Does HF Markets Charge for Non-Active Account?

HF Markets is a forex and CFD broker that offers traders access to the financial markets. One of the main questions many traders have when considering a broker is whether or not they will be charged for an inactive account. This article will delve into the specifics of these charges and help traders make an informed decision.

Does HF Markets Charge for Non-Active Accounts?

No, the HF markets broker does not charge non-active accounts, and you will not pay any fee. However, if your account is inactive for several months, HF Markets will archive your account. In that case, you must contact support to reactivate your account.

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First, it is essential to understand that HF Markets does not charge fees for an inactive account. You will not incur additional costs if you open an account but do not log in or trade within a specified period. However, this also means that you must pay attention to how often you are trading to avoid being flagged as inactive by the broker.

Another factor to consider is whether HF Markets charges for dormant accounts. A dormant account has been inactive for 12 consecutive months or longer and may be subject to specific fees depending on the country of residence. For example, UK residents may be subject to a small annual fee if their account remains dormant for two years or more, while South African residents may be charged a higher fee after three years of inactivity.

Finally, another cost associated with non-active accounts at HF Markets is the spread costs incurred when trading CFDs or Forex on the platform. The spreads offered by this broker are competitive compared to other brokers; however, they remain applicable regardless of whether your account is active or meaning that you must still pay them even if your account has been inactive for some time.

In conclusion, HF Markets does not charge additional fees for inactive accounts over time.

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