How Many Users on Pi Network?

The Pi Network is an emerging cryptocurrency platform that has experienced explosive growth since its launch in the Spring of 2019. With its recent announcement that its user base had climbed to 35 million, it is clear that this crypto platform has quickly become one of the most popular in the world.
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Launched by a group of Stanford graduates, the Pi Network was designed to simplify cryptocurrency transactions and make them more secure and convenient. The team behind the project was also aware that there was a need for an accessible, low-cost platform that allowed people to mine cryptocurrencies without having to purchase expensive hardware or compete with large mining pools. To achieve this, they created a mobile-friendly app that lets users earn Pi tokens (their digital currency) by simply running their app on their phones and inviting friends to use the network.

How Many Users on the Pi Network?

While on March 15. In 2022, there were 33 million users; this number climbed up to 35 million. The most significant user increase we could see was on December 30, 2022, when and Houbi listed the PI coin without permission. Pi Network isn’t affiliated with and hasn’t authorized any exchange listing on December 29. 2022.

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See more about this issue in our article. PI officials warn traders that and Houbi do not have the right to list Pi coins.

In March 2021, just six months after launching, the Pi Network already had 14 million users. By December 2022, only one year later, they reported that their user base had more than doubled to 35 million users. In March 2022 alone, they saw a massive surge in user growth, with 33 million new users joining within one month – indicative of how popular this network has become globally.

Since then, the team behind the project has continued to build its infrastructure with improvements such as better security protocols and new features like their P2P payment system, which allows transfers between two users without relying on third-party providers such as banks or other financial institutions. Additionally, they now support over two dozen fiat currencies, so users can make payments using traditional money from almost anywhere in the world. The Pi Network also plans further expansion into other countries, including India and China, where millions of potential new users await access to cryptocurrencies without exorbitant fees or lengthy verification processes.

The meteoric rise of this blockchain-based digital asset shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon either; currently ranked among some of the industry’s leading players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it looks set to be one of cryptocurrency’s biggest success stories yet – especially considering it began life as a relatively small experiment less than three years ago!

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