Zulutrade review – Zulutrade forex signals provider where experts trade for you

Zulutrade evaluation – Zulutrade forex signals provider where the best traders trade for you

Zulu Trade Overview
ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!
Zulutrade is considered a sophisticated forex single provider. The company handles an account network which helps the very best dealers trade signals to get automatically traded in the account of the broker, free of charge. Founded in 2006, the company fills the gap between essential data in money markets and completes the deal using the advice from some of the most skilled expert traders all over the world, increasing the speed it’s executed. This way of dealing forex could be considered as the Holy Grail that everyone searches for. Obviously ZuluTrade isn’t a traditional forex broker. Directly is linked only with aaafx forex broker but mostly all major world forex brokers offers Zulutrade as autotrading platform for traders.

Zulutrade is signal provider autotrading platform with excellent statistics. The basic system overview is simple : good traders trade, than system sort and rank top traders and investors follow top traders trades.See image:
zulutrade system

In this video we can see basic informations about Zulutrade:

The video beneath gives a complete outline of how ZuluTrade works:

The trademarked technology of ZuluTrade is deemed as the best choice for dealers who are intending to learn trading in a calm style. The assistance of expert traders, who show their dealing system and make a customer base, help to make this possible. There are virtually millions of providers to pick from, each of whom are able to provide an in depth track record.

How to start trading using Zulutrade signal provider ?

Setting up an account with ZuluTrade is pretty easy. This company provides a display account. An existing deal account is required with the help and assistance of brokers. The user has got to fill out an application form and then simply fax it to ZuluTrade which will take about 1 day to process. You can open account at AAAFx Zulutrade forex broker and your account will be automatic connected with Zulutrade account without any documents or delay. Regular lots and mini lots may also be traded. The withdrawal of the revenue is organized in a natural manner with the help of a broker and not through ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade is just a system that back links the user to the normal trade signals. The website can be effortlessly navigated. The database of the providers can be brought up effortlessly to get a provider who has the best percentage of winning deals, average pips gain for every deal, overall number of people subscribed, massive draw down and number of weeks. There’s no other way that these providers are able to use it to correct their trade history as every deal is audited.

Here you can see Zulutrade top signal providers :

A part known as “Mt Account” enables the user to handle the chosen service providers and get all deals that are taken into account. The company also has a trade designated as “Margin O Meter” that states how margin calls must be avoided by reducing the amount of deals that a signal takes at a single try and the amount of lots of every trade. The user can see the deals in their account and can close them personally whenever they want. The service provided by ZuluTrade is highly recommended to all those who would like to improve their forex income, and would likewise like the help of somebody else to deal on their behalf.

Everything about this service is easy and quick to understand. You’ll find an explanation of each and every service on the site. Customer service is offered by e-mail, 24 hour instant messenger and telephone. Its pretty entertaining looking at millions of providers to pick the ideal one.
How to find excellent signal provider ?
My advice is to use advanced search. Looking for top 100 providers with low drawdown.
zulutrade forex signal provider open account
So how can you make money using ZuluTrade?

First you have to open a ZuluTrade account. Then you are able to choose forex brokers at ZuluTrade like Aaafx or avafx. Then you link your forex broker account with ZuluTrade. All professional signals will go to your ZuluTrade account and your real account.
See how I made tons of forex pips from Zulutrade signal provider:

Mirror trading trades - avafx and zulutrade

This image is made few months ago. Now you can find much better signal providers. Anyway, you can open at zulutrade free account, try and test few months and than to connect with your real metatrader account. I suggest you to see Zulutrade brokers list and to make Zulutrade live signup.Most popular are Zulutrade alpari and FXCM zulutrade forex brokers but all brokers on list are welcome. Try to pick broker with low spread and signal providers which don’t scalping with high stop loss reward ratio.

About Zulutrade scam
Zulutrade is not scam. This service is the biggest in the world and money flow is huge. What is the problem for new traders. Very often traders pick signal providers which are on the top of the ranking list. They have excellent result few months and than lose all money. So what i problem :
New traders needs to watch to pick traders with low drawdown. It must be less than 20%. Than if trader risk 200 or 300 pips to earn 15 pips or 20 pips than this signal provider can not be good. Maby current statistical data shows top ranking but future performance will be very bad. You can see very often signal providers which risk too much.Sometimes keep loosing trade several months and traders lose money. So watch how traders trade. If traders risk 200 pips and earn 400 pips per trade that is good, but if he earns 15 pips and risk too much – this is not good.
For example : you have signal provider which is not ranked so good as Onlysafeprofit In the future this strategy can be excellent.


  1. Linett Dow says

    The system is really really easy to use, i even have no idea how it works, i use ti totally on auto-pilot…..and it does the work for me :)
    love as well the forum and comments interractions between traders and followers – makes me decide upon who to follow and not – i usually go for these traders that are more interractive – meaning talking to followes shows that they actually care for them.

  2. Darshana says

    I’m also following zulutrade providers but top rank providers are bit risky….I have seen sometimes they open around 30 trades from one currency…sometimes it goes more that 1500 drawdown. The accounts having $1000 is not good such kind of providers.

    I was manage to find a new provider and listed around 1000 in rank. His name is – pradeepfx

  3. Forex guru says

    Darshana you are right.
    The best thing is to watch MaxDD as the most important indicator.

    So if some forex signal provider can make $10.000 profit with $3000 Max. DrawDown then it is much better to follow somebody with $1000 profit with only $100 Max. DrawDown.

    What I do :
    I see MaxDDa and Profit ratio at every signal provider. Than I say : I need 7*MaxDD balance to have if I want to follow this signal provider. And than I deceide which forex signal provider I will follow.

    Cheers !

  4. Laref says

    This is the biggest forex signal provider on the world and a lot of excellent trading systems can not enter into the first 500 because competition is strong. But there is problem : A lot of traders open a lot of trades and if you check you will see that first 100 traders risk too much and if they have luck they make 1000 pips per month. And from 1 place they go to 1000.Sometimes afther losing trade they make another losing trade – against trend.So either they will earn 500 pips or 2000 pips lose sometimes.
    I do not like that.
    Pro traders do not trade like that. Choose only stable systems : max 3 open trades in history, more than 2 years trading.

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