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The modified B-Clock indicator for MetaTrader is a candlestick timer indicator. It shows you the time remaining before the ongoing price of candlestick closes. For new traders, this indicator works as a great option. It will assist the traders if they are unsure how much they must wait until the current candlestick shuts.

This indicator was created to help investors save even more time. You won’t have to keep an eye on the price movement the whole day if you use the MetaTrader 4 clock indication since the modified B-Clock indicator predicts when a new closed candle will appear. This indicator is suitable for price-action investors whose trading decisions rely on candlestick trends.

Modified B-Clock also functions as an MTF indicator. That indicates that you may use it at various periods on your MT4 platform, from a single minute to weeklong charts. It also works with various liquid funds, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and more.

Download B-Clock Indicator ex4 for MT4

Download B Clock Indicator

indicador b clock mt4 download ex4

Fictionality of the modified B-clock indicator on MetaTrader 4 charts

A chart will appear after you have downloaded and installed the modified B-clock indicator on your MT4 system.

A small numeric sentence is placed on the top-right side of the stock chart, indicating how much time is left for the ongoing price candle to end. For example, if it says 37:6, for instance, that implies the current candle will complete in exactly thirty-seven minutes and six seconds. The top-left side of the stock chart also displays the leftover candle’s closure time in the text format.

The modified B-Clock can adjust to Multilateral Trading Facility – MTF charts automatically. For example, suppose you change from a one-hour to four-hour timeframe. In that case, the timer will adjust to the updated Trading Facility chart and display the leftover closing period of the current four-hour candle.

Furthermore, if you’re utilizing multiple-timeframe stock charts in only one MT4 panel, you may still use a modified B-Clock indicator to improve your charts.

Let us consider an example of price movement charts of four different time durations given by EURUSD in the single MT4 panel. The time durations for the charts used are five minutes, fifteen minutes, one hour, and four hours. On each chart, we’ve also used a single B-Clock customized indicator. You’ll notice that the clock adjusts automatically for every timeframe stock chart and displays the leftover time for closing each candle.

You can consider using a stopwatch, then put up a reminder depending on the counter of the candlestick’s closure. This serves as a candlestick closing indication. Such techniques will enable you to prevent spending the entire day seated at your workstations, staring at your market movements. Meanwhile, you can devote more time to other tasks and return to your investment chart whenever a candle-close warning is received.

Final thoughts

As per our analysis, the modified B-Clock indicator is an excellent asset for traders who do price-action trading. For example, on a four-hourly EURUSD stock chart, you’re certainly looking for a bullish candlestick, and this MetaTrader 4 clock will inform you how much longer you have to wait till the candle finishes. As a result, it saves you time and allows you to concentrate on various technical aspects of the trading industry.



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