Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In? – Next Cryptocurrency to Buy!

The technological advancement and progression are limited to everyday concepts and have considerably impacted the financial domain. Financial currencies, investments, financial transactions, and monitoring devices, including cash withdrawal and credit, have come under the influence of technological progress as well. Cryptocurrency is the new password that has been doing rounds in investment as a financial tool. The concept is trending everywhere, and individuals of every background have decided to get acquainted with the idea. These new financial stores have opened up a new race of opportunities for those looking to invest for a future perspective. However, to officially participate in cryptocurrency and similar concepts, it is essential to comprehend it.

Cryptocurrency is known as the alternative to paper notes ad is considered synonymous with digital and virtual currency. This currency is easily secured by cryptography, therefore, preventing it from being counterfeited. Cryptocurrency is processed in a decentralized network fundamentally on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency has become widely discouraged and popular because it tends to shift power and responsibility from traditional currencies to digital currency. The decentralized-oriented approach of cryptocurrency prevents it from existing in paper form. It is not issued or launched by the central authority and works on a decentralization approach; the system works instead of digital currency and significant banking systems. Bitcoin is their first non-open source software which was officially launched in 2009. It is the pioneer in the centralized cryptocurrency domain, and since its inception, other cryptocurrencies have also emerged. In layman’s terms, cryptocurrency is available in dollars, pounds, or other currencies, but this type of money does not exist in its physical counterparts. Cryptocurrency is opposed to paper notes or points that can be physically carried and therefore only exist in the electronic form.

Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In?

In 2021, for crypto investors, the biggest chance for further development, rising price, and liquidity are Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, Dogecoin, and Tether. For most crypto investors, Dogecoin is the next cryptocurrency to buy.

Dogecoin Predictions in 2021. shows a moderate bullish trend based on US inflation and dogecoin demand on crypto exchange websites. In addition, Dogecoin is not controlled by the top 2% of holders,  has lower fees and higher transaction speed than bitcoin so that the future crypto prices can increase. Dogecoin’s current price is very low.

Dogecoin chart is presented below:

Cryptocurrency is a new payment system similar to Apple Pay and other contactless processes of payments. With the advent of financial tools, communication and buying and selling of items and goods have also transformed. Cash is not preferred by most of retailers and customers, and therefore new systems and strategies of payments have been immersed. Bitcoin is the first category of cryptocurrency that was considered mainstream. However, currently, there are more than 2000 different categories of cryptocurrencies. Because of its decentralized nature, cryptocurrency is independent of banks and other financial institutions and therefore performs peer-to-peer transactions. The transactions are recorded electronically in a public ledger and then stored in a digital wallet.

Bitcoin has been considered a trendsetter in the world of cryptocurrency. It acts as a threshold in the decentralization network of cryptocurrency, and more have emerged ever since. The emergence of Bitcoin and other digital currencies enjoy almost similar or less following than Bitcoin and keep fluctuating in terms of the trading volume. Some of the different Bitcoin I preferred by backers and investors are as follows:


Ethereum is the first alternative to Bitcoin, which operates on a decentralized nature, enabling smart contracts and decentralized applications to flourish without any downtime, fraud, interference, or political manipulation. Ethereum seems to work on the principle of accessibility. It is inclined to create a regionalized nature of financial tools in which anyone across the world can partake regardless of their background, ethnicity, and nationality. It is purely based on Ether which is specific to a particular platform such as a cryptographic token. It was launched in 2015 and is currently enjoying being the second most popular digital currency after Bitcoin. Now, the market value is around 19% of Bitcoin size.


Litecoin was officially launched in 2011, and it followed the threshold set and established by Bitcoin. It was developed by Charlie Lee and given the title of ‘silver to Bitcoin gold,’ making it similar in operation. Litecoin is processed through an open-source global payment network that is not manipulating any central figure. It uses a script, which can be convenient to decode it through consumer-grade CPUs. Thus, Litecoin bears multiple similarities to Bitcoin, although there is a prominent block generation rate and therefore delivers a faster transaction confirmation time.


This was specifically engineered and designed by a group of mathematicians and crypto experts. It was launched in collaboration with Charles Hoskinson, who was also the founder of Ethereum. The blockchain was created after a series of meticulous experiments and individual research. As a result, more than 90 papers mainly focused on blockchain technology, covering a large variety of topics. As a result of this, the Cardano blockchain is considered extremely capable and professional. It has overshadowed Ethereum and is a threshold in terms of providing a decentralized financial model.


It is a well-established, safe and untraceable currency network. It was launched in April 2014 and was highlighted among the investors and cryptography experts within the community. The foundation of this cryptocurrency is achieved through the community-based donation drive. It is intensely decentralized and operates to a secure network of privacy by using particular ring signatures.

Cryptocurrencies function independently of government interference, manipulation, and participation.


This is the pioneer within the stable coin community. They work to acquire a low level of volatility that packs their market value to another currency or other external reference point. They work to control and regulate the fluctuations within the price range to garner more investors. It is directly linked to the US dollar system. It allows the investors and consumers to deal with money transactions conveniently and perform transfers from another cryptocurrency bank to US dollars within our regulated time, allowing you to convert into standard currency.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency

Since it is a highly established and well-connected currency exchange network, privacy and data are highly protected. There is comparatively a lower amount of fees for enthusiasts who are dependable on decentralization and the process of self-management. No central figure or authority is undermining manipulating the cryptocurrency, and therefore, there is protection from inflation. It is highly accessible to individuals from across the world. In contrast to that, there are substantial volatility and regulation issues. There is no refund policy for investors, and sometimes some individuals may be engulfed in a series of scams. Sometimes it is considered highly difficult and not user-friendly.

There is a convenient phase to convert Bitcoin/digital currency to cash. You can move this cash directly to the bank account by selling the Bitcoin on the trip to a currency exchange such as Coinbase or Kraken. Through this, you can withdraw the money from selling the Bitcoin and credit it to your account.

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