How Do I Go to a Specific Date/Time on MetaTrader? – MT4 or MT5 Go To Date

As a trader,  sometimes you want to jump into the past and see hourly or daily prices from a few years ago or a few months ago. If you do not want to scroll MT4 charts manually and look at prices slowly in the past, we can show you how you can use shortcuts.

mt4 go to date when you press enter

Let us see how MT4 goes to date:

How Do I Go to a Specific Date or Time on Metatrader?

To go to a specific date or time on the MetaTrader chart, you need to press “Enter” and then add wished time or wished date in a new empty white field. You can add a date in the format as [year].[month].[day] as well as in the format [day].[month].[year].

Please see the video where you can see how to jump to a specific date or go to a specific time, or both using fast navigation shortcut:

You can add in blank field date as: 2021.10.16; 16.10.2021; 16.10.21;

In MetaTrader 4 (MT4), jumping to a specific date can be helpful, especially when you want to backtest your trading strategies on historical data. Here is the process:

  1. Open the History Center by clicking on “F2” on your keyboard, or you can navigate to it from the menu bar by going to “Tools” > “History Center.”
  2. Select the currency pair in the History Center to view the data. After that, double-click on the time frame you want to inspect. The data should then load in the lower half of the window.
  3. Now, press “Enter” on your keyboard. This should open a text input field where you can enter the date.
  4. Type in the date in the form DD.MM.YY. For instance, if you want to move to July 4, 2023, type in 4.7.3. Leading zeros can be omitted.
  5. Press “Enter” again. The chart should then immediately re-position to the date you specified.

You can from Mt5 go to date if you press enter and then use the format HH: MM or DD.MM.YY HH: MM. 

If you want to jump to a specific time on a certain date in MT4 or MT5, you can use the format HH: MM or DD.MM.YY HH: MM. For example, if you want to position to 9:08 am today on a 1-minute chart, type 9:8 and press “Enter.”

Remember that these operations depend on the data available in your MT4 platform. Some brokers don’t provide extensive historical data, so you might be unable to jump to every date in the past.



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