Proprietary Trading Companies in India

Proprietary Trading Companies in India have become increasingly popular recently, providing investors access to various financial instruments and opportunities. These companies allow traders to take advantage of multiple market movements and capitalize on their knowledge of the markets. Proprietary trading companies are unique from other types of financial services companies because they allow traders to trade without having to rely on third-party brokers or dealers. This independence allows them to develop more sophisticated trading strategies and employ innovative risk management tools.

Proprietary trading firms in India offer a variety of products and services, including equities, derivatives, foreign exchange, commodities, and other hedging activities. These firms are typically located in major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., and often employ highly trained professionals with expertise in financial analysis and risk management. Using these firms’ platforms and tools, individuals can place orders routing directly through the firm’s servers for execution by its proprietary traders in real-time.

Proprietary Trading Companies

These firms provide clients with a wide range of investment solutions that suit their needs and budget constraints. The services offered by these firms include portfolio optimization strategies tailored to maximize returns while minimizing risks associated with changing economic conditions or global events that could impact investments adversely. Equally important is access to real-time research reports, which help investors decide which stocks or indices to buy or sell at any given moment to maximize gains or minimize losses for themselves or their clients.

Another critical aspect is managing funds on behalf of clients according to predetermined instructions – either long-term/short-term goals or both, depending upon the investor’s requirements – while also responding quickly during times when swift action is needed due to volatility in the markets caused by unforeseen events such as sudden geopolitical changes or natural disasters. In addition, proprietary trading firms may provide advice on mergers & acquisitions (M&A) matters since they are familiar with current market trends and have extensive experience conducting financial due diligence examinations across numerous sectors such as retail banking, healthcare providers, technology consulting, etc.

Finally, investors should ensure that before doing business with any proprietary trading company in India, they review all available information regarding its track record and credentials, including any regulatory filings that may be required by law. Additionally, it would also be prudent for an investor seeking assistance from a particular firm to inquire about any existing relationships it may have had with other customers so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to engage the firm for related services to their investment needs accordingly.

Proprietary Trading in India

Whenever a company or bank decides to trade bonds, stocks, commodities, derivatives, or other financial instruments located within the account while they use their funds instead of the money from clients, this will be called proprietary trading or prop trading. This will allow the company to profit from the trade instead of commission from client trades. Financial institutions and banks will use this trading type to increase profits. They will be considered more advanced than a single investor due to the marketing data they have access to. They also have sophisticated trading and modeling software. In India, prop trading is not usually business, and it is infrequent based on the number of traders in this country.

By theory, there are several strategies that a prop trader will use, like global macro-trading, arbitrage, etc., to increase returns. Even though this type of trading is risky, it can be very profitable for banks. Unfortunately, during the 2008 Financial Crisis, hedge funds and prop traders were attacked. This caused the Volcker Rule’s introduction, which limited prop trading and regulated how it operated. This was to avoid any issues between the clients and firms. However, a single investor will not benefit from this trading type due to the activity not involving trades on client behalves.

When we talk about proprietary trading companies in India, we can see that their names and websites often change because they merge, change over time, and transform quickly.

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Proprietary trading company list in India

Proprietary trading companies in India are:

  • Adroit Financial Services
  • Ariston Capital Services, Pvt. Ltd.
  • BLB Limited
  • Capstone Securities Analysis Pvt Ltd
  • Dolat Capital
  • Dynamic Trading Company
  • Edelweiss Capital
  • Estee Advisors Private Limited
  • Focus Comtrade
  • Futures First Info Services, Pvt. Ltd.
  • GoSTX
  • IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd
  • IKM Investor Services Ltd.
  • India Advantage Securities Ltd
  • Jaypee Capital Services Ltd.
  • Credit Trading
  • Kumar Share Brokers Limited
  • Mansukh Securities & Finance Ltd
  • Raptor Trading Group
  • SMC Global
  • TransMarket Group L.L.C
  • Trenchant Financial Technologies

Here is more information about prop companies in India:

Adroit Financial Services
Adroit has changed itself from a Stock Broking Company to a Financial service provider that is very successful. The company took trend-setting steps that caused it to emerge as a professionally managed capital market service company recommended by many for broking services, IPOs, mutual funds, commodities, currency derivatives, internet training, and depository services.
National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX), National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL), Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL), and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX). A strong base of well-trained and experienced Arbitrageurs and Traders ensures premium quality service to clients and customers through the many branches across India.

