Top 50 Forex Traders in The World!

Compiling a definitive list of the 50 best forex traders is challenging due to the lack of transparent earnings data specific to forex trading. Many traders’ profits are private or mixed with other forms of trading, and success in forex is not standardized, making it challenging to rank traders based solely on their profits.

George Soros

Therefore, the existing lists tend to be influenced more by media visibility and the reputation of traders in public forums and publications rather than direct evidence of trading performance. This reliance on media and public perception can skew the list towards those who are more famous or well-known rather than objectively “best” in performance.


You can read my article Richest Traders in the World, where I put small biographies of the most exciting forex and stock traders.

So here is my list of the top 50 forex traders in the world:

  1. George Soros – Known for “breaking the Bank of England” in 1992, Soros is one of the most famous forex traders ever, making $1 billion from a large bet against the British pound in one day. Read my George Soros biography.
  2. James (Jim) Simons—A mathematician and founder of Renaissance Technologies, Simons pioneered quantitative trading, applying complex algorithms to trade in various markets, including forex. Read about Jim Simons’s trading system.
  3. Stanley Druckenmiller – A key figure in Soros’ bet against the British pound, Druckenmiller is renowned for his analytical skills and decades-long track record of significant gains.
  4. Bill Lipschutz – Dubbed the “Sultan of Currencies,” Lipschutz turned a $12,000 inheritance into billions, focusing solely on forex markets.
  5. Andrew Kreiger—Known for his aggressive bet against the New Zealand dollar after the 1987 stock market crash, Kreiger leveraged his position significantly with options.
  6. Paul Tudor Jones—Founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, Jones made his name by predicting and profiting from the 1987 market crash. He also actively traded in currencies.
  7. Michael Marcus – A protégé of Ed Seykota, Marcus is credited with turning $30,000 into $80 million, focusing primarily on commodities and currencies.
  8. Richard Dennis—Co-Founder of Turtle Traders. Dennis made his fortune in the commodity markets, but his trend-following strategies are widely applied in the forex space.
  9. Bruce Kovner – Starting with a $3,000 loan, Kovner amassed a fortune by trading in forex, commodities, and futures markets, known for his calm under pressure.
  10. Axel Merk—Founder of Merk Investments, Merk is known for his expertise in macro trends and monetary policy implications for currency markets.
  11. Ray Dalio—Founder of Bridgewater Associates, Dalio’s firm is known for its global macro hedge fund strategy, which involves forex trades based on economic trends.
  12. Larry Williams – Famous for winning the 1987 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading by turning $10,000 into $1.1 million in 12 months, Williams’ strategies on market sentiment and momentum can apply to forex.
  13. Ed Seykota – A pioneer of computerized trading systems, Seykota’s trend-following approach has been highly successful in forex trading.
  14. John R. Taylor, Jr. founded FX Concepts, a currency management firm. Taylor used computer algorithms to predict currency movements, making substantial profits.
  15. Louis Bacon – Founder of Moore Capital Management, Bacon is known for his macroeconomic analysis to drive profitable trades in forex and other asset classes.
  16. David Shaw – A computational finance pioneer, Shaw’s firm, D.E. Shaw & Co., applies quantitative strategies to trade in various markets, including forex.
  17. Joe Lewis – A British billionaire who has amassed much of his fortune through forex trading, Lewis is known for his secretive yet highly successful trading strategies.
  18. Andy Krieger – Trading for Bankers Trust, Krieger took a massive position against the New Zealand dollar and is known for leveraging his positions to maximize profits.
  19. Robbie Stephens – A well-respected trader known for his insightful forex market analysis and strategic trades.
  20. John Henry – Using systematic trend-following strategies, Henry has made substantial profits in forex and commodities markets.
  21. Jessie Livermore—An early pioneer in speculation, Livermore’s principles on price action and market psychology are timeless and relevant to forex trading.
  22. Tom Baldwin – Made his name trading in the bond market, but his approach to risk and leverage applies to forex trading.
  23. Peter Brandt – With decades of trading experience, Brandt focuses on classical chart patterns, applying his expertise to the forex market.
  24. Martin Schwartz – Known for his prowess in day trading and swing trading, Schwartz’s strategies also apply to the forex market.
  25. Jim Rogers—Co-founder of the Quantum Fund alongside George Soros, Rogers is known for his bullish views on commodities and his investment biker tours around the world, during which he investigates global investment opportunities firsthand.
  26. Ref Wayne—A South African forex trader and entrepreneur, is known for his sophisticated understanding of market movements and educational initiatives.
  27. Greg Secker – An English trader who has made a name for himself through forex trading education, emphasizing the importance of risk management and trading psychology.
  28. Michael Steinhardt – Though more commonly associated with equity trading, Steinhardt’s approach to making macroeconomic bets includes significant currency trades.
  29. Nicolas Darvas – Best known for his work in the stock market, Darvas’ box theory and technical analysis are also applicable in forex trading.
  30. Alexander Elder is a professional trader focusing on psychology, strategy, and tactics, which have applications in forex trading.
  31. Mark Douglas – Known for his emphasis on trading psychology, Douglas’ teachings are crucial for the high-stress environment of forex trading.
  32. Bruce Stanley Kovner – An American investor and hedge fund manager, Kovner made significant profits through macroeconomic analysis and positions in the forex markets.
  33. Nial Fuller – Recognized for his simple yet effective price action strategies in forex trading, Fuller emphasizes the importance of a disciplined approach.
  34. Chris Lori – An institutional trader and coach, provides deep insights into forex market mechanics and trading psychology.
  35. Van K. Tharp – Specializing in trading psychology and system development, Tharp’s work helps traders design and optimize their strategies in forex markets.
  36. John Bollinger is the creator of Bollinger Bands, a technical analysis tool widely used in forex trading to identify trends and volatility.
  37. Kathy Lien—A currency strategist and trader, Lien is known for analyzing market drivers and trade setups in the forex market. She has had a significant impact on forex in the media.
  38. Boris Schlossberg – Managing Director of FX Strategy, Schlossberg is known for his technical and fundamental analysis of the forex market.
  39. Raghee Horner—An expert in technical analysis, Horner’s methodologies are used to identify and execute forex trading strategies.
  40. Jared Martinez—Known as the FX Chief, Martinez founded Market Traders Institute, focusing on forex education and strategy development.
  41. Alexander Gerchik – Known for his risk management approach to trading, Gerchik’s methods are highly applicable to the volatile forex market.
  42. Linda Bradford Raschke is a professional trader who has successfully applied her expertise in technical analysis to the forex market.
  43. Carolyn Boroden—Specializing in Fibonacci market analysis, Boroden’s techniques identify potential reversal levels in the forex markets.
  44. Marc Walton – A forex trader and mentor, Walton emphasizes realistic approaches to trading and the importance of trading psychology.
  45. Casey Stubbs—Founder of Winners Edge Trading, Stubbs is known for his trading strategies and educational resources for forex traders.
  46. Kim Krompass – Founder of the Price Action Traders Institute, Krompass focuses on simple and effective trading strategies for forex markets.
  47. Michael Boutros – A currency strategist known for his precise technical analysis and actionable forex trading strategies.
  48. Blake Morrow – Co-founder of ForexAnalytix, Morrow is recognized for his insightful analysis and experience in forex trading.
  49. Jason Stapleton – One of the leading educators in forex trading, Stapleton focuses on technical analysis and trading psychology.
  50. Ivan Throne – Known for his disciplined approach and strategic planning, Throne’s trading philosophy emphasizes patience, timing, and execution in the forex market.

