How to Buy Cryptocurrency? – How to Become a Crypto Trader?

While the stock market is overbought, traders trade commodities and cryptocurrencies because these markets are in a strongly rising trend, and there is a lot of room for higher price levels. In addition, higher inflation points to investing in assets such as bitcoin, metals, and various commodities.

How to buy Cryptocurrency?

To buy cryptocurrency, you can use crypto ATMs, crypto vouchers, crypto exchange websites, or regulated trading brokers. If you want to buy and hold cryptocurrencies,  use crypto exchange websites such as Coinbase. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, use CFD brokers such as Avatrade or regulated brokers.

Trade Crypto

Although due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it could be assumed that buying bitcoin is a relatively simple procedure until recently, it was not like that at all. However, the possibilities are slowly increasing, so today you can choose the way of shopping by your habits. Moreover, some currently available options do not even require internet access.

  •  Buying crypto at ATMs

As its popularity grows, ATMs can be expected to become the main way to buy bitcoin. If you want to buy bitcoins without fear of data misuse, you can do it at many ATMs worldwide. However, depending on the investment, the two to eight percent commission you have to pay compared to the standard price can make you think twice before buying bitcoin at an ATM. By simply scanning the QR code for the mobile wallet after depositing the money in the ATM, you will receive a confirmation with codes and instructions on transferring bitcoin to the wallet. The first was set up in Belgrade in 2018, on King Milan Street. You can find nearby ATMs using the service.

  • Purchase of crypto vouchers

Vouchers are another easy way to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By purchasing a voucher, you achieve a certain value in cryptocurrency. Some exchange offices accept vouchers, so by creating an account on one of them, you can use the code to convert the voucher into bitcoin. In addition, you can find many services on the Internet that sell vouchers on favorable terms. Buying cryptocurrencies this way can save you money compared to other acquisition methods. In addition, vouchers are a good way to keep your bitcoins.

  • Buying crypto at an exchange office

Exchange offices are the third way to buy bitcoin. The advantage of buying in an exchange office is the choice of trade options. Different types of exchange offices will satisfy different types of clients. If you need an advanced platform for constant trade, you will find many solutions on the Internet. On the other hand, those interested in simplified quick one-time purchases also have a handful of options available. These exchange platforms can be distinguished by various criteria: security levels, payment options, the upper limit for purchases, fees, etc. In terms of access, most exchange offices can be accessed via portable and desktop devices, making shopping much easier. The main problem with buying in exchange offices is the bureaucratic process that involves sharing a large amount of information about yourself as a customer. The state regulates the operation of exchange offices. In addition to a lot of personal data, they will usually ask the client to link their bank account with the account in the exchange office. Some famous exchange offices are Bitfinex, BitFlyer, BitStamp, Kraken, Coinbase, Gemini, and itBit. It is important to know that buying and exchanging are not the only services that exchange offices provide. You can also open a wallet through them. Although this option may seem convenient initially because it shortens the process, it carries many risks. Hackers often target exchange offices because the level of protection they provide cannot be compared to banking.

  • Buying crypto without intermediaries

For all who do not want to share information about themselves, direct purchase (“peer-to-peer”) can be a solution. Where to find a person to cooperate with? LocalBitcoins is one of the sites dedicated to this type of transaction. Such transactions take place in public places today. Another way is to gather the bitcoin community, where currencies can usually be traded in addition to the exchange of knowledge. Be careful of indirect purchases. As the number of fraudsters in cryptocurrency trading has increased, many precautions should be taken. If you do not want to meet with the other party, you can do the buying process online, but the risk of fraud increases. Sellers generally prefer non-refundable payments due to potential losses due to changes in bitcoin price, which increases your risk.

Bitcoin Atm vs. Coinbase

Bitcoin ATM provides a higher anonymous transaction-level than Coinbase because users use cash and left minimum personal information. Bitcoin ATM is much faster than Coinbase online crypto exchange. However, Bitcoin ATMs is insufficiently distributed globally, so Coinbase and online exchanger are more easily accessible than Bitcoin ATMs.

