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The goal of every Forex trader is to develop a profitable trading strategy of their own. Your lucky day has arrived. A professional trader developed this ADX strategy, and we’re happy to share it with you. However, many trend decision rules have been discussed: Evaluating the intensity of a trend in any possible timespan hasn’t been covered yet. Only a particular trading indicator can be used to determine the strength of the movement. Example: the ADX, or Average Directional Index (ADX).

A trader’s most important skill is the ability to detect a strong motion. You need a place precisely to move after you enter a position, no matter what type of trader you are! Profits can only be made by following the path of your trade. Your financial goals can be achieved with the help of the ADX indicator trading rules. For the best ADX strategy, it’s crucial to determine which technical indicator you will use.

Market participants prefer ADX because it combines past and present data and the ability to predict the future. Identifying which futures contracts are mispriced in the status quo is essential to purchasing futures contracts successfully. As a result of the use of standard ADX readings for large deals, this is now possible.

What is an ADX Indicator?

ADX or Average Directional Movement Index Indicator represents a technical analysis indicator that measures the overall strength. ADX value from 0 to 25 describes a weak trend, while 75 to 100 represents a powerful trend.

Almost all tradable assets, marketplace funds, including stocks, futures contracts, and mutual funds, can benefit from the Average Directional Index’s principles. There are several reasons why ADX has become so valuable in the futures markets.

ADX advantages are:

  • ADX has a standard range of 14 bars, unlike many other technical indicators, giving it a “bigger picture.”
  • ADX describes trend strength from 0 to 100.
  • The most recent data is given a higher weight than older ones.
  • Using ADX, you can determine the trend’s strength, which will be helpful for any future contracts.
  • When comparing mutually exclusive futures and options at once, ADX makes it simple.

ADX values for major indices (such as the DJIA and S&P 500) can also be used to determine whether the general market is going to experience bearish or bullish conditions, as well.

How to use ADX measures and what are the best ADX negotiating rules. Please see the following:

ADX trading values

  • If ADX is from 0 to 25 trend is weak
  • If ADX is from 25 to 50 trend is strong
  • IF ADX is from 50 to 75 trend is very strong
  • If ADX is from 75 to 100 trend is extremely strong

Let’s first define the ADX criterion or how you can profit before moving on to the trade laws for the ADX indicator.

The ADX indicator measures simple trend strength and whether we’re trading or not. The ADX, on the other hand, is a trend strength metric. To identify solid downtrends and buy signals, technical analysts use this method of analysis.

How we read and interpret, the ADX indicator must be done with care. It does not have a bullish or bearish bias. On the other hand, its moving average only measures how strong a trend is at any given point in time.

If the market is paid up, we have a strong bullish case, and the ADX measure is also increasing.

Following the first trading rule of the ADX indicator, a reading below 25 indicates a period of non-trading or range-trading. Conversely, a strong bullish/bearish trend is displayed when the ADX indicator is above 25 points, according to the second ADX trading rule.

Continue to keep in mind that the ADX indicator does not tell you anything about market direction. Only the strength of a trend can be determined by using this method of calculating trend strength.

The ADX indicator can be used in a variety of trading styles.

  • Day trading with the ADX indicator
  • Using the ADX indicator to trade swings

Adx indicator for intraday trading is the first thing we’ll cover.

How to use ADX in day trading?

ADX you can use in trading as an additional trigger in combination with other indicators when we want to follow the main trend because a strong trend is formed when the ADX value is above 25.  ADX indicator is an excellent choice when we want to avoid false breakout during a non-formed trend.

Adx day trading strategy begins with selecting the proper settings for the indicator. ADX settings need to be tweaked for short-term charts because the market moves so quickly.

So, when it comes to day trading, the best ADX setting is the 3-period.

According to a general rule, the shorter the time, the more sensitive a technical indicator becomes to the price. As a result, the 3-period ADX indicator is the most effective for day trading applications. Low ADX readings indicate a weak trend, while high ADX readings indicate a strong direction. In addition, we know from the market’s natural ebb and flow that prices move from cycles of consolidation to intervals of trending and conversely.

As a result of combining the two market hypotheses, we can say that

There should be an increase in ADX after low readings (consolidation) (trend).

When trading with the ADX indicator, we look for clues to buy and sell when ADX falls below. In addition, whenever the ADX falls below 25, it indicates that the trend is weak and that we’re probably in a consolidation phase. As a result, we can take a glance at moving average breakout indicators.

Since the ADX does not indicate the trend, we must wait until the ADX starts to break above 50 before acting:

If the ADX is rising and prices are rising, we buy.
As long as the price is falling and the ADX is growing, we will sell.

Nothing carries more weight than a real-world case study in this regard.

Now, let’s move on to the ADX indicator for trading options and how does it work?

The best ADX settings for swing trading

The best ADX settings for swing trading are when the ADX value on H4 or Daily chart is above 25 or 30. In that case, you can open a BUY position if the price breaks an important high price level or a SELL position when the price breaks an important low price level and keep your trade from two days up to a couple of weeks.


