Fxpro Rebate

FxPro rebate is a cash-back deal where the FxPro broker returns a small portion of the transaction cost. FxPro plans offer cash-back incentives for traders, allow traders to earn extra cash from their trading. For example, if your rebate is two pip and the spread is four pips, your net spread is only two.

FxPro rebate cash-back incentives plan is:

FxPro rebates for:MT4cTraderMT5EDGE / MT4 MarketSpread Betting
CryptocurrenciesUp to $5.00 Per LotUp to $5.00 Per LotNone
ForexMajors $4.00 Per Lot,
Futures$1.60 Per LotNone$1.60 Per Lot$1.60 Per LotNone
IndicesUp to $1.68 Per LotUp to $1.68 Per LotNone
Metals$4.00 Per Lot$4.00 Per LotNone
Oil / Energies$2.50 Per LotNone$2.50 Per Lot$2.50 Per LotNone
Others $4.00 Per 100K USD Traded10% of the executed spread -Bet spread
Others $6.00 Per LotMajors $3.00 Per 100K USD Traded,
Shares / Equities$0.40 Per LotNone$0.40 Per LotNone

FxPro offers rebates for traders and affiliates. For example, as you can see in the table above, if you trade one lot EURUSD (central forex pair), you will get a $4 FxPro rebate cash-back.

FxPro rebate for Metals is $4 per trading lot, as same as for major currency pairs. For example, oil and energy trading assets can bring you $2.5 per trading lot. However, if you trade equities, your trading rebate is only $0.4 per lot. The most significant FxPro rebate has cryptocurrencies $5 per lot and exotic currency pairs $6 per lot.


FxPro affiliate account rebate

FxPro affiliate program is designed for people who want to promote the FxPro brand and services in exchange forFxPro rebate commission. People can join to FxPro affiliate program in two steps. First, they need to register as new live traders, verify their accounts, and contact the FxPro partner program.

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