Adroit was founded in 1994 and is privately held and employs 501 to 1000 persons. Arbitrage Business, Online Trading (Commodity, Equity, Currency) The main office is Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, U.P.

Ariston Capital Services, Pvt. Ltd.
Ariston Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. Has interests in debt syndication and management advisory, M&A, and private equity placement. The company is a Consolidated Financial Services Group, focusing on airports, ports, infra ancillary, logistics, manufacturing, mining, power, and roads. It is a privately held company that employs 11-50 persons.
They can be found in Mumbai, and this is their website

BLB Limited

BLB Limited knows about the art and science of risk-free trading. As the flagship company, it is the leading liquidity provider to India’s derivative and equity markets.
The company has been one of the leading players globally, and it integrates risk-free trading and technology aimed at value creation. As a result, BLB has been consistently ranked among the top 10 traders by BSE Limited. The Company’s daily traded volume is over USD 200 million for its average daily traded volume.
BLB has an excellent understanding of trading dynamics and market structure and uses the latest technology to generate superior trading returns.
They have been specialists in Jobbing and Arbitrage, distinguished by their capital commitment and excellent understanding of trading dynamics and market structure.

Capstone Securities Analysis Pvt Ltd

Capstone Securities Analysis Pvt Ltd (CSA) is a financial services firm engaged in online trading shares in US securities, mainly in the very active NASDAQ, Amex stock, and NYSE. Traders at Capstone have been conducting research and trading since May 2005. Capstone’s management insists on encouraging its professionals’ career growth by providing the best performance incentives in the industry. They also offer leading technology and comprehensive career trader training and opportunities.
Their trader recruitment, training, and management program is a unique opportunity to maximize trader skills. They teach discipline, intellectual achievement, and focus.
Capstone is also a pioneer in providing its customers with intra-day trading and research services.
A company managed and operated by industry veterans; Capstone offers young talent opportunities to develop skills and build careers to enjoy the same lifestyles as exceptional traders.

Their offices are at Commerzone, Tower 1, Ground Floor, Airport Road, Off, Samrat Ashok Path, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006, India.

Dolat Capital

Dolat Capital Market Pvt. Ltd. Adheres to mathematical and statistical techniques and uses multi-strategy trading, as they are dedicated to producing superior returns. They trade actively in all Asset classes: futures, commodities, currencies, options, equities, and fixed income. In addition, they take advantage of their ultra-low latency infrastructure, which is in C++, one of the most competitive latencies.

. We trade actively in all Asset classes: equities, futures, options, commodities, currencies, and fixed income, taking advantage of our ultra-low latency infrastructure, which is, in C++, one of the most competitive in latency.
Legendary trader Dolatbhai Shah started the firm; in 1971; he provided two-sided markets in India’s non-listed equity derivates.

Dolat Capital is a privately held company founded in 1970; its headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra; they employ 201 to 500 persons. The team at Dolat Capital has a team that constantly works towards innovation; they have dedicated themselves to producing superior returns by using their particular methods.


Dynamic Trading Company is a privately held company founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. They are in the business of trading and supplying supreme quality mechanical transmission products.
The experienced staff offers Tools, Industrial Automation Components, Universal Joints, Mechanical transmission Couplings, Industrial Engineering Tools, Ball Transfer Units, Pulleys, Mountings, Grippers, Automation Components, Seal/O-Rings, and couplings.
Their skilled technicians have experienced quality analysts who always deliver on time.
The Company employs 11 to 50 persons at this time.

