IFC Markets Real Account

IFC Markets is one of the leading online brokers that offers demo accounts. You can try that before you open an IFC Markets real account to understand more about its trading platform. To open a real account, you need to create a personal profile or PP. Once that is done, follow the steps given below to open your account:

  • Go to the IFC Markets website. You will come across the ‘Login’ tab. Click on this button.
  • Next, click on either ‘My Profile’ or the ‘Open Account’ tab. Fill in your PP credentials which consist of your email address and your password.
  • This will lead you to a new where you need to click on ‘Accounts’ and choose ‘Open Live Accounts’ from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select ‘Live Account’ and then, set the platform to NetTraderX. Simultaneously choose the account type, your desired leverage, and the account currency.
  • You will find three attached documents on this page – ‘Customer Agreement’, ‘Terms and Business’, and ‘Risk Disclosure’. We suggest that you go through these documents before checking the ‘I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above documents’. 
  • Now, you can download the trading account and begin your trading journey. 
  • IFC Markets will send you a confirmation email as well. 

To open an IFC Markets real account is fairly straightforward. If you are still facing difficulties, you can, you can reach the broker’s customer support.



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