How Many Pips Does GBPJPY Move Daily?

GBPJPY has been the most volatile major forex pair in the last decade. If you like large trends, this currency pair can be your favorite.

How many pips does GBPJPY move daily in 2022?

The GBPJPY moves daily around 165 pips in 2022. The highest daily range was 387 pips (June 13. 2022.), and the lowest daily range was only 61 pips (February).

Now let us analyze how GBPJPY moves during the day.

There are several trading sessions during the day. See the Figure below:

eur usd forex time - eur usd opening hours sessions cycle

Based on these trading sessions, we need to know that the most volatile period of the day is the period when the EU sessions overlap with US sessions at around 16 hours GMT+1 and after the London market opens around 9 am (GMT+1):

gbpjpy hourly volatility in pips


If we analyze GBPJPY during the week, the most volatile day is Tuesday when on average, GBPJPY moves around 182 pips per day:

gbpjpy volatility during the week in pips


Finally, if we analyze the last several years, we can see this volatility for GBPJPY (similar to results we had in our article How Many Pips Does USDJPY Move Daily in 2022)

gbpjpy volatility during last several years in pips


This chart shows that the most volatile period was the summer of 2022.

As we can see on all these charts, GBPJPY volatility drastically increased in the summer of 2022, so we expect a turbulent end of the year.



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