Can You Invest in Cryptocurrency Under 18?

Young people are starting their investment adventures sooner than ever because of the rise of trading applications. Gamification and user-friendly interfaces appeal to a generation that grew up with the internet. It’s quite a change from when you had to phone a stockbroker to make a deal. We should be happy about that! People under 18 are eager to start investing in getting the benefits of a more extended compounding period because of the availability of more accessible instruments, the media’s swooning over every drop and bounce in the stock market, and the frantic ascent of crypto.

Custodial accounts can be opened for children by their parents. Assets are owned by their offspring but managed by their parents. Unfortunately, unless you’re just interested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, it might be difficult for children or parents who want to purchase cryptocurrency on behalf of their children to discover an indirect route to cryptocurrency ownership. When youngsters wish to invest in cryptocurrency, adults must guide them through the process. This post will acknowledge your ability to invest in cryptocurrency under 18.

Can You Invest in Cryptocurrency Under 18?

No, legally, you cannot invest in cryptocurrency under 18. Because of KYC regulations, all reputable exchanges in the United States demand that their users be at least 18 years old before they may use their services.

Can You Invest in Cryptocurrency Under 18?

Creating an account on a crypto exchange, providing basic personal information, and transferring cash are required for an adult to buy crypto on a crypto exchange. As for youngsters, this choice is not available. (As a side note, children cannot buy stocks on their own without the help of a parent.)against fraud and money laundering, the SEC enforces “Know Your Customer” regulations. Therefore, you must provide your social security number when opening an account with a bank. A trustworthy crypto exchange will do the same when you sign up for an account (like Gemini and Coinbase).

The cryptocurrency you purchased for your child may be transferred to their new wallet when they reach 18, and they can choose to cash it out or keep it in the new wallet. If the youngster (or parent) doesn’t take excellent care of the wallet’s seed phrase, there is a possibility that the tiny bit of metal will be misplaced, and you will lose the crypto forever. Additionally, this transaction has tax implications.

The good news is that a more straightforward solution doesn’t compromise security, makes it simple to set up regular contributions, and streamlines the process of receiving cash gifts in crypto. We’ve made it easier for parents to invest in cryptocurrency on behalf of their children by partnering with Gemini’s industry-leading crypto exchange. Now is the time to join EarlyBird Crypto!

How to invest in crypto under 18?

Earlybird Crypto is an excellent way to invest in crypto under 18.

EarlyBird Crypto is the most straightforward option available today to open a crypto wallet for your child. To invest in the child’s future, EarlyBird makes it simple. You may make a modern portfolio within minutes, and parents can welcome their loved ones to join them on the journey. To make this launch a reality, the company has partnered with Gemini, the world’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange. You may sign up for the waitlist at to receive a $25 crypto sign-up bonus and an eight-part education email series. For the most part, parents will be able to establish a crypto wallet for their child, set up periodic donations, and receive presents straight into the wallet from their friends and relatives. Like our other account types, it lets parents accomplish the same things with stock and bond funds.

EarlyBird tools empower families and children by instilling financial literacy in decision-making and preparing them for account ownership at 18.EarlyBird will remain their go-to broker even when they move their accounts to a more mature firm. Don’t limit the aspirations of young people. An investment software called EarlyBird allows family and friends to make gifts to minors under the Uniform Gift Act for Minors (UGMA). They can start their own business, go to college, or travel the globe when they turn 18. An organization called EarlyBird has the purpose of helping future generations become financially secure and independent. They are revolutionizing financial gifting by making it personal, purposeful, and eternally relevant to the recipients.

With the EarlyBird app, parents, family members, and friends have a dedicated area to work together to better the lives of the children who matter most to them. In addition, parents with many children will be able to buy more crypto for their children, sell their possessions, establish recurring investments, and create different wallets for their convenience and security. Gifting cryptocurrency to children of other parents will also be possible. For the time being, EarlyBird Crypto will only be available to parents who are U.S. citizens or who reside in the country. Signing up for the waitlist is free, as is transferring any sign-up bonus cash to your wallet. There will be additional costs for using EarlyBird Crypto once the wallet is fully operational.

What are the other alternatives to buying crypto under 18?

You can buy cryptocurrency under 18 using DEXes such as Bisq and and Freelance for cryptocurrency payments. Buy bitcoin over the counter, gift card, and register on an exchange under one of your parent’s names.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces demand you go through KYC before you can buy or sell something on a decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges that minors can use to purchase Bitcoin include Bisq, HodlHodl, and Buying crypto while you’re a minor Customers may purchase and sell their favorite cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges. No verification is needed when you want to make a transaction. Do your research and only invest what you’re prepared to lose.

Understandably, a minor would desire to invest in Bitcoin but lack the financial resources to do so. You may earn Bitcoins by putting your abilities to work, like software development, video editing, content authoring, or virtual support. Crypto-focused freelance websites have made transferring and receiving bitcoin payments easier for members. The escrow services offered by these websites have gone a step further to ensure that transactions go through smoothly. Place the gig on these sites or respond to job postings from people who need your skills. That’s all. Freelance services like this allow you to earn crypto money without violating the law or worrying about your age.

