How much is Blue Origin Stock? – Invest in Blue Origin

Are you wanting to invest in Blue Origin but don’t know how to make it happen? Don’t worry, here you’ll get the solution for it.

What is Blue Origin?

Blue Origin represents a private spaceflight company from Kent (Washinton, USA) that sends tourists to space using a suborbital rocket called New Shepard.

Does Blue Origin have stock?

Blue Origin does not have stock because Blue Origin is not a public company, and you can not buy Blue Origin shares. However, Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000 and still owns the company, funding it through share sales of his Amazon stock.

Space lovers know everything about it, but if you aren’t, you should know they’re a private company of spaceflights and come under the ownership of Amazon, with its founder being Jeff Bezos. This company was established in the year 2000 to make traveling to space affordable and allow everyone to view the exteriors and surroundings of earth. But does Blue Origin have stock?

They already have a fair share of competition out in the market with other private companies such as Virgin Galactic and the well-known SpaceX that is a concern of Elon Musk’s Tesla. In October of 2019, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic also listed themselves at the New York Stock Exchange. The Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith takes care of staying ahead in the race.

As per Jeff’s planning, he aims to put a minimum of one billion dollars into the company every year. However, he is more tied up with Amazon and its holding; therefore, this investment comes from there.

Between 2017 and 2018, Jeff put shares of Amazon valuing at two billion dollars out for sale to invest in Blue Origin. In an event held in February 2019, Bezos said, “Every time you buy shoes, you’re helping fund Blue Origin, so thank you, I appreciate it very much.”

Blue Origin Stock price today

Blue Origin Stock price doesn’t exist because Blue Origin is not a public company, and you can not buy Blue Origin shares. Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000 and still owns the company, funding it through share sales of his Amazon stock.

What All Has Amazon Acquired?

Amazon did not have quite much growth before the 2000s, even though it was launched in 1995. One of the reasons why the eCommerce platform was able to bolster its growth was its acquisition strategy since the year 2009. Jeff’s mind has helped him acquire over 60 companies, just right after having Zappos in 2009 at $1.2 billion.

The gigantic eCommerce business’s capability is undeniable and has the power to expand in any direction it desires for. Even when the simple and smaller techniques fail to perform, the founder and his team are willing to leave a long-lasting impact on the market, such as their step to purchase Whole Foods at $13.7 billion in the year 2017

Apart from this, certain other well-known Amazon purchases would be the decision to acquire Ring, a security camera & doorbell solution master, in 2018 for over $1.8 billion. In addition, Kiva Systems, a warehouse robot manufacturing company, was acquired in 2012 for $775 million. Finally, twitch’s now known online streaming platform was brought under the nose for $970 million two years after Kiva came in.

Does Jeff Bezos Carry A Business Charm?

According to the news, the founder of Amazon has decided to become the executive chairman, leaving his post as the chief executive behind. He stated to his employees at Amazon that he is looking forward to becoming a part of several other opportunities of his interest, specifically mentioning Blue Origin as one of his primary concerns. Jeff also appointed Andy Jassy as his replacer to post he’s leaving.

Considering Jeff relieved from his hectic schedule and much of his time going into the eCommerce business now being free, he’s all set to focus on Blue Origin. The first step would be establishing reusable flights to space back and forth.

But, let’s be honest, Blue Origin is far from being the same as SpaceX or better than them. Elon had literally left everything to prove SpaceX the best and is dedicatedly working on establishing life at Mars, and simplifying space travels for the commoner. Bezos is also aiming to create a reusable lander for the moon’s lunar surface, and this execution would be the first for this surface since the last mission conducted in the 1970s.

Several experts feel Jeff should be present for his company, at least now more than ever in the past. He has to give more of his time towards Blue Origin and needs to act immediately towards anything that’s lagging. A veteran from the industry claims the entire problem has arisen because the space company moves from a developed co. to a production co, via multiple channels.

The experts have also found that Bezos still plans to be a part of the major actions and initiatives of the company rather than toiling himself down into all-in-all management. Ever since he was a computer science and electrical engineering student at Princeton University, he fancied space. He had an aim to establish himself across the bigger sector of the market.

What Does Blue Origin Hold In The Future?

Just as we mentioned above, Jeff looks forward to making space-traveling affordable by using rockets that could function back and forth for a longer time span. The first experiment would be to attest a capsule that fits passengers on the booster rocket and set it for flying 62 miles into the suborbital space above the earth’s surface.

As it goes into the air, it’ll be separated from the rocket, which will give all the passengers a feeling of weightlessness as they’re into space for approximately 4 minutes. They would also be able to detach their belts and have a floating adventure whilst being in the cabin. Also, they’d be able to view our planet and its shape through the window for a few minutes before the capsule prepares itself to land back by falling into the atmosphere.

The entire trip will be for a span of eleven minutes, and ticks will be sold for their New Shepperd Rocket that’s designed for passengers, costing around $18,000 per minute. The spacecraft has good statistics upon checking and can carry a maximum of 6 passengers.

Earlier, Jeff decided to bring this project for use in 2017, then pushed it to 2020, but so far, there are no signs of its establishment so people could purchase tickets. However, the company is also developing another spacecraft named ‘New Glenn,’ and it will carry advanced missions ahead, with projects such as satellite transfers into the orbits.

Rocket engines are also being built, and those will be supporting the new rocket New Glenn and Vulcan Centaur, a United Launch Alliance initiative. With building engines, the space company has received its 1st revenue, with over two hundred million dollars being invested into a factory at Huntsville, with a space of 200,000 sq. ft.

How To Buy Blue Origin Stock?

The only hindrance coming between you and purchasing Blue Origin’s stock is the fact that this company is not publicly listed, unlike Virgin Galactic. Not only that, but there hasn’t even been any significant announcement coming from the company’s end. So there is no sense behind investing in Amazon just for Blue Origin since it’s not the only company supporting them.

But, if you’re considering placing your money in Amazon’s equities for Amazon, then you could witness a rise due to their advertisement, retail, and cloud computing. Nearly forty-four percent of the USA’s eCommerce spending goes into Amazon.

As per an analyst, several investors are actually worried about the extra prices being implemented into the company’s stocks with their profits going Amazon Web Services and the costs of 24-hour delivery.

In Conclusion: Few More Details On The Blue Origin Equities

There is indeed no doubt in the fact that Jeff has indeed dwelled himself into Amazon to transform it into one fine masterpiece. As of now, he is dedicatedly working towards making space travels cheap for everyone and normalize it as well. Once established, it would result in a massive step for Blue Origin and the eCommerce platform.

Even though this space company has had its rough times, that doesn’t bring the founder down, and he’s still pretty much serious about making his vision a reality. According to Jeff, working on this is the most important thing he is doing.

But as for the Blue Origin Public Stock, there is no update since they’re attempting to take the space economy at a global stage. If we merge their efforts and satellite services and exploration projects, all of this is priced at a whopping three-hundred billion spent every 365 days.

Will Jeff Bezos, a 57-year-old founder of Blue Origin, be capable enough to make space traveling and tourism a literal happening? That’s still unidentified, but what’s a hundred percent sure is the fact that Amazon is never going to come down because of this.



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