Each trader brings a unique approach to the forex market, reflecting diverse strategies and philosophies. Their stories offer valuable lessons on risk management, analytical techniques, and the psychological aspects of trading.


It is tough to monitor the wealth of forex and stock traders.

In 2023, Carl Icahn faced significant financial losses, partly attributed to a scathing report by Hindenburg Research. Hindenburg Research, known for its short-selling based on in-depth investigative reports, targeted Icahn Enterprises.

Carl Icahn’s challenging year was not just about market reactions to investigative reports. His net worth saw a sharp drop, including a loss of over $10 billion in a single day after the Hindenburg Research report, highlighting the volatile nature of investments and the substantial impact of market sentiment and investigative financial reporting on an investor’s fortunes.

The same applies to all other forex and stock traders; net worth changes daily. So, I didn’t make a list of 50 forex traders by net worth; I made it through media influence.

The list of 50 forex traders was curated not based on their net worth or quantifiable success in forex trading but through an assessment of media influence and personal preference. This approach recognizes that measuring success in forex trading is not straightforward due to the lack of transparent financial data and the private nature of many trading accounts. Instead, the list highlights traders who have garnered significant attention in the media and are influential within the forex trading community.

These individuals may have contributed to the field through pioneering trading strategies, educational efforts, or notable market predictions. Personal preference played a role in selecting traders who were perceived as thought leaders and remarkably impacted forex trading practices.



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