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The US30, also known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), is a widely followed stock market index in the United States. It represents the performance of 30 large, publicly traded companies chosen to reflect a diverse range of industries in the American economy. Traders often use the US30 as a trading asset because it provides a snapshot of the overall health of the U.S. stock market. It can be traded through various financial instruments like futures contracts, options, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), allowing investors to speculate on its price movements. Understanding the factors influencing the US30 and conducting a thorough analysis is crucial for successful trading in this popular index.

In recent articles, we learned how to count pips on US30, but here, we will focus on finding this asset in MT4.

To open the US30 index on MT5, choose the File option, then “New chart,” and then Indices. However, it would help if you went to View/Symbols (CTRL+U) to show each asset you want to trade in MT5 and make it visible for trading.

us30 on mt5

Opening the US30 index on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform involves several steps. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to do it:

  1. Accessing MT5: LLaunch the MetaTrader 5 trading platform on your computer or mobile device. If you haven’t already, log in to your trading account.
  2. File Option: In the MT5 platform, locate and click on the “File” option in the top-left corner of the screen. This option is typically found in the menu bar.
  3. New Chart: After clicking “File,” a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, select “New Chart.” This action will allow you to create a new chart window.
  4. Choosing Indices: Once you’ve selected “New Chart,” a window displays various trading instruments and asset categories. Look for the category labeled “Indices” or something similar. Click on it to access a list of available indices.
  5. Selecting US30: Within the “Indices” category, you will see a list of different stock market indices. Locate the “US30” or “Dow Jones” index, and double-click on it or select it and click the “Open” button. This will open a chart window specifically for the US30 index.
  6. Displaying Assets: To ensure you can see all the assets you want to trade in MT5, including the US30 index, you can see the “View” menu at the platform’s top. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “CTCTRL+U access the “Symbols” dialog box.
  7. Symbols Dialog Box: In the “Symbols” dialog box, you’ll find a list of all the available trading instruments your broker offers. This list may include various currency pairs, commodities, and indices. Locate “US30” or “Dow Jones” in this list and ensure it is checked or marked as visible for trading. If it’s not checked, click on it to select it.
  8. OK and Close: After selecting “US30” or “Dow Jones” and making it visible, click the “OK” button or a similar confirmation button in the dialog box. This will save your settings.
  9. Trading US30: The US30 index has now been opened as a chart and made visible for trading in MT5. You can analyze its price movements, place orders, set up indicators, and execute trades on this popular stock market index.

See below how to show assets in MT5:

show symbols in mt5

Indices are commonly traded on MT5 platforms due to several reasons. First, indices expose traders to a broad section of the financial markets, making them an attractive choice for diversifying their portfolios. This diversity can help spread risk and enhance trading opportunities.

Secondly, MT5 platforms offer access to many global indices, including popular ones like the S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, and more. This extensive selection allows traders to capitalize on various economic and geopolitical events worldwide.



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