One of the excellent swing trading strategies is Larry Connors and Linda Raschke’s book “Street Smart.” which uses the ADX indicator and 20-period exponential moving average.

ADX swing trading rule for BUY trade is:

  • ADX crosses above 30
  • Price is above 20 EMA
  • Wait for the price to pull back to the 20-EMA.
  • BUY  when the price touches 20 EMA
  • Place stop to be last 24 hours low.

ADX swing trading rule for SELL trade is:

  • ADX crosses above 30
  • Price is below 20 EMA.
  • Wait for the price to go up to the 20-EMA.
  • SELL  when the price touches 20 EMA
  • Place stop to be last 24 hours high.

The best settings for the ADX indicator

The best setting for the ADX indicator is the 14-period setting. The best performance ADX indicator will show if you catch the trend forming moment to enter into a trade, such as when the ADX value is above 25. Weak trend (from 0 to 25) is not good for trend trading strategies because there is no strength and volatility, only a sideways direction.

The smoothing moving average is used in the ADX indicator’s calculation. Therefore, a 14-period ADX indicator is recommended. As a result of our ADX indicator settings, you’ll get more accurate signals and start trading sooner.

Use the ADX indicator in conjunction with other chart patterns to get the most out of it.

As part of the best ADX strategy, the RSI indicator is also used to time the markets. However, using the ADX indicator, we can only determine the trend’s intensity. This is why entry signals are dependent on the RSI indicator.

The RSI uses the same 20-period setting as the ADX indicator.

The Best ADX Strategy

The best ADX strategy for trend trading is when traders enter into trade above ADX value 30 when a strong trend is formed. Buy trade will be triggered if the price is above SMA 200, ADX above 30, and is on an important price level. Sell trade will be triggered if the price is below SMA 200, ADX above 30, and is on an important price level. 

However, ADX can be used as a trigger in various strategies when entering into a trade when the trend is formed and strong enough.

Only trade when there is a significant movement on the 5-minute chart or the daily chart, thanks to ADX indicator trade laws. The best ADX strategy is one that performs the same no matter what time frame is used.


RSI ADX trading strategy is:

  • Step 1: Wait for the ADX measure to show learning above 25 before taking any action.

We must first wait for the ADX criterion to show a reading underneath 25 before even considering whether the market will rise or fall. If the ADX value is above 25, the ADX indicator trade laws indicate a strong trend and the possibility of one developing.

Even though we all know that trends are our friends, a newly formed pattern can quickly fade away if it lacks real strength.

The actual price action must also be considered to determine the trend’s direction. As a result, we’ve reached the next stage of the best ADX strategy.

  • Step 2: Using the last 50 candlesticks as a guide, determine the direction. For location estimation, look for a downward trend in the price.

There must be a practical way to determine the path of a trend, no matter what your timeline is.

The use of 50 candlesticks to ascertain a trend allows us to trade in the present moment. The cost is heading lesser during the last 50 candlesticks, but we’re in a bearish trend if that’s the case.

For the best ADX strategy, we must now concentrate on the precursor that will trigger our sell signal.

  • Step 3: You should sell when the RSI indicator breaks and shows a reading of less than 30.

The RSI indicator, which uses the same configurations as the ADX indicator, will be used for our entry signal. Oversold markets are indicated by an RSI reading of less than 30, which indicates reversal territory. On the other hand, trading more competent means going beyond what is written in a textbook and thinking outside the box.

The ADX indicator defines a strong trend, and that’s exactly what we want to see. We’d like to see more sellers enter the marketplace.

When the RSI indicator shows and breaks a reading below 30, we would like to sell.

What’s next is determining where to place your protective stop-loss order.

  • Step 4: At the very last ADX high, a watchful stop loss must be set.

Before entering the market, you must first identify where the last ADX high occurred to determine where your stop-loss should be placed. To find your stop-loss level, see the price chart high that corresponds to the ADX high.

Before entering the market, you must first identify where the last ADX high occurred to determine where your stop-loss should be placed. To find your stop-loss level, see the price chart high that corresponds to the ADX high.

A profit target is a final requirement for the best ADX strategy, which helps bring us to the last step of this new application.

  • Step 5: A good time to buy is when the ADX indicator falls below 25 again.

To maximize profits, only trade in a strong trend when it is present. Therefore, our strategy is to take profits as soon as the prospects of a clear trend fade away.

When the ADX indicator drops below 25, we take profits.

ADX values below 25 indicate a weakening trend.


As traders, we don’t want to get into something stagnant and not trendy strongly. The best ADX system gave us that data. Moreover, a trader can take advantage of the advantages of the trend by using ADX indicator trading rules. As a result, catching strong trends and using the best ADX strategic plan can help you achieve your trading objectives.



Igor has been a trader since 2007. Currently, Igor works for several prop trading companies. He is an expert in financial niche, long-term trading, and weekly technical levels. The primary field of Igor's research is the application of machine learning in algorithmic trading. Education: Computer Engineering and Ph.D. in machine learning. Igor regularly publishes trading-related videos on the Fxigor Youtube channel. To contact Igor write on: igor@forex.in.rs

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