What is MetaTrader 4 Market Closed Error?

What Is The Meaning Of “Market Closed” Error On MT4/MT5 Platforms?

In the past few years, MT4/MT5 platforms have gained much popularity, and now they have become two of the biggest trading platforms. So if you plan to use these platforms, you must know all the essential information. One of the most common problems many people face is the market closed error. However, it’s a fundamental thing, but most people don’t know about it.

What is MetaTrader 4 Market close error?

Metatrader 4 “market closed” error is an MT4 error that occurs when traders try to trade out of trading hours such as weekends, national public holidays, and at the moment when specific markets don’t trade (for example, stocks can be exchanged only several hours per day).

No trading is happening in the market if you see the MetaTrader 4 demo “Market is Closed” or MetaTrader 5 “Market closed” error. You are executing the trading positions in the wrong trading hours.

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Below you can see MetaTrader 4 market closed error screenshot from my platform:

metatrader 4 market closed error

Some of you might have questions like why the market is closed when trading goes on 24/7. However, trading goes on 24/7, but stock trading markets are not always open. Every country has trading hours, and you can trade CFDs and Forex for limited hours.

market closed error and mt4 assests list

So to help you understand better, here are some scenarios when markets are closed.

MetaTrader 4 Market close error during weekends

As mentioned above, the forex market stays active and open 24/7 but remains closed at the weekend. So if you want to access the forex market, you can only do it five days a week. Like this, CFD instruments stay active on weekdays and remain closed at the weekend. In short, if you are new in the trading world, don’t think about the money at the weekends.

weekend as non working day

While many retail traders are busy during the weekdays, they have minimal time to keep track of charts and follow market news. Not everyone can afford to pay someone else for their trades, so weekends provide a great opportunity!
The more hours you spend studying trends in preparation on Sundays, the better your chances of making money because most people who trade offline do all their work anyway.

Cryptocurrencies can be traded 24 hours and 7 days per week. However, some brokers do not allow to trade of cryptos during weekends, and you can see the “Marked is closed” error.

market closed for cryptos

Some markets are technically open during the weekend. For example, the cryptocurrency market, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, and Tadawul Index – Saudi Arabia are active during the weekend. However, you will still see that the market is closed because MT4 or MT5 platforms do not work on weekends. After all, your broker does not work on weekends.

MetaTrader 4 Market close error during National Holidays

The exchange market is closed on national public holidays along with the weekends. Though these closed market hours do not come regularly, you must stay updated and check the news from your broker.

National holidays represent official public holidays when banks, schools, and many businesses in a country are closed for the day.

Remember, if your broker is from Cyprus, the MT4 platform will work during US national holidays, but for some US stocks, you will not be able to trade on that day.

Please always check our forex calendar to see working and nonworking days.  For example, below, you can see some Federal Holidays in the US when the market is closed the US:

national holidays in US

MetaTrader 4 Market close error around midnight

Some brokers do not allow their users to execute trading activities at 00.00. The main reason behind this is to prevent volatile prices and reduce the potential risks arising from the lower liquidity. Though this varies from broker to broker, if you prefer trading now, it’s better to check whether the trading is allowed 24/7.

FXPro is one of the leading online forex brokers that offer specific market hours. Along with this, it also updates you on the coming national public holidays. It announces everything on its website to smoothly go there and know about the national holidays’ market hours.

The only suggestion is that before starting trading, research everything properly. This will keep you safe from financial loss and help you trade more effectively. I hope this article will solve some of your queries and provide you with some valuable information.

So, MetaTrader 5 market closed or Metatrader 4 demo market closed errors should be considered to notice that the trading market is closed during the weekend or holiday.



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