The Best Forex Broker with Negative Balance Protection in 2024.

Have you heard about negative balance protection? It’s one of the most well-known financial regulations that have been in place for many years. This financial regulation acts as a guideline to ensure a better and more stable financial sector. It also provides that the traders are safe and protected from deceptive and fraudulent practices. Do you wish to know more about it? If yes, please look no further as you have already landed on the right page.

What is negative balance protection?

Negative balance protection represents the broker’s obligation that your account will not be negative if your account becomes negative under highly volatile market conditions. The traders can not lose more money than the trading funds they have in their accounts.

negative balance protection hfm

Forex brokers with negative balance protection are a precautionary measure undertaken by the brokerage firms to safeguard their customers. This financial regulation has one key aim, i.e., the policy protects all traders and even ensures that they will not lose more money than the actual deposit amount. For example, if your trading account incurs a loss and turns negative while performing a trading activity, you won’t have to pay the negative balance.

What Is The Best Forex Broker with Negative Balance Protection?

The Best Forex Broker with Negative Balance Protection is HF Markets broker because of its fast execution and excellent support. If your account goes into a negative balance, HFM will not close your trades before the price breaks the allowed margin.

In my experience, your account will have a negative balance in 1-2 minutes, and then it will be a zero negative balance.



Negative balance protection brokers

Largest Forex broker ReviewVisit

Min. lot size

Max. leverageMin. depositGrade

VISIT HFM0.011:1000$199

VISIT AVATRADE0.011:400$197

VISIT FXPRO0.011:500$10096

IC Markets
VISIT IC MARKETS0.011:500$20096
VISIT XM0.011:888$594

Ratings are based on our analysis on the best forex brokers page.

Note, that all brokerage firms do not offer the same level of negative balance protection. It varies based on the rules and regulations of that particular firm. For your reference, here’re the top three brokers that ensure you’re protected against a negative balance loss.

  • HF Markets broker has Negative balance protection, and in their contract, a trader can see

nder highly volatile conditions when margin calls and stop outs do not function correctly, no client is responsible for paying back a negative balance.


  • The XM Group is a licensed, globally recognized, and well-known forex broker. It operates in many territories, including Australia, Cyprus, Belize, and the United Kingdom. The platform adheres to many regulations and policies, including CySEC, IFSC, ASIC, and FCA.
  • Fxpro broker company is regulated, and It ensures all traders are offered negative balance protection in Order Execution Policy.
  • Avatrade broker’s platform offers negative balance protection. They put in their contract:

In the rare scenario where a market move puts the client in a negative balance position, we will refund the difference through a “Negative Balance Adjustment”.

Example of Negative Balance Protection

Trader deposit: $500
Trader BUY EURUSD and enter two mini lots.
After the NFP report, EURUSD goes down 300 pips in a few seconds.
2 mini lots X 300 pips = 600 pips loss.
Stop-loss didn’t activate, and now the trader has a negative balance -$100.
Broker’s platform activates negative balance protection, and now the trader has $0 in his account.

Negative balance protection has gained importance since 2011 when the Swiss-franc-crisis occurred. During the Swiss-franc crisis, the Swiss National Bank has stopped keeping in conjunction with the value of EUR. This situation ultimately led to the sudden and rapid strengthening of the Swiss franc against the EUR. However, many traders were not prepared for this situation, and they eventually ended up losing more money than they originally had deposited in their respective accounts.

In such situations, the brokers used to ask the traders to deposit additional money to nullify the earlier days’ negative balance. But, the situation has now changed. Nowadays, the broker takes responsibility for the loss if there is a negative balance situation.

How to protect your account from negative balance?

There are three standard tools that you can use to protect your account from a negative balance. These tools are easy to use, accommodating as they prevent you from incurring a loss.

  • Stop Loss Level: This tool is helpful when it comes to protecting your account from a negative balance. As a trader, you will need to mention the Stop Loss. It will be a reasonable way to save your money when there are instability and volatility in the market, and there are chances of rapid losses.
  • Leverage: This is indeed an essential and crucial tool that protects you from a negative balance. Higher effective leverage translates to higher potential risks and more profit when there is higher effective leverage.
  •  Transactions Volume: It’s another critical factor that protects you from a significant loss. Please bear in mind that all transactions can never be profitable. Some trades will be unprofitable, and you should be mindful and cautious about the transaction volume so that you do not incur a massive loss in such a situation.

Negative balance protection advantages

  • First of all, Forex brokers with negative balance protection are not liable for losses. This regulation provides an extra advantage to the traders. That’s because — the brokerage firms will be responsible in such situations. Your broker will be the liable party if your trading account witnesses more loss than its actual invested money.
  •  With negative balance protection enabled, your trading account will never turn negative. Even if the traders face a terrible loss, they will ultimately pay the maximum deposited amount. There will not be a harmful balance loss, and it will save you from debt.

Negative balance protection disadvantages


  • It may appear like the broker is the only responsible party in a negative balance loss. But, here is a problem. The brokers may attempt to close out the market before favoring the traders.
  • Those Forex brokers with negative balance protection usually tend to charge an increased brokerage fee. By demanding an increased brokerage fee, these Forex brokers attempt to cope with the negative balance losses.

Policies that support Negative Balance Protection

  • CySEC Policy: Please note that all CySEC regulated firms enable negative balance protection. This policy was established by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and it is applicable to account basis. For example, suppose a trader has two different leveraged positions with a single Forex broker. In that case, funds in position can be used to clear out the negative balance caused by another position. However, the entire trading account will not ever get into a negative state.
  • FCA Policy: FCA or Financial Conduct Authority policy applies to the UK-based brokerage firms and traders. It has set the maximum leverage values for the traders. So, for instance, if you are a better-experienced trader, your leverage cap will be 1:50. For the little-experienced traders, the leverage cap is set to 1:25. This policy applies to all FCA-regulated brokers.



Negative balance protection is an essential and essential precautionary measure for all traders. It protects traders against massive losses and lousy trading moves. With this regulation applied, it’s not the trader, but the brokerage firm will be the actual responsible party.

Since the Forex trading market is unpredictable and unstable, the above regulation will protect and safeguard you.



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