FBS Regulation – is FBS safe?

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FBS forex broker has Registration No. 119717, and FBS Markets Inc is regulated by IFSC, license IFSC/60/230/T.S./17.

A Detailed Review of FBS and FBS Regulation

FBS is Cyprus, an abased forex broker operated by Tradestone Ltd and has its main office in Limassol, Cyprus. Established in 2009, the brokerage is governed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) rules. FBS has been conferred with several recognitions from diverse global recognitions and awards. Today, the brokerage serves more than 13,000,000 clients.

As per the official estimates, the firm gets 7,000 applications for new accounts each day. Further, the brokerage receives and processes a request for withdrawal every 20 seconds. Although as many as 80% of their clients are loyal to the broker, the primary source of income for the brokerage is 48% of the clients. Serving clients across the globe in 190 countries, FBS keeps increasing its share in the market every day.

How is FBS regulated, and is it secure?

Is FBS safe? FBS being under the regulatory setup in Cyprus can be traced back to when Cyprus joined the E.U. under a set of regulations as per 2004/39/E.C./MiFID. It has been in existence since November 2007. It aims to maintain a high-quality with balanced protection for investors in the market of financial instruments. MiFID II became effective in January 2018. It was empowered to make investor protection effective by improving transparency.


The E.U. brought out the 4th Anti-money Laundering law, one of the toughest laws in Europe. FBS abides by all the rules under the E.U. and is a member of ICF. These ensure that retail clients have entitled et reimbursement if their broker fails to pay because of financial issues.

FBS address
FBS headquarters or FBS address is No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.

Fee payable

FBS gets its revenue mainly from the spread of instruments. It is calculated in terms of the difference between the asking price and the bid price. Further, the swap rates for holding a position overnight are also considered. As F.B. does not offer accounts for ECN, nor does it collect a commission for trading. Spreads begin at the lowest level at 1.0 pip and rise according to the liquidity of the currency. For Muslim traders, the brokerage offers Islamic accounts. This is because religious norms bar Muslims from taking or accept interest.

Forex traders can take this sort of Account. You can also check out the swap rates on the MT4 platform using these steps:

Right-click the symbol for desires, and in the Market Watch, win, choose characters. Next, select the currency of your choice and click ‘properties’ on the right. Finally, scroll down to reach ‘Swap Long and ‘Swap short.’

Another benefit for forex traders is that they can use Calculator by FBS to know about the trade before starting addition, g. In addition, FBS does not charge traders for withdrawals or deposits, reducing the total cost per unit of trade. For retail traders and institutional entities, this will be highly beneficial.

What can I deal with?
FBS offers a small collection of sets comprising 28 currency pairs and two metals. The specifications in the contract differ for applicants applying for the Cent Account and the Standards Account. The overall groups should be taken as just a minimum or and is not sufficient for professional clients.

It’s not in the greater interest of traders when there is a lack of adequate currency pairs and metals. It’s also important to note that F.B.s lack CFDs on indexes and equity, and cryptocurrencies. Of course, it offers the minimum that real diversification cannot happen for a forex trading account. This makes it unfit for traders who are looking for opportunities in trading across assets.

Types of accounts

FBS offers services in serving trading account. Its scheme offers two sorts of accounts, namely the Standard Account and the Cent Account. The principal difference between the two is the minimum deposit. The minimum deposit starts at one $/€10 for Cent account and one at $/€100 for Standard accounts.FBS standard account minimum deposit is $100.

The minimum spread in both floating one and starting 1.0 pip and the maximum is 1:30.

The Cent account also offers a maximum amount of orders o five standard lots (one familiar lot is equal to 100,000 units. Under the situation, the /standard Account sees a sport in units to 500 standards.

The maximum number of pending or open positions is fixed at 200 at a starting speed of 0.3 seconds.

Fbs Islamic Account
Muslim traders in the forex industry are prohibited from receiving or paying interest. To make trading ethical and provide equal opportunities to all clients, FBS offers the Swap Free account – Fbs Islamic accountTherere is no swap or rollover on overnight position when the swap-free Account is activated.

Cent account defined

The Cent account is primarily a starting level account for new forex traders. To start with, you can go with micro-deposits and best suits to create and test new strategies. However, they are hardly relevant as the Standard Account has a fairly small deposit requirement.

Note that FBS does not provide any special trading conditions to traders even if they have a higher balance or more often trading with FBS.

What are the trading platforms?

FBS offers services that can be done on the MT4 platform for Apple, Windows, macOS, Apple iOS, Android, and FBS Web trader. MT4 is the most widely used trading platform used by forex traders. However, FBS does not endeavor to offer traders exclusive – something not included in the MT4 trading platform’s standard license.

In many cases, forex brokers offer to pay the license fee and obtain their trading platform with the aid of partnerships of a White Label via another forex broker at a small fraction of the cost.

The most often choice made by new traders is social trading or copy trading. They remain truant as FBS has to abide by its minimalistic approach. It offers just the minimum to stay operational as a forex firm. The features listed are part of the MT4 trading platform, and it should not be credited to what FBS offers.

Salient features

Thought the features are not unique because FBS does not operate vigorously out of their normal operating procedure. However, the numerous awards and recognitions reflect whatever FBS does high-quality.

These include researching, publishing, and telecasting in-depth news coverage and offering relevant information. These are highly beneficial for entry-level traders; it covers in-depth news in forex markets, analyzes the daily market, webinars on Forex, and lessons in video format. All this makes FBS a great platform to learn, stay informed, and updated.

High-quality customer support

The customer support service operates round the clock and is highly responsive in just 30 seconds; the customer support is available in diverse languages.
These countries actively participate in FBS services. FBS accounts feature unique aspects such as minimum deposits, maximum leverage, different types of funds, and ECN accounts offers. The services from this platform can be applied effectively in many other areas. This is very important as it contributes to the overall success in a certain time frame. FBS services are best analyzed through their use in the Asian Forex Market. The Asian Forex Market helps FBS regulation and directly contributes to investments conducted through the market.

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Currencies can help develop, and for the skill set, there are many different aspects when he the currencies help develop and for the skill sets. Currencies are one part of trading Forex, but there are many other aspects of trading Forex. FBS is one of the best trading currencies available on the market is it directly correlates to the retreat as an interactive platform. Non-reputable try traders will not be included in the mark, and if you’re not making your way to the best of the platform, non-reputable traders are not allowed to complete the process in a way that they. Some of the other aspects of If it’ll market include those that may consist of certain elements. When these marketing Lutheran aspects, many different things can be done in a certain amount of time.


A well-governed, regulated, and managed forex brokerage can win their traders’ trust because traders can be assured of the minimum guarantee that their money is safe with the agencies. As a result, y. As a result, FBS could be among the best in forex markets and worth trying to enter the business.
The most important thing is that FBS is a regulated broker and safe.



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