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The real-time stock market charts free or paid?

Real-time stock trading tools, like the stock ticker, make trading easy. A stock ticker is a price chart that shows the movement of prices over a period of time. This tool makes real-time online stock trading possible as it shows you price movement for every minute. Various brokers offer real-time stock charting on their platforms to make trading easier for their clients. This tool can chart price movements for one-minute, five-minutes, and other time frames during the day. 

These tools can be free or paid. But which one is the best stock ticker and are paid versions better? Let’s discuss further.

Are Paid Real-Time Stock Charts Better?

Livestock charting software can be paid or free but are the paid versions any better? The answer is ‘yes’. The free versions can give you data in real-time but it might not be official or the real picture of the market. Free streaming stock market quotes generally come from one data provider. This makes it less reliable and comprehensive. The trader will not get enough information about price movements in other ETFs or exchange-traded funds. Even if you are using a free stock chart platform, you will be asked to make a payment to see the official data.

In addition to not being comprehensive, these free live market charts are not always accurate. They are not timely as well and can lead to losses. If you are considering a free software that shows up to the minute stock charts, you might be getting prices later than other traders which can be problematic. However, with the paid version, you can eliminate this problem. You can even cross-check the legitimacy of the data by comparing different sources. You will not get this liberty when you are using a free tool.

While free versions have a plethora of downsides, they are perfect backup options for when you lose the quotes offered by your broker. Stock charts real-time data acquired through free tools can be used to train yourself. You can use the data to create mock strategies and once you are an expert, you can buy the paid version.

Free Real-Time Stock Charting Platforms

Here are some of the most popular platforms that offer stock charts real-time data for free:

1. TradingView

Tradingview offers excellently designed trading charts and free trading charts with indicators for worldwide users.

The platform offers real-time stock charts for free as well. These visually appealing charts can be customized as there are hundreds of technical indicators to choose from. If you are new, you will benefit greatly from using TradingView’s services as there are a lot of traders who share their opinions and charts on this social media site. You can follow them and learn from their posts. But you must be sure that you are following the right person who has strategies that will help you.

You can build watchlists and set alerts to get notifications about stocks that are trending at the moment. TradeingView allows you to connect with the brokers and you can directly trade as well. 

TradingView has a Pine Editor feature. You can use it to run a test strategy for your preferred stock for a particular time period. This is an advantage for new traders. 

Is Tradingview real-time?

TradingView platform provides real-time data for all users for forex or Cryptocurrencies. Free and paid plans don’t give users access to official real-time data from the stock exchanges. Users need to purchase stocks real-time data for any particular exchange using option User Profile page – > Account & Billing tab -> by clicking on the Add Real-Time Market button.

Its free version allows you to chart stocks, forex, CFDs, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and economic data. You can chart futures as well but the data is often delayed for some stock markets.

You don’t need to juggle different charting platforms as you can view data from various markets in one place.

Paid members can not get tradingview real time charts in their packages. They need to purchase stocks real-time data for particular stock exchange.

2. StockCharts

StockCharts are free live market watch software.
You can opt for both paid and free charting indicators but if you are not yet familiar with real-time stock tickers, we would suggest you try the free version offered by StockCharts as it is quite robust. The live stock charts with indicators are modifiable. Bars, candlestick, and line charting are available along with 40 line studies but you can only put three of these indicators using the free version.

You will either get weekly or daily data. You can only view data for up to three years without a paid subscription. In addition to bland graphics in the free version, you are not allowed to save your screens as well. 

The paid subscription of StockCharts isn’t skyrocketing. The basic subscription pack starts at $14.95/month. Traders who want more bells and whistles can opt for their Pro subscription for $39.95/month. There are other packages available as well for you to choose from. Users can get real-time data by buying it as an add-on.

3. Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo Finance is the oldest real time assets dashboard.

You can get free real-time data from Yahoo! Finance for stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. You will find free real-time news and interactive charts on this platform. These charts are comprehensive and offer up to 100 technical indicators for you to choose from.

Unlike StockCharts were you can only choose three indicators at a time, here you can create an unlimited list of stocks and follow them to get the daily trading ideas. You can link to your brokerage account using this platform and implement trades directly.

Technical Analysis in Yahoo Finance:

You can upgrade to their premium services by paying $34.99/month. The same annual subscription is $349.99. The paid version offers third-party investment, enhanced charting, and live chat support. You will also see fewer ads. You can avail of their 14-day free trial for the premium services to see if that is something you would eventually like to pay for.

4. Google Finance

Google Finance is another famous Stock Ticker.
Google is everyone’s preferred browning platform but did you know that you can also use it to see real-time charts? Google Finance is its extension where you can do this. It is not a pioneer or as developed as other platforms on this list but it does offer simple and free stock charts. It is perfect for beginners as it will not leave them more confused.

It allows you to track a number of stocks along with local and international markets. You can create a watchlist for specific stocks as well. You will not find technical indicators on Google Finance but you can change the date range to see performance over time.

The best stock ticker for me is TradingView because of a lot of indicators, options, support, indicators.



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