Edelweiss Capital

The Edelweiss Group is a leading diversified financial services conglomerate, providing a broad range of services and financial products to a wide client base, including individuals, corporations, and institutions in India.
A relentless focus on governance and prudent risk management is central to their actions. In addition, their customer-centric initiatives and intelligent way of investing in people, technology, and brand are seen as their differentiated approach to business. This has helped them improve their performance, and they can now say they are ready for the future.
Their journey for the past two decades can be put together in 5 phases, each vastly distinctive from the others. Each of the phases has been challenging but highly rewarding.
The business can be found at Edelweiss House, Off, C.S.T. Road, Kalina, Mumbai, 400 098

Estee Advisors Private Limited
Estee Advisors Private Limited creates algorithm-based investment products. They currently provide arbitrage products and index replication for the Indian market. Their PMS strategy, I-Alpha, has been in the market for five years with best-in-class returns. Sandeep Tyagi promotes the company as an experienced entrepreneur and has nearly two decades of experience in Financial Services, computer science, and analytics.
This is their website
And they are found on the 8th Floor, Block I, Vatika Business Park, Sohna Road, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122001, India.

Focus Comtrade
Focus Comtrade commenced its operations in 1999 with a team of professionals with vast experience in many industries and businesses. They are committed to delivering the best value to investors through innovative products, state-of-the-art technology, personalized service, and Investment/ Trading Strategies.
The company employs a skilled team of analysts supported by a professional team of leaders backed by a strong research team with technical, astrological, and fundamental analysis.
They use a process-driven, diligent approach, influential research and analytics, and a highly recommended dealing room.
Their focus is to deliver with vision. They now offer a range of financial products and services, such as Equity and Commodity Broking, Portfolio Management Services, Online Trading, and Research E-Magazine.
They put the customer first at all times, and they have a team of highly trained traders who have created a track record of producing good returns.
Focus Comtrade is found at 401/405 Dalamal House, 4th Floor Plot No. 206, Jamnalal Bajaj Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai -400021.

GoSTX is a Prop Firm that allows individuals to create trading laboratories. Registration is simple, fast, and accessible on their website. The firm is looking for talented persons who want to learn how to be stock traders (day traders); persons will trade with natural capital with no risk or cost to them during a trial period.

IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd
IDBI CAPITAL MARKETS & SECURITIES Ltd. (IDBI Capital) is a leading Investment Banking and Securities Company subsidiary IDBI Bank Ltd owns.
The range of services they offer includes Research Group, Debt Placement and underwriting, Fund management (Managing Assets-Pension/PF Fund Managers for clients), distribution of financial products, Project appraisal & Debt syndication, Stockbroking- Institutional and retail, Corporate advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, investment banking, and capital market products.
They cater to corporates, individual and Institutional clients with their entire suite of products and services.
IDBI Capital continuously raises its standards to be among the top ranks in all business lines with an international presence. Customer satisfaction keeps them committed, focused, and passionate as they serve with integrity.
They work together as they want to be the most preferred calling point for all their business lines; they are a customer-centric team that maintains transparency, integrity, and responsibility to drive them toward their vision. This will cause them to have an international presence.
They plan to promote innovation and teamwork to drive their business seamlessly with commitment and passion toward customers.
IDBI Capital also plans to make its mark internationally in all its business lines. They improve processes and systems and deliver superior value to customers, and I hope they will be delighted with excellent service.

IKM Investor Services Ltd.
IKM Investor Services Ltd. It is a proprietary trading company founded in 1961 and specialized in market-neutral and arbitrage trading. They are trading members of various commodities, currency exchanges, and Indian stocks.
IKM is now a leading broking and financing company, and three directors manage it.
IKM is not seeking any new clients or investors at this time.
IKM employs 201- 500 persons as a Sole Proprietorship trading company
Their headquarters can be found in New Delhi, Delhi.

