invalid account mt4 app problem can be fixed in the same way as on the desktop.

There can be several reasons for the invalidity of your MT4 account.

CFD and Forex’s closure can be due on Saturday, Sunday, or any other standard holiday, as no trading is done these days. So you may be unable to log in to your MT4 account during these days as your account cannot be connected in the off-hours of the market.

The “MT4 Invalid Account” error is a common issue traders encounter when logging into the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. This error prevents access to the platform, hindering trading activities. There are several reasons why this error may occur, and understanding them can help in troubleshooting and resolving the issue. Here’s a detailed explanation of the leading causes:

1. Incorrect Login Credentials

  • Username or Password Error: The most common reason for an “Invalid Account” error is entering the wrong username or password. It’s crucial to check for typos, ensure the caps lock is off, and confirm that the correct case sensitivity is used, as login credentials are case-sensitive.
  • Server Name Error: Selecting the wrong server can also cause this error. MT4 platforms often have multiple servers for demo and live accounts, and choosing the incorrect one can result in login failure. Ensure you’re selecting the server associated with your account type.

2. Non-Activated Account

  • Account Not Yet Activated: If you’ve recently opened an account, it may not be activated. Brokers often require verification of personal information and compliance documents before activating an account. If the account is not yet approved or activated, you won’t be able to log in.
  • Pending Deposits: Some brokers may require a minimum deposit to activate the account. If the deposit has not been processed or is pending, this could temporarily restrict access.

3. Account Closure or Suspension

  • Violation of Terms: Violation of the broker’s terms and conditions can lead to account suspension or closure. This may include trading practices that are against the broker’s policies.
  • Inactivity: Some brokers deactivate accounts due to inactivity over a certain period. You may need to contact the broker to reactivate the account.

4. Market Closure

  • Weekends or Public Holidays: The Forex market operates 24/5, closing over the weekend and on major public holidays. During these times, trading is impossible, and some brokers may also limit platform access.
  • CFD Market Hours: For CFDs (Contracts for Difference), trading hours can vary based on the underlying asset’s market hours. Access issues may arise outside these trading hours.


Reason 1: The server number is wrong

While opening the MT4 account, a Server Number was sent to you by email. You cannot log in to your account if your selected server number is dissimilar to the one you registered for. You can log in to your account by selecting the number of servers you registered while starting the trading account.

In this case, please read our article about Common errors on MT4.

Reason 2: – Non-activated account

You must upload a few documents to your broker to identify and activate your account to trade and withdraw. Your account will not be activated if you have not uploaded these documents. You cannot use it, and it will be shown as an MT4 invalid account.

Reason 3: Use of old app of MT4 for logging in

Brokers regularly upgrade the apps of MT4. Using old apps for trading and withdrawals is invalid, as information about upgrading the app is emailed to all subscribers. So, even using an old app, it will show an invalid account.

Reason 4: Use of the wrong password

You might have set a password while opening your MT4 account with your broker.

It will show the MT4 invalid account if you do not remember your password while logging in. You can temporarily call your broker for a temporary password to operate your account.

Reason 5: The account is not used for up to 90 days

If you do not use your MT4 account for up to 90 days, your broker will automatically block it even without noticing.

You cannot log in to your MT4 account if it has zero balance during blocking. In such a condition, you must open another account to start trading again. But if there is some balance in the account, you will have to pay monthly hibernation charges of $5 to reopen the account. Such situations can be avoided by making small transactions regularly.

MT5 Invalid account

MT5 invalid account error means that you have either the wrong password or server IP address or are using an old MT5 app. Usually, the most common error is an incorrect username or password.

The MT4 demo account is not working.

Your actual or demo account can be invalid if you do not trade for some time. For example, most brokers will archive your live or demo account if you do not trade for over 90 days. Some brokers will archive your demo account after 30 days.

In that case, you will see:

“Your mt4 account has been either disabled or inactive. Contact support for more details.”

If you see MT4 INVALID ACCOUNT for not using it for up to 90 days, your demo account will be locked automatically. Once it is blocked, you cannot reopen a demo account. You will have to register for another demo account in such cases.


Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Double-Check Credentials: Verify your username, password, and server selection. Ensure there are no typos and that the caps lock is off.
  2. Check Account Activation Status: If you suspect your account is not activated, contact your broker’s support for confirmation and guidance.
  3. Review Broker Policies: Ensure you haven’t violated any terms that could lead to account suspension. If you suspect this, contact support for clarification.
  4. Market Hours: Be aware of the trading hours for Forex and CFD markets. Attempting to log in outside these hours might not be possible, especially for specific trading actions.

In summary, the “MT4 Invalid Account” error can usually be resolved by checking login details, confirming account activation and compliance with broker policies, and being mindful of market operating hours. If the issue persists, reaching out to the broker’s customer support is the best course of action for a resolution.




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