You don’t need a broker or an online exchange to acquire Bitcoin. The OTC technique is an option. You’ll have an advantage if you’re under 18 because you don’t have to provide any proof of age. Find a trustworthy Bitcoin broker and begin trading. It’s nice to know that most crypto brokers don’t care about your age or country as long as they make a quick sale and profit. The internet is a great place to locate brokers because of the peer-to-peer nature of many of these communities. To prevent being conned by internet brokers, it is essential to conduct some research. Consider reading some evaluations about the broker on the forums where you found these brokers before making any purchases.

If you aren’t of legal age to buy or trade Bitcoin, you’re not entirely out of luck. What if your elder siblings, parents, or guardians can assist you with the process? Did you know that? At first, it may seem like they won’t be enthusiastic about investing in Bitcoin, but you’ll be astonished at how excited they are. Every parent is pleased to see a young person considering investing rather than squandering their money on things they don’t need or want.

To get around all the regulations, you can use your sibling’s or parent’s account to get around them. It could be tough to persuade those who have never heard of cryptocurrency. But it’s still worth a shot. A gift card can be purchased by anybody, regardless of age. There are a variety of gift cards to choose from, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Purchase your favorite gift card, and then use Paxful to convert the gift cards to Bitcoin. Gift cards are an excellent way for minors to obtain cryptocurrencies since you will not be asked any questions about your age throughout the transaction.

How old do you have to be to trade or mine for cryptocurrency?

Users must be 18 years old to use established services like Coinbase and PayPal.

Buying tokens does not require you to be over the age of 18., for example, prohibits anyone under the age of 13 from participating. An Amazon gift card may be converted into bitcoin tokens using Purse. It is rare for even the most successful cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to have price drops. While there have been reports of people becoming addicted to cryptocurrency trading, the rising number of crypto frauds poses the biggest threat to young people.

The most common fraud involves the creation of a new cryptocurrency that appears legitimate and urges investors to invest in it. Afterward, it will shut the firm down, and the scammers will walk away with their money. A pyramid scheme is what they are all about. A good illustration of this is Theodex, which allegedly conned investors out of $2 billion. Investing in what appears to be the next primary cryptocurrency with the expectation that its value will skyrocket is a common ruse used by con artists posing as celebrities or companies. As the value of an investment grows, so does the number of investors.

Scammers resulted in a significant decline in the currency’s value and a loss for the people who invested in it. Scam victims have few safeguards due to the lack of regulation surrounding cryptocurrency. The FCA regulates how cryptocurrencies are marketed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). If your kid is interested in learning more about bitcoin investment, there is a wealth of information accessible on various social media platforms. Remind your child, however, to be skeptical of financial advice with solid support. Having many followers does not imply that their advice is trustworthy.


Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular for experienced investors and newcomers to finance. But if you’re under 18, can you invest in cryptocurrency? This article will explore the implications and possible solutions for young investors.

The global cryptocurrency market is estimated to be worth over $200 billion, with a growing number of companies, countries, and individuals entering the space daily. As a result, it’s becoming more attractive to novice investors looking for new opportunities. However, specific legal restrictions must be considered when investing in cryptocurrencies if you’re under 18.

One key point is that investing in cryptocurrencies can be considered a high-risk endeavor due to their volatile nature. As a result, many jurisdictions have set limits on who can invest in cryptocurrencies – typically requiring those who wish to buy or trade them to be over 18 years old. In addition, some countries – such as China – have made it illegal for anyone under 18 years old to own or trade any digital currency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, there are ways around these restrictions if you’re still looking to invest in cryptocurrencies while underage. For instance, many countries allow minors between 16-18 years old, with parental permission or guidance, to set up an account with an online broker or exchange platform to purchase digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Alternatively, some platforms may offer custodial accounts where parents act as guardians and oversee their child’s trades and investments in cryptocurrency within certain predefined limits – making it easier for underage minors to get involved in trading crypto assets without violating laws.

Another option is peer-to-peer trading via platforms such as LocalBitcoins or even social media networks like Reddit; however, this type of trading carries higher risks and should only be attempted by more experienced traders familiar with the landscape of peer-to-peer trading platforms and related fees associated with them. Additionally, many governments have also started introducing regulations to protect young investors from potential scams and fraud by introducing specific requirements for platforms offering services related to digital asset investments, such as minimum deposits or proof of identity documents from users registering on these platforms.

In conclusion: cryptocurrency investments may seem attractive but before making any decision about investing – especially if you’re underage – make sure you understand all the implications behind your actions first; talk about your plans with your parents/guardians or financial advisors before taking any steps towards buying crypto assets; different research options available depending on your country’s regulations; read reviews of other exchanges/brokers/platforms available before making any decisions, and finally consider setting up a portfolio of multiple assets when diversifying your portfolio instead of investing all your funds into one single asset class like bitcoin or Ethereum only.



If the child is interested in cryptocurrencies, talk to them about what they like about it and make sure they understand the hazards. It is possible that cryptocurrencies will not replace traditional currencies, but they are becoming more popular and accessible. Additionally, the desire of certain corporations to use environmentally friendly blockchains is a positive sign. In light of this, it’s necessary to clarify to young people that bitcoin is a dangerous endeavor: there are stories of financial devastation for every level of financial success.



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