India Advantage Securities Ltd
India Advantage Securities Ltd. It is a service provider in Mumbai for equities services, derivatives services, and commodities services.
New possibilities for the participation of investors and traders have emerged in Commodities. They have recognized that commodities hold many unexpected opportunities to evade business risks and offer traders and investors attractive trading and investment prospects.
In this firm, individuals are focused, committed, and part of an empowered team that adds value to achieving goals with honesty and integrity to enable continuous growth.
They are located at Om Plaza, Vasanji Lalji Road, Opp. Kandivli Station, Kandivli (West), Kandivali West. Mumbai-400067, Maharashtra, India

Jaypee Capital Services Ltd.

A firm is moving towards infiltrating new markets and regulatory environments as it takes steps to become a global securities firm. Their services presently include securities broking, currency broking, financial advisory services, depository custodial services, and corporations and institutional investors in Indian and Global Markets. They are currently in the US, which is the oldest market globally. This has given them the foresight to prepare to exploit market challenges and future opportunities. The Company has been known to think and execute big.
Jaypee Capital Services Ltd., founded in 1994, offers Financial Services such as Commodity Markets, Equity Markets, Derivatives, Equity Research, client management, and Financial Markets and employs 201 to 500 employees.
It is a privately held firm, and its headquarters are located in New Delhi.

Kumar Share Brokers Limited

KSBL Securities Limited is professionally managed and provides single-window convenience for all financial services. They are members of the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange,  portfolio managers through a network of branches and associates, and Depository Participants of Central Depository Services. In addition, they offer futures trading in commodity derivatives and Multi Commodity Exchange and National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange; they also have an academy for financial learning- Kumar Academy of Financial Management (KAFM) short-term courses to accommodate persons from all different backgrounds.
They offer currency futures trading through membership with MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX) and United Stock Exchange through their wholly owned subsidiary company KSBL Commodity Brokers Private Ltd.
They plan to satisfy their clients and associates by informing them about the future.
They are located at G-55, 53rd Floor, Royal Palace Vikas Marg.
Laxmi Nagar Delhi 110 09

Mansukh Securities & Finance Ltd
Takes care of their client’s investment and trading needs, Corporates and Business Partners, HNI’s, etc. So you can choose your pick from the various Trading and Investment solutions customized to fit your needs. Their offices are located in more than 100 cities across India, serving the investment needs of the many clients on their database.
You can open an account with them and get access to their mobile trading application today.
The Address: Mansukh House, Plot No. 6 Opp. Mother Dairy Plant,
Patparganj Road, Panday Nagar, Delhi 110092

Raptor Trading Group

Raptor Trading Group (Raptors) was founded in 2003, and they are the leaders in Multi-Asset Trading Solutions and the provision of Trading Connectivity.
Raptor’s Trading Systems’ solutions are used Globally by their clients. However, the core client’s focus is given to these firms, Hedge Fund Trading, Buy-Side, Sell-Side, Custodial Services, Portfolio Management, and Proprietary Trading.
Raptors’ unique ability to integrate with most major systems causes it to be an ideal solution that can be quickly implemented with a small cost and less disruption to clients.
The client needs to come first for Raptor, and no solution is too complex to be used.

SMC Global

SMC Global was founded in India in 1990; it is a leading and very diversified financial services company in India. SMC offers services across brokerage (commodities and currency, across asset classes of equities including cash and derivatives) research, investment banking, financing, depository services, insurance broking and clearing services and, wealth management, real estate advisory services to corporate, high net worth individuals, and other retail clients and distribution of third-party financial products.
You can become an SMC business partner who achieves goals and wins awards, and you’ll always have easy access to your portfolio.

TransMarket Group L.L.C

TransMarket Group L.L.C was founded in 1980 as a privately held global markets trading firm. They have been successful in trading by using their unique talent and next-generation technology to capture opportunities around the globe and do risk management in Financial markets. Their business has been developed with discipline, hard work, and patience. They are constantly learning, and they relentlessly improve their expertise.
They hire on a rolling basis and constantly seek new talent.

