How to Report Forex Trading Scams on Instagram? – Screenshots and Video

Instagram, the global titan of photo and video-sharing platforms, attracts users from diverse backgrounds and interests, each seeking to connect, inspire, and share with a worldwide community. A hub of creativity and social engagement, Instagram stands as a testament to the power of digital connection. However, the platform’s broad reach and popularity are not without their pitfalls. One increasingly prevalent issue is the surge of users leveraging Instagram to propagate questionable financial ventures, promising quick wealth accumulation—specifically, schemes related to forex, cryptocurrencies, and other get-rich-quick ploys.

The promise of quick wealth through these ventures is enticing, with Instagram providing the perfect platform to promote such alluring narratives. Users, often posing as successful entrepreneurs or investors, advertise their supposed financial successes, often using luxury cars, expensive vacations, and lavish lifestyles to solidify their claims. Yet, behind the façade of easy prosperity lies a pervasive form of spamming, a manipulative practice that violates Instagram’s community guidelines and the trust of its users.

These tactics exploit the platform’s social nature, targeting unsuspecting users with persistent, unsolicited messages promising high returns from forex trading, cryptocurrency investments, and other high-risk financial activities. Despite the glitzy allure of these schemes, the reality is that such ventures often involve substantial risks and can lead to significant financial loss. More worryingly, they can sometimes be fronts for outright scams.

You need to be able to spot a forex trading scam on Instagram. After that, you need to report it.

How to Report Forex Trading Scams on Instagram?

To report forex trading scams on Instagram, go to spammy user profile, click three dots, and choose “Report.” In the following steps, you must mark spam as a reporting reason and block or restrict the user.

Please see my detailed video:

This is the main screenshot:

How to Report Forex Trading Scams on Instagram

Reporting someone on Instagram for spam or other inappropriate activities is straightforward. If you’re encountering unwanted messages related to forex trading, cryptocurrencies, or any other form of spam, you can report them directly through their profile. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Find their profile: You can access the user’s profile by clicking on their username on any posts in your feed or searching for their username in the ‘Explore’ section. You can click on their username in your direct messages if they’ve sent you a message.
  2. Navigate to more actions: Once you’re on their profile, look towards the upper right side of the screen. Next to their username, there’s an icon with three dots (either vertical or horizontal, depending on the device you’re using). Click on this icon to reveal more actions.
  3. Report the account: Select the’ Report’ option from the drop-down menu that appears. Instagram will then prompt you to specify why you’re reporting the account.
  4. Specify the reason: Instagram provides several reasons for reporting an account. In this case, select ‘Spam’ or ‘Scam or Fraud,’ depending on the nature of the messages you’re receiving. Follow the on-screen instructions, providing as much detail as possible to help Instagram accurately assess the situation.
  5. Submit the report: After filling out the necessary information, you can finalize the process by submitting the report. Instagram will review your report and, if they find that the user in question is violating their Community Guidelines, take appropriate action.

Screenshots and detailed instructions to Report Trading Scams

In the first step, when you press three dots on the user profile you will see the following screenshot:

How to Report Forex Trading Scams on Instagram

In the next step, after you choose Report, you will see the question, “Why are you reporting this account?”:

report account step 2

In the next step, you will choose the option “It’s posting content that shouldn’t be on Instagram”:

step 3 it is posting content that should be on instagram


Finally, you will have the option to answer on the question “Why are you reporting this account” and you can choose the option “Spam”:

why are you reporting this account step 4

In the last step, you will have the option to block the user:

step 5 block spammy account

How many reports to Ban an Instagram account?

To get banned from Instagram, sometimes, one report is enough. Instagram specialists, after reporting, analyze account holder behavior and determine the violation degree. If users use bad practices multiple times in a long period and violate rules on Instagram, Instagram experts can deactivate accounts based on a single complaint. 

In managing the vast social landscape of its platform, Instagram has implemented a rigorous system to handle reports of misuse and violation of its guidelines. When a user is reported for bad practices, such as spamming or fraudulent activities, the report is reviewed by Instagram’s team of specialists. They meticulously examine the user’s activities, considering both the severity of the reported incident and the account holder’s overall behavior.

It’s important to note that Instagram evaluates each report within the larger context of the user’s activity on the platform. This means that even if a single report may not seem significant, it could tip the scales if the user has been engaged in repeated or continuous inappropriate behavior.

The number of reports necessary to result in a ban can vary. In some cases, a single report may be sufficient to ban an account, mainly if the reported activity is significantly harmful or violates Instagram’s guidelines seriously. Moreover, if an account has been flagged multiple times for lesser violations, a single complaint might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, leading to the account being disabled.

When users repeatedly break the rules over an extended period, Instagram’s specialists may decide to deactivate an account based on a single complaint. This stringent action is a deterrent to those who might exploit the platform and violate community guidelines.

Using such a system, Instagram aims to create a safer, more trustworthy online environment. It reminds all users that they are part of a broader community where mutual respect, responsibility, and adherence to rules are necessary for everyone to have a positive experience.


While Instagram offers opportunities for genuine financial education and growth, the proliferation of these spamming activities presents a severe challenge, underscoring the importance of vigilance and critical thinking among users. By understanding the tactics employed by these unscrupulous individuals, Instagram users can better navigate the platform, recognize and avoid spam, and contribute to a safer, more authentic online community.



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