FxPro Christmas Trading Hours in December 2023. and January 2024.

FxPro forex broker is one of the most famous brokers. Many TV and internet ads are created related to this broker, and many clients registered in the last several years.

This page will present information about working hours during the winter holidays.

FxPro Christmas Trading Hours will change during the winter holidays. The market will be closed on January 1 2024., and  on Monday 25. December 2023.

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Forex trading during Christmas at FxPro forex broker is presented in the Calendar below:

On Friday 26. December 2023 market will be opened regularly. However,  for UK shares, spot indices there will be early closing like in the image below:


Fxpro december 23 trading hours

On 26. December 2022 will be a late opening at Fxpro broker, where all CFDs instruments can trade from  6 AM hours.

monday 26 december trading hours Fxpro

December 30, 2022, will be a regular trading day. However, some instruments will be closed earlier. Please see the calendar below:

early closing on 30 december 2022

On January 1. and January 2. 2023, the forex market will be closed, and the broker does not work:

fxpro new year trading days

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