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Gold, revered as a precious metal and a measure of wealth since immemorial, has also held its sway in the financial markets. Its allure as a safe-haven asset, particularly during economic uncertainty, makes it a preferred choice for investors worldwide. Gold trading, thus, takes place across different markets and time zones, making its trading time almost a round-the-clock affair. This article introduces the concept of gold trading time, setting the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of how and when to trade this precious metal.

Understanding the timing of gold trading is critical for anyone interested in dealing with this commodity. Gold is traded in various forms: physical gold, gold futures contracts, exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), and gold options. Each of these trading instruments follows its market timings, and it’s crucial to be mindful of these timings to execute profitable trades.

Gold markets operate globally, meaning trading occurs almost 24 hours a day. Key markets are situated in cities such as New York, London, Zurich, and Hong Kong, and their operating hours largely dictate the ebb and flow of gold trading.

What Time Does Gold Trading Open?

Gold trading opens at midnight on Monday GMT+0 at most forex brokers. Traders can trade gold from Monday morning to Friday night, depending on the forex broker’s working time. However, most brokers usually have a 1-hour gold trading break each working day, such as HF Markets broker at  23:59:59 – 01:00:00 GMT+2.

However, each broker company has a different trading time for Gold. For example, IC Markets Gold trading time is 01:02 server time (GMT+2) to 23:57.

Each brokerage company has different server opening times and closing times. Hence, gold trading opening and closing times are different for each broker.

See XAUUSD trading hours :

gold trading time HF markets broker

The trading hours for gold can vary slightly depending on the broker and their server time. Traders must know these timings to make the most informed and strategic trading decisions. Let’s examine the gold trading hours provided by various well-known brokers:

  1. XM: XM operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Their trading hours for gold are between Sunday 22:05 GMT and Friday 21:50 GMT. This schedule allows traders to capitalize on the global market’s movements right from the start of the trading week.
  2. HF Markets: The trading hours for gold on the HF Markets Metatrader platform align with their server time. It starts from Monday 00:00:51 until Friday 23:59:59. This schedule provides traders nearly uninterrupted access to the gold markets throughout the entire trading week except for 1-hour break after midnight.
  3. Exness: Exness bases its trading hours on GMT+0. Their markets are open for gold from 21:05 on Sunday until 20:59 on Friday. This timeframe ensures traders can access the markets for the entire trading week.
  4. IC Markets: At IC Markets, the trading hours for all currency pairs start from 00:01 server time on Monday to 23:59 server time on Friday (23:57 on Friday). However, the trading hours for gold are slightly different. The gold market opens at 01:02 server time on Monday and closes at 23:57 on Friday.

I will give you a few examples.

Below is presented IFC Markets Gold Trading Hours:

ifc market gold trading hours


Below are presented IC Markets Gold Trading Hours:

ic markets gold trading hours


Please read reviews of our top brokers to see the timings for each broker.

Understanding these variations in trading hours is vital because they impact market liquidity and volatility. Traders must adjust their strategies to maximize their potential profits and minimize risk.

Remember, while these timings offer a guideline, the actual market hours can sometimes change due to factors like daylight saving and public holidays. It is advisable to regularly check with your broker for any changes in the trading schedule.



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