Trenchant Financial Technologies
Trenchant Financial Technologies India Private Ltd. (Trenchant) believes those in the financial sector make the best living. They also believe in providing opportunities for India’s brightest minds to make a good living, just like the traders in the wealthiest city in the world.
New York Stock Market is the largest, with some of the best traders in India. Trenchant Financial technology is all about moving Wall Street Trading to India.
They will be providing support for world-class trading software; their programmers now offer support for world-class trading software.
Trenchant financial technologies Pvt ltd Chennai address is Block 7, Mount Poonamalle High Rd, Manapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089, India.

Banking Relationships and Prop Trading in India

A bank is just a company that can help other businesses raise their financial capital, manage financial risks, and deal with foreign currency exchanges. Initially, trading has always been thought of as big banks simply because they have to market to whom they provide services. So, if a company decides to sell stocks using a particular bank, whoever purchases the stocks first will have issues with selling these shares to individual people if those people do not know the company well.

So, the bank will purchase the shares and look for buyers. This helps to give the market liquidity. A bank does not worry about the share value; they only consider selling stocks at higher prices than what they purchased. To do something like this, investment banks will have trader employees. The traders will start to think up strategies to bring in more profit besides providing liquidity. Because of this, proprietary trading was created and became a big thing.

Prop trading evolved when banks started reaching points where they had to employ multiple traders who only had trading and hopes of higher profits. These jobs were considered internal hedge funds inside the bank, which were handled away from average trading. A proprietary desk would often have high-risk value. Banks like Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank earned most of their profits and losses from prop trading.
Specific regulations required these prop trading desks to be kept from client activity and trading, which was done using Chinese Walls or a barrier that stopped the outflow of information. This prevented there from being any issues.

However, because of newer regulations such as the Volcker Rule, many banks have shut down their proprietary trading desk. Yet, proprietary trading has not died out; it is done within specialized hedge funds and trading firms. Moreover, trading within firms is often done using specialized technology that uses very complex algorithms and quantitative models.

Prop Trading Strategy

Arbitrage is the most important strategy used in trading and is usually used by banks. This is where a bank will take advantage of any discrepancies in pricing through sales or purchases of specific securities to create market-neutral profits. This particular trade will deal with operational and even settlement risks. There are often a lot of different banks that will watch for these types of opportunities.

There are no one or more trading strategies when discussing prop companies. Instead, each trader has their process.

One of the interesting facts is that there are different types of arbitrage, but the most common one is merger or risk arbitrage. This started during the 1980s. This is when one company decides to purchase another company, and then the price of shares for the purchaser drop, and the cost of shares for the other company will increase. So whenever the bank feels that a company buyout will happen, it will sell off any short shares left from the purchaser and then purchase shares of a purchased company.

Large Bank Prop Trading
When a bank has client issues, and there is a risk to the investors’ money, the trading desk will often fall, similar to what happened during the 2008 financial crisis, which has caused prop trading to decline.
The traders at these desks will often have a lot of education and trading experience. Computer programmers and even mathematicians are some wanted traders, even with automated strategies trying to find market inefficiencies being a prominent part of trading now. Math or computer-based trading, also called quantitative trading, is growing, and now a computer can complete tasks more efficiently and faster than a human.
The prop traders for banks will be employees of that bank and often have large salaries because they can handle large capital amounts. Whenever a trader has excellent performance, then a bonus is usually given. However, now that there are not many prop trading jobs open, this is not something that most people will have experience in. Yet, the smaller businesses that are easily accessible are best for those looking to make a career out of trading within the market.

Trader Training

There are a lot of companies that will train new traders all about how the market works. The training quality that is provided will be different based on the company. Some will offer new trader-specific strategies to be followed, while others may not teach you any method and expect the trader to make their system profitable. If a person is not that experienced and wants to work at a prop trading firm, they need to ask about training and provide any method. A new trader can progress much quicker if there is high-quality training.