How to become a crypto trader?

To become a crypto trader, you can use Crypto exchange portals, stocks brokers, or CFD brokers. The best solution is to use CFD brokers because you do not need a large capital, trade opening and closing are immediate without commission, and you can withdraw money instantly on the same day.

As a trader, you want to make a fast deposit, fast withdrawal, exit a trade fast, and enter into a trade fast. Because of that, CFD brokers are the best. However, if you want to make an investment and to hold years, bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency in that case.

Do you need a license to trade bitcoin?

No, you do not need a license to trade bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. In addition, if you manage any asset (stocks, forex, crypto) using your own money, you do not need any license. However, if you trade assets as a trader in a financial company, you will need a license such as a FINRA license.

Please remember, if you decide to trade cryptocurrency using your own money at a preferable broker, the standard procedure is to identify yourself. In this case, you need to provide documents because regulated brokers need to identify traders.

Legitimate Bitcoin investment sites

To trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, traders can use regulated forex, stocks, and crypto exchange websites. Legitimate Bitcoin investment sites are Coinbase, eToro, Avatrade, Robinhood, Coinmama, Block-fi, Bisq.


Can you day trade crypto on Coinbase?

Yes, you can trade cryptocurrencies on Coinbase as a day trader because there is no pattern day rule (PDT ) for cryptocurrency trading. In addition, Coinbase offers Coinbase Pro, where crypto traders can trade cryptocurrencies without trading restrictions with lower fees.

In July 2011, Brian Armstrong looked up and made this website online stockbrokers; later on, in 2012, Fred Ehrsam, co-founder, entered this website. Coinbase is an exclusive place to invest in bitcoin; if you are new in the world of cryptocurrency and don’t have enough knowledge to invest in the stocks, Coinbase offers you the best profit generating stocks at a very reasonable fee. There are 43 million verified users of this website because of having more and more popular currencies. Basically, their fee applies when you made up a transaction in their stocks. They deduct 0.05% of the transaction that you are making up; some users might upgrade to Coinbase pro due to this fee structure and design their own price models in the upgraded version of this website.

Coinbase is very popular because of the security vault system that they have on their website, and side by side, they have an offline vault system for their client’s assets. People having debit cards often don’t apply to this website because Coinbase charges higher fees on debit cardholders. Coinbase has never been hacked before due to its high-security system, but as per sources know, some of the user accounts had been takedown by the hackers. Still, the management of Coinbase easily recovered them.

A user can easily change his buy/sell limit by verifying his account, addressing all personnel details, and finally giving his payment methods in Coinbase. Hence he/she can change his limits manually. It will normally take 5 to 7 working days to change your limit; you can sign up for level 3 by giving your personnel identification document and sending messages on the blockchain to get level 3.

IF you are an individual trader, we suggest you trade on Coinbase Pro because of the lower fees.

Coinbase Pro vs. Coinbase Prime

Coinbase Pro is a crypto trading platform for individual traders separate from Coinbase, while Coinbase Prime is a crypto trading platform for institutions, assets managers, and banks. Coinbase Prime is for registered companies and builds for corporate levels.

It is totally safe to give up your ids in Coinbase because governments have allowed you to show up identification to invest in cryptocurrencies; you can also protect your account by generating a stronger password and sharing those details that only know because whenever your account gets disabled, Coinbase asks for that details that you only know about to get back your account.

Trade crypto on Robinhood

Vladimir Tenev and Bayju Bhatt designed this website in 2013 by showing their exclusive skills in the world of Crypto. Basically, robin hood is an American-based, financially served company; they have been registered with the U.S security and Exchange Commission. They have only one way to earn by charging higher interest on public investment plans. Robinhood is the only website that offers you commission-free trades on bitcoin only but charges some fee on the other currencies; on the other hand, you pay a 0.05 percent fee on investing in the other currencies but on robin hood, you can invest freely in the bitcoin and can get more and more profit.

