Tesla vs. Amazon Stock

Tesla and Amazon stocks have excellent performance in the last several years. Please see Tesla vs. Amazon comparison Table below:

Tesla vs. Amazon Stock
In comparison Table above, we can see 4 essential differences between Tesla and Amazon equities such as:

  1. Amazon did last stock split more than 20 years ago, while Tesla did stock split in 2020 ( 5-for-1 stock split)
  2. Tesla’s outstanding stocks have increased quite significantly in the last 6 years. There were  960 million shares in Q4 2020.
  3. Tesla has earnings per share less than a dollar while Amazon more than $40.
  4. Tesla has a substantial P/E ratio, much more than Amazon. A high P/E ratio could mean that Tesla stock is over-valued. The main reason why the Tesla P/E ratio is high is that investors expect high growth rates in the future because Tesla is a world leader in electric car production.


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