Metatrader 4 Shortcuts

If you want to manage the MT4 or MT5 platforms fast, you need to know few shortcuts using your keyboard. This article reveals all the important MT4 shortcuts that you can use in everyday trading.

Please watch a video about MetaTrader 4 Shortcuts:


Metatrader 4 Shortcuts

– – zoom the chart out
Keyboard Arrows – to scroll left, right, up, and down.
Alt+1 – this shortcut display chart as bars
Alt+2 – this shortcut display chart as candlesticks
Alt+3 – this shortcut display chart as a broken line
Alt+Backspace – undo last deleted object(s)
Alt+F4 – close Metatrader 4
Alt+W – this shortcut open the chart management window
Backspace – delete the last object added to the chart
Ctrl+A – revert all indicator window heights to default
Ctrl+B – this shortcut opens the “Objects List” window
Ctrl+D – this shortcut opens/closes the “Data Window.”
Ctrl+E – enable/disable attached Expert Advisor
Ctrl+F – enable crosshair
Ctrl+F6 – switch to next chart window
Ctrl+G – this shortcut show/hide grid
Ctrl+H – this shortcut show/hide the OHLC line (top left)
Ctrl+I – this shortcut open the “Indicators List” window
Ctrl+L – this shortcut show/hide volumes
Ctrl+M – this shortcut open/close the “Market Watch” window
Ctrl+N – this shortcut open/close the “Navigator” window
Ctrl+O – this shortcut open the “Setup” window
Ctrl+P – print the chart
Ctrl+R – this shortcut open/close the “Tester” window
Ctrl+T – this shortcut open/close the “Terminal” window
Ctrl+W – close the chart window
Ctrl+Y – this shortcut show/hide period separators
Delete – delete all selected graphical objects
End – move the chart to the end (current price)
Enter – this shortcut open/close fast navigation window
F1 – this shortcut open the user guide
F2 – this shortcut open the “History Center” window
F3 – this shortcut opens the “Global Variables” window
F4 – this shortcut available MetaEditor
F5 – switch to the following profile
F6 – this shortcut opens the “Tester” window (must have an Expert Advisor attached to the chart)
F7 – this shortcut opens the properties window of the Expert Advisor that you have attached to your chart
F8 – this shortcut open the chart properties window
F9 – this shortcut available the “New Order” window
F10 – this shortcut open the “Popup Prices” window
F11 – enable/disable full-screen mode
F12 – move the chart ahead by one candlestick/bar
Home – move the chart to the start (earliest record you have downloaded)
Numpad 5 – restore automatic chart scale after it’s been changed or return the chart into visible range (if the scale is defined)
Page Down – fast scroll to the right
Page Up – quick scroll to the left
Shift+F12 – move the chart back by one candlestick/bar
Shift+F5 – switch to the previous profile



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