Pi Coin Roadmap V1! – Pi Network’s Roadmap Version 1 is Here

The Pi Network’s development is outlined in a three-phase roadmap, with Phase III divided into Enclosed and Open Mainnet. Phase I, “Beta,” began with the mobile app’s alpha release in December 2018, followed by the official launch on Pi Day, March 14, 2019, with the publication of the Pi Whitepaper.

Phase II, “Testnet,” initiated on March 14, 2020, marked a shift towards a decentralized blockchain, utilizing a live Testnet with global Nodes to test the blockchain and foster community-driven development of utilities with Test-Pi. Phase III’s “Enclosed Mainnet,” starting in December 2021, features a live Mainnet with a firewall, allowing Pioneers to undergo KYC and migrate their Pi while the community develops apps and utilities in a controlled environment. The subsequent “Open Mainnet” phase will commence once the Enclosed Network matures and KYC progresses, removing the firewall for broader connectivity.

pi coin roadmap

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Overall, Pi Network aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem with apps, a robust platform, a secure blockchain, and an engaged community, striving to become the most inclusive peer-to-peer ecosystem and online experience powered by Pi cryptocurrency.

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Pi Network’s Roadmap Version 1 is Here

Roadmap V1 for the Pi Network serves as a structured overview of the project’s evolution, providing Pioneers (users and supporters of Pi Network) with detailed insights into its various components. This roadmap is divided into two main sections:

  1. Historical Milestones: This part of the roadmap offers a high-level summary of the achievements and significant developments the Pi Network has accomplished since its inception. It showcases the progress made and provides a retrospective look at the critical steps taken by the project to reach its current state.
  2. In-Progress Milestones: This section lists the ongoing initiatives and areas of development within the Pi Network. It gives Pioneers a glimpse into the active projects and enhancements that are currently underway. This can include the development of new features, improvements to existing systems, or expansion of the network’s capabilities.

By exploring Roadmap V1, Pioneers can gain a comprehensive understanding of each project’s historical context and its trajectory, enhancing their grasp of how the Pi Network’s complex vision is materializing into reality. However, it’s important to note that Roadmap V1 is not exhaustive; it’s a snapshot in time, and more initiatives will likely be included in the subsequent version.

What’s Next: Roadmap Version 2

Pioneers are encouraged to review Roadmap V1 and provide feedback, which will be instrumental in shaping Roadmap V2. The upcoming version of the roadmap will build upon its predecessor by incorporating future milestones for each product and program. Roadmap V2 aims to present a more comprehensive view of Pi Network’s strategy during the ongoing Enclosed Mainnet phase.

Specifically, Roadmap V2 will outline upcoming features, requirements, enhancements, and other critical initiatives necessary for the network’s transition to the Open Network period. While it won’t provide a fixed timeline for the Open Mainnet, it will highlight critical milestones that must be achieved leading up to this phase. The decision to forgo a rigid timeline for the Open Mainnet is deliberate, allowing the team to prioritize the development of a robust and high-quality ecosystem. This approach also provides flexibility to adapt to the dynamic and often unpredictable external environment, acknowledging that many factors influencing the transition are beyond the project’s direct control.



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