The main point of proprietary trading is to take their money and turn it into even more money. So, these companies will provide a trader with capital; if money is made, they will also get money. However, some businesses will only provide means for day trading, which could be millions. Then some companies will have the trader add their cash as well. This can help the company lower risks as that capital may help handle losses that a trader may end up with. A trader with a strong history and plenty of experience may not have to add their money. In general, a prop trading company will increase the capital to which a trader would have access. This provides a chance for the trader to have a steady income from trading.
Many small prop trading companies will not have salary pay. Instead, a trader will receive compensation based on their performance. This is because they are not considered employees, just contracted labor used for trading capital.
Regarding how a trader is paid, they will get a certain percentage of the profits. This could range from 100% down to 50% of what comes from the market during the month. If a company only pays 50% of the profits will often have a cheap trading fee. On the other hand, a company delivering 100% profits in other places is usually paid through commissions and then charges you a fee to use the trading floor and capital.

Remember, the payout percentage is not the only part that must be considered when picking a prop trading company. The increased fees may cause it to be challenging to create a profit, so a company with low costs will allow an easier profit, which means that up to 75% will be profitable, unlike 100%.
Based on this model, months could pass before traders get a paycheck. It will take a lot of time to be profitable. The company can also provide a lot of capital, but only after smaller amounts are used. Only a handful of proprietary companies will hire a trader and provide salary pay until profits are made. The traders may also have to sign contracts to keep them from taking their salaries and leaving when profits start coming in.

Remote Trading or Floor Trading
Evan, we talk about proprietary trading companies in India or the USA or proprietary trading firms in Bangalore or any spot on this planet; it is a good thing that in the last several years, a lot of traders have become remote traders who trade forex, stocks, or options from home.

Initially, these trading companies were located within a physical office, but it is widespread for a prop trader to work at home due to the updated infrastructure. These people are called remote traders, and they can be at home and are often very experienced and have a long history and experience with risk control and discipline. When a person remotely trades, the trader may need to deposit to balance a loss because of system failures.
However, there is less risk for companies when a trader is floor trading because the traders are physically monitored. Therefore, if there is a hardware or software failure, several people will handle the issue.

A significant benefit of prop trading is going to be the profits. For instance, a broker gets a commission, while the company gets 100% of the trading profits when a person is a broker. So when a person is a prop trader, the company or bank will often have maximum benefits from these trades. Another advantage is that businesses can stockpile securities that can be sold in the future. If a company purchases securities for the future, it can then sell the stocks to clients who buy these shares. The stocks can even be loaned to a client who wants to sell short.

A company can then become a primary marker for the market. When a company only handles particular securities, then it will be able to provide investors with liquidity. They can also purchase securities using their resources and sell them to investors later. Yet, if the company buys them in large quantities and they happen to be worthless over time, it will have to handle internal losses. The company will only benefit if the security prices increase or people purchase them at higher costs.

A prop trader can also access specific technology and specialized automated software. These platforms allow traders to access various markets and even engage in and process high-frequency trades. The trader can develop a particular idea, test it out, and run demos on a computer. The trading platform will often be used in-house for a proprietary company, and only traders will use it. The company will then get all the benefits of having this software, which a retail trader lacks.

Proprietary trading is a fascinating field. These prop traders will be given capital to trade with to help make solid returns daily. A trader on salary and positions like this will be hard to find and will often require a person to have a high education level and an extensive trading history that has been quite profitable. There are often many proprietary firms that can be found worldwide, and before joining, research should be done to learn the training programs and pay structure to gain high levels of success.




Igor has been a trader since 2007. Currently, Igor works for several prop trading companies. He is an expert in financial niche, long-term trading, and weekly technical levels. The primary field of Igor's research is the application of machine learning in algorithmic trading. Education: Computer Engineering and Ph.D. in machine learning. Igor regularly publishes trading-related videos on the Fxigor Youtube channel. To contact Igor write on:

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