Basically, robin hood gives the top-up bonus to those who are totally new to bitcoin, which encourages them to invest more in this scheme. Still, robin hood offers you only short-listed currencies, and you cannot withdraw bitcoin money in your crypto wallet, which is a bigger withdrawal from this website. Furthermore, a user can is limited to only 3 trades on a 5-day training period unless they have a $25000 portfolio or a gold account on the previous end day. In five states, including California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire, customers can now trade cryptocurrency through Robinhood, the stock trading app for millennials. The announcement was made last week in a blog post by the San Francisco-based business.

It also announced a new feature called Robinhood Feed, which allows users of the app to keep up with cryptocurrency news and address price fluctuations. The functionality is only available to a limited number of users, and Robinhood intends to evolve its feed in response to user comments and reviews. Typical cryptocurrency trading sites have clumsy interfaces and unreliable trading processes. Users, for example, are expected to produce several documents for account validation, which can take several days. In addition, they are expected to switch between different cryptocurrencies when trading. Robinhood can simplify the interface and systems for trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading is plagued by inefficiency and uncertainty, even though its volumes have skyrocketed.

Trade crypto on eToro

For more than a decade, eToro has been a leader in the global Fintech movement. It is the world’s largest social trading network, with tens of thousands of active users and various innovative exchange and investment tools. The cryptocurrency exchange eToro, a blockchain affiliate of international investment company eToro, has opened. This safe and well-managed trading platform provides a wide range of crypto assets and a reliable coin series. Etoro is normally the best website for people who just have stepped into the stock market because they have a brief tutorial on investing. On the other hand, Etoro could be perfect for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and, side by side, want to learn about the ecosystem of these currencies. Etoro directly hits beginners by giving up the free accounts with having $100,000 virtual money in it just for learning and gaining experience and then signing up to a professional account. Those new to bitcoin will absolutely like the simple platform and the easiest Copy Trader system that only allows you to rehearse trades from different people on the rostrum. There is completely no risk on this website, and you can learn first before entering the world of cryptocurrencies, but there is only a 0.075 percent spread fee on the bitcoin and a much higher fee on the other types of cryptocurrencies.

Trade crypto on Coinmama

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, published a paper in October 2008 that detailed a fully functioning cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency enabled users to conduct financial transactions by sending and receiving money in a fully decentralized and trustless framework. Coinmama could be the best option if you want to own bitcoin as soon as possible and already has a bitcoin wallet. Coinmama offers fast account creation and verification. If you’ve logged in, you can buy bitcoin instantly using various payment methods, though those instant purchases can come at a premium.

With a credit or debit card, you can purchase one of ten different currencies. When placing an order, Coinmama checks the money immediately with the associated passport and deposits in your crypto wallet the cryptocurrency you selected. In the United Kingdom and the EU, additional immediate funding options are available, which do not exist in the USA. In addition, they are hoping to add ACH payments from the United States as a funding method. However, this funding method would not allow immediate electronic transfer purchases in the US. But if you have a credit or debit card, Coinmama can buy coins instantly with a bitcoin bag.

Trade crypto on Block-fi

Block Fi was created in 2017 to emulate banks and, eventually, offer credit cards that are known as cryptocurrency cards. In January 2018, it began to provide fiat cash for crypto-monetary collateral. You should be aware of Block Fi if you have many cryptocurrencies and want to do more with this without selling.

When you deposit your Bitcoin in an account, Block Fi enables you to generate interest. You can use existing bitcoin as security for a loan if you want to unlock your bitcoin without selling, but note the interest rates of 3% – 9.3% and the required starting fee of 2 percent. You can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any additional trading charges. Early adopted persons with major holdings or a cryptocurrency car can earn substantial interest rates of up to 8,6% APY (February 2021). Block Fi also has a new credit card that pays you many innovations from this unique crypto-source in Bitcoin. We chose Block Fi because it offers the option of borrowing with Bitcoin as collateral, without trading charges, and for interest.

Trade crypto on Bisq

Bisq is a suburbanized Bitcoin network that allows secure Bitcoin exchange in-household cryptocurrencies and other Internet. Bisq can offer what you’re looking for for those who draw on Bit coin’s anonymity. Bisq is a dispersed conversation, which requires no registration or account. This means that you can use your own Bisq account for almost complete privacy to purchase and sell. The Bisq desktop application required is free of charge and open source. Include bank transfers, chase an open range of subscription ways to support QuickPay, pop money, cell, and Western Union. Dependent on the do plus how you can make the payment, trading charges vary from 0.08% to 0.90%. Bisq is totally the finest for those people who have at least some experience in cryptography.

Bitcoin interchanges is a site where Bitcoin can be bought and sold. The exchange includes, on various occasions, a wallet that is the type of account that keeps up your virtual cryptocurrency. When you use a concentrated online exchange or from side to side a smartphone app, bitcoins are held in your name effectively. Bitcoin also enables you to equip an external interchange external wallet. These include “hot wallets” based on computers and websites and “cold wallets,” which work somehow, such as their own available USB fob. People have easy access to this available choice to shift their coinage to Bitcoin account wallets.

Suppose you purchase Bitcoin at most exchanges. Bitcoin mining program is a kind of application for Bitcoin Blockchain maintenance. Each blockchain transaction is general and is recorded on numerous computers all over the globe. When an affair takes up the level, computers have called mining companies to record all the transactions being made to receive a less fee paid up by them making up the transaction. You can efficiently “produce” your own bitcoin if you win the race and receive the contract fee when running a Bitcoin miner. You can have the connection a table along with other mineworkers as well as to improve your chances. Be aware. However, that variant of mining is potent and can cost you much more. If you can use the complete assessment and esteem platform, you will be safe to buy Bitcoin. It is important to look at any platform you plan to buy Bitcoin on before planning to step into it. As Bitcoin is a totally safe and secure investment plan, the merit is more often fluctuating than many more and other series of traditional expenditures. Bitcoin can be valuable if you want to provision a suburbanized procedure of payment. There is no surety or insurance, however, to protect the worth of what you buy.

Blockfi vs. Coinbase

  • While Coinbase (COIN) is a large US public crypto exchange company BlockFi is a privately owned crypto exchange company
  • BlockFi is the crypto exchange and crypto bank at the same time
  • Coinbase offers Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime trading platforms


Always stay more careful and vigilant when giving or adding your personal information to any app or software. This is quite a great move that you can follow to get the favorable and best results. A bit of carefulness is not going to hurt but will result in satisfaction.

You can have other ways to deal with this matter, but always remember that safety comes first, so try to be the one that follows SOPs to ensure that you remain safe while handling all other matters in this extreme pandemic situation.

Bring your mask along and wear it all the time you feel like being in a conversation with other people. Wash your hands regularly, plus try to use gloves if easy so.

Do not go out in a crowded area until or unless you are left with o choice or if there is an emergency that you have. Be safe and make your friends and family follow the SOPs, too, to ensure that they are safe too. Right now, it is quite a great move if we stay at home and focus on our budgets and spending digitally or manually as way you like. Plus, to spend more time working productively and efficiently and spend more time with family.

Can you trade crypto on Webull?

Yes, you can trade crypto on Webull because the Webull trading platform offers Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Stella Lumens (XLM), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) through Apex Crypto.

Can you trade crypto on Schwab?

No, you can not trade cryptocurrency assets on Schwab. However, Schwab offers Bitcoin options contracts on CME, so you can indirectly invest in